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Wicked Winter Imaginary Escapades, My Favorite Place ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

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The wicked and wild Winter Winds are whipping my house and the Wolves outside seem to be howling, yet it's only in my mind these wolves, as my two wolven dogs in my domesticated cat all share the bed in the wood stove below Keeps Us toasty and safe. I worry about my cat that is outside and will not come to me and I pray somehow, after all she knows what she's doing out there, somehow, after all these years she will learn Trust. I hope one day that my sole kitties wife Stella will come inside so that they can share their short little lives together comforting one another because isn't that what this is all supposed to be about?

Where do we find Love today and who is it that shares love with you and realize one day in your maturity that love has nothing to do with sex or gender or any of these Earthly imperfections of perception we all suffer from and I know that love Is Just time shared perfectly together with another in peace and wonderful interaction with thoughts of the greater good and the greater presence of all of that from within outward and from all of that outward Within, this omnipresent God that is a knowingness, and nothing more, and nothing less.

There are certainties in this Dynamic life if you choose to walk hand-in-hand with faith, which each of us ill-fated often loses grasp.

My life seems to be like I'm a sprinter and a hurdler and I can just blow everybody away sometimes and then other times I'm stumbling infield face down upon the track because the obstacles all of a sudden which I said gracefully and in perfect form hurtled as if they weren't even in the way of my stride, have now become block blockades to this huge mass, this vessel I, each we indeed,  temporarily reside Within, or more like through free choice I choose to stay at least within my own plans which we each know always indefinite.

For one day that next sunrise shall not come, and depart In Due Time Each we must.

These winter storms Bruin energy within me that makes me want to delve into writing and still I work on my studio here in there as I assimilate new knowledge while assembling collected pieces that I have chosen for the things that I would like to do. Never a project complete, not as dynamic as life, but definitely not a static Studio ever. It's nothing fancy it's stuff you could go out and buy for less than I don't know perhaps it's not something to say on Facebook but I have a nice old shotgun so maybe $5,000 but with old electronics considerably less so not very expensive but you could be an idiot and spend as much as you want. It depends on knowledge and so when I say idiot I really just mean one that lacks and education which is called ignorance meaning not aware of the facts, but you know what are facts today?

We each know what is common knowledge and that is taught through Society typically, however is it not that some of these are just seemingly known for birth? And if you want to go a step farther is that you that's control in your heart? It's a program in your DNA of which a flow chart is made and pieces assembled and there's will say a unit of combined pieces that might be neurons for example in the brain and they are responsible for sending signals but where do those signals come from? This kind of gets like what came first and we all know the rest of that statement? And if you really are an idiot, the chicken or the egg?

I kind of like pissing people off pretty often because it gets their attention and it lets them know I'm not going to take any s***. And perhaps it is my French side and a strong sense of sarcasm that I enjoy but more in a way of I would say Arc buchenwald and not really in the way I may be perceived as that's kind of just an act, and if you get to know me that's not the typical me, but there's m upany sides to me, as aren't there to each us alike?

I'm me, but one day I might want to try to make better music than I made the day before, and one day I might want to be a mechanic, and one day I might want to read about science and medicine, and one day I might want to study what I ironed a degree in in science which was a major in police science which I just have a strong and deep Fascination for, and one day I may want to Write, and one day I may want to go paint, and one day I may want to go and do some carpentry work and Lord knows I need practice, I am not The Carpenter son, and maybe one day oh yeah I already said write, and write, and write and write.

For me, writing is often an exploration of the mind and its ability to wield incredible light show Kama audio show, everything show because the inside of imagination should be as powerful and perhaps you will realize the alien resides Within.

There are Greys and they're all kinds of different things and it sounds insane but when you understand nanotechnology and that you're already in a ship, will you better get a clue.

What do you think, as everybody says today, the Ancients were talking about? It's obvious how stupid they were, as we can't even duplicate the scant little remainings that they left behind, because they were wise enough to leave the message. We are too caught up within ourselves today and perhaps it's time a few more people wake up.

The thing as a bad above is you can believe that if you want or you can believe anything that you want and as dynamic as life is so is your mind and what science says is be objective and quantify and then compare and draw forth from that analysis statistical likelihood 2 either support or deny with clear evidence now as articulated data sets or data points that are going to either illustrate and direct or prove a hypothesis.

And write and write and write and write and write, and continue exploring within the mind and how my mind explodes with all the different cars that I have built and how mad I am that I can't do things four times as fast as I can today like I used to when I was young. It's funny because no matter what age you are there's always somebody that says you're young and it's true if you think you are and it's even more true if you challenge yourself physically every single day, and that doesn't mean going over the cusp or that edge or the brink of The Lunatic Fringe, but to just let your body have some exercise and do it in a gentle manner that is least impactful and safe and in moderation, as in all things.

Facebook I've always thought with a stupid name but then when I think about, me, and I am program, and what it looks like from out there now looking at these projections, each a single point in The Swygert Theory of Everything Alpha Omega, where once all these things were Quantified down to the nanoscale and then stored in such a way that they could be set in light and projected for travel in an ever-expanding Universe which they were launched into and from an infinite source of power, well Facebook looks pretty amazing.

When were up above looking back we'll be able to explore every facet of anybody's life we want to from any time frame that we want to because we will be able to take all the pieces we have today and set them in motion backwards and it's all just light and when we bring it down to a level where it is so cold we will be able to bend light and we will be able to reverse its motion and when we were are able to do that we will be traveling back in time.

And I love the winter and I love these windy nights and I love that I busted my ass until 3 in the morning last night dragging and every last piece of wood before the storm. It doesn't matter what age you are you can quit or you can try to continue to live or you can fight your ass off for it like it's worth everything because it is everything and then don't forget to share that love that I mentioned somewhere way way way back there and never too often enough.

And writing is so much fun and to know that I'm starting to earn this spot in my house once again slowly as I nibble away at the debts and try to build an Empire from nothing which seems so quickly sometimes cascading in the wrong direction, as too many times before, as regular decent healthy leads me as I chase it down once again, these hurdles sometimes with Grace and ease and at other times upon my face.

Most of all I just love to utilize my imagination and write and write and write and in the winter time up here on the 3rd story and in my cave, well of all of life's beautiful blessings this is my peaceful quiet and alone most favorite place.

I Am Program

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Wicked Winter Imaginary Escapades, My Favorite Place ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program


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