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Tesla Battery Electrical Grid Redundancy In the Green Era ~ Part One

In the military in particular there is a practice called Redundancy.

Many people knock green energy and say that it will not be available during certain types of "events", we will just say. Several times for example when green energy wasn't available, it was Coal Fired plants that were fired up and able to fill that void that we the citizens needed across our country as well as to keep our factories and workplaces alive during these critical loads on the infrastructure.

This article outlines a few things but perhaps one of the most important things is the ability to plug in additional electricity from another source when a coal-fired plant goes down for example. Things philosophically work both ways, and alternatives are always better to have than the opposite.

Elon Musk has set stark and stunning examples across many fields to me proving that he is not only a great manager of people but one of the finest engineers in the world and a completely out of the box thinker that is a leader not by word of mouth but by example.

We don't ride the cusp with old technology we push over that cusp and Forge ahead by trusting that we have the finest mathematicians scientists doctors engineers really when it gets to a point it's kind of like call them what you will, they're just great professionals that are dedicated and driven to give everything they have towards goals that are larger than themselves, and that give back gifts to humanity that make the finite time we get seem to last a little bit longer.

I personally believe in redundancy because it saves lives and enhances lives and it helps us push through to the other side of development where we can set the example and offers a very smooth transition and again that maybe not complimentary necessarily but redundancy that can both fill and bridge the gap.

As far as focus goes, there are many negative things across the United States that are exploited across social media daily but there are many great places to focus and the Green Era will continue to unfold with greater technological advances, more efficiency, and a greater standard of living for the entire world and it will only get better when we all learn how to get along much better together and grow better into mental and emotional adults where we can have conversation with dissenting views and not hold just hatred at the end of those arguments. I wish I could make a smooth transition there about redundancy but that wasn't really my final point. I just want to see continued to further progress enhancing technology that is constantly developing at a more and more rapid pace employing people from any and all walks of life that so made shoes to challenge them self through education and hard work and introduce challenging and rewarding fields.

There are so many things that are exciting happening all around us that we should be embracing and coming together as a nation and collectively as a world where the ideas of nationalism and globalism can both reinforce one another maybe in such a way not as redundancy but at least maybe some kind of separate but complementary redundancy perhaps, and it is supposed to be the great flexibility of the Constitution of the United States of America and its inalienable Bill of Rights that grant us the opportunity that guarantee in our pursuit of happiness that as long as we follow the letter of the law with respect for our country it will only follow that we will better respect our people amongst us and embrace all, without even the inkling of an idea of discrimination.

I would say there is great redundancy built into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to a great degree in that redundancy is freedom. That redundancy is not just the personal freedom that each and every one of us has but that we will As Americans the man that for the greater world to the best of our ability by being an example in a defender of freedom and not the aggressor where avoidable.

we are supposed to have a system of checks and balances and that system indeed works when each individual branch of the government is managed properly and management is really what we're talking about on a greater level when you look in the federal government. you can't really put it all into one box so to speak philosophically or theoretically but you have to really give management the upper hand with the greatest emphasis if you want to understand how to run an organization that's the real key but not the only key, it's one big key on a massive set of keys with many various sizes and purposes.

I always liked the idea of redundancy because redundancy guarantees options and again it is options that help us to have better healthier lives where we can exercise our freedoms and prosper individually and collectively and I find all of this great new science completely mind-blowing and such a wonderful place amongst Mini where we can exercise potatoes freedoms in the pursuit of happiness and the promise of a better tomorrow, that Legacy we should leave to everybody else.

Didn't mean to be overly emotional or over the passion that there that's just me, and I just woke up with much on my mind and I'm always excited to wake up to positive news like this.

Furthermore, thinking upon the use of the word redundancy. if one wanted to make an argument, it could be used the way I've used it above and me and complete opposite things from one another. Check out the word and its definitions plural, carefully. It's quite interesting. My implication here is redundancy such that there is at least a backup or complementary system to one already in place. I definition number one most often given, that would mean that the lesser of the systems would no longer be employable, however that's a flawed philosophy because just because something appears lesser, does not mean it cannot contribute at the most important times, and at the greater calling fill a void when the rest of us cannot count on one another. Lest we never forget these interesting ideas because the consequences basically lead us to where we are today and we sure could have gotten here upon a much smoother path with respect to each and everyone of us as individuals more and with the idea and passion that life is valuable and that nobody becomes unemployable.

After several conclusions now I'm doing to make a transition back to green era philosophy. I don't want to say that this is a flaw in the philosophy but it is a obstacle that we have yet overcome, and that is that through some of these more efficient systems especially with the Advent of modern Robotics and automation across multiple marketplaces and most especially in the industrialized aspect of factories, we have displaced our own population, removing them from only one side of the equal sign of this equation and striking a deep mathematical imperfection, which proves only a flaw we must quickly address And not the ways we have even started to think about today.

Shifting back to redundancy, one must think, just because a new system is more efficient, should it fully replace the system that it seems to emulate and/or perhaps by different means, but for the same end goal , or evolve, on perhaps the other hand?  is it not a huge and massive flaw to leave people out of the overall equation when that means that we are unemployed people through the use of more modern machinery? This would be the other definition of redundancy.

You can choose to be a nationalist or you can choose to be a globalist and I don't mean so much politically but philosophically. If you choose citizenship in the United States, you should buy right and privilege be a nationalist, and that does not mean that there's not room to accommodate globalist views as well. But, such that federal laws trumps state laws, it's only a natural order that nationalism should first rule over the philosophy of globalism. I don't always find them fully in opposition of one another and again I think the world's quite accommodating and the goals to both sides can be met and my main principle is to always maintain peace first when so offered because it's always the most desirable choice.

the biggest problem we have not solved on a national and on a global level is that we have not been able to employ massive amounts of people that want to work. You can study any facet of society and social groups and cultures across the board and you will always find that when the people are not able to be employed and support themselves and their family, and thus there  Pride literally ripped and Stripped Away, then you will have more civil unrest and it is through that civil unrest that problems both first proliferate and then seemingly Cascade 4th. It will be a great new day when we Bridge these gaps and learn how to read employee the people.

We once had this great movement where people went West  in the pursuit of happiness because as Americans we always believe it exists and that we just have to seek it. One of my greatest dreams today is that the federal government will offer land grabs once again and assistant similar to Roosevelt with the New Deal and the Civilian Conservation Corp. we would be working hard on our infrastructure and placing millions of people back into the work Marketplace and with the land grab and modern and center and Progressive means we could become the great agricultural country not that we already are but furthermore that we should be, because it seems we settle for too little when we could settle for greatness that crushes a current greatness we already hold in some regards. I feel like we have left our agricultural roots with great and deep disrespect when we have forgotten the farmer and the family and the Earth, almost as if severed from our own bloodlines, Our Roots, our nourishment. I find that a critical flaw as well that we must overcome today and I also see as this a problem.

End Pt One ~

Pt 2

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Tesla Battery Electrical Grid Redundancy In the Green Era ~ Part One


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