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As the Dogs Play, and Play, and Play

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It's been the longest while in my life where I just feel like I am letting go of all those material and silly dreams and I don't mean just dumping my s*** or giving things away because that's not where I'm going, I mean that I am here and not with them and they should not matter to me as much as they are on my mind always.

I'm with my 87 year old father in my pets and although one of them ran away my cats at slipped at the door, I am where I am supposed to be and it is the most wonderful day life because it is all that is real and it is all that exists right now.

Sometimes all else feels as if a beautiful dream of which I never get to complete in full but wake up into just something new and wonderful somehow that comes my way because I am blessed by each of you and that is the truth that I know.

I am into the future today that was very uncertain such a short time ago, and I have little room for negativity in my life because each and every moment is so valued like never before. I feel as though I have stepped in from the blonde portal and into the browned and now the gray Almost White, these portals I'm fortunate enough to just see each time a glimpse.

My focus is now to connect those things into something much greater and I am working hard on gaining that Energy within that will be needed with what I hope could be those masterpieces we all dream.

Most importantly I have to balance my time and be at peace where I am and know that when I take care of me these beautiful dreams always come to be.

In life I have known many less fortunate that have hurt themselves and paid that ultimate price and it is such a wicked thing to see pain just take somebody away, and pain comes from many different facets and angles that can't be seen and wicked it is indeed in so many ways be that physical or emotional or mental and it is times like this you feel like once you were a perfect athlete that can run hurdles with Grace and now you're tripping over them and just falling and landing hard upon your face.

I often sit outside in the cold until I'm freezing because I want to feel the beauty of the winter that surrounds me and listen to my dogs run as their bark brings me back to the present moment as I watch them joyously play. The love unconditional is truly hard to believe of these loyal friends and they don't seem to have anything upon their mind but the Great Outdoors and its own natural beauty and me. Silly old me.

    I have many friends that have always been good to their Temple, and yet they suffer too. We are all hurting together and we all know somebody that is hurting and somehow through your good graces and above our selves we can lift one another up. We all know that spirit. How can anybody deny that, that does not exist?

I'm thankful for the now in life and I hope that somewhere where I plug in that there is a positive energy offered instead of the negative it seems sometimes manifest. It looks like their hurdles ahead are coming much easier and I feel energetic and Youthful again at times upon my way and I don't mind hurdles at all as long as I am prepared to take those Leaps and Bounds, and I am getting prepared at long last on my way.

I don't make promises to myself or anybody else but I do know that I have dreams and I do know that they turn reality if I plan for those things to one day come of fruition. That might sound a little crazy to a lot of people but I think most of us all feel this way maybe perhaps in the most primal way that you can imagine.

Today is an incredible day and I don't mind sitting out here in the cold with cover above me but as around me of rains, and my dogs could care less as they run and play, and my dogs could care less as they run and play.

Life is Beautiful and I hope that each of you will share it with many others today, and cherish in make each moment precious along that way, and let go of that which is negative and of moral decay.

This is the first time I felt like I've been able to look forward to looking forward and I finally feel like perhaps my sales are filling with air and a good Breeze is coming upon my way and the craft in which I am in as sturdy and trustworthy and well-known and can take just about anything that you can throw at it and somehow always remains. I know the stormy weather always sets in but that's okay because I'm used to it now and I look forward to these Adventures Upon This Way.

My dogs don't even realize it's wet and cold out they just know that it's always time to play, it's always time to play, we are not like the dogs in fact, we go different upon our way, different upon our way. let you leave some positive energy wherever it is you go today, wherever it is you go today.

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As the Dogs Play, and Play, and Play


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