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10 Best Kama Sutra sex positions you must try (2018)

We have taken some of the most sensual and favorite Kama Sutra position and explained, how you can do them and add spice to your sex life 😉

Don’t be confused or mistaken in thinking that Kama Sutra Positions is just for super flexible bodies and more experienced between the sheets. We’ve specially selected the best Kama Sutra Position that anyone can try easily. It doesn’t matter, whether you are long-term partners or new in the relationship or just want some fresh tips for hot sex life…

What are the Kama Sutra Positions?

The Kama Sutra Positions are the sex position from an ancient Indian text that has been written to help and teach a man on how to have a happy marriage.

Majority of people this that this is all about sex, but indeed this is not true. The Kama Sutra is made up of around seven sections but only one talks about sexual union, this discusses the sex positions in detail.

This part is illustrated with drawings to show couples the different sex positions and ways of having sex. Despite being centuries old, Kama Sutra is still fresh as the rose. Some of the positions are very challenging, but they all are designed to give ultimate pleasure to couples.

We’ve taken some of the most popular Kama Sutra Positions from the ancient book to help you out in spicing up your love and sex life.

Kama Sutra position

Widely opened

Widely opened

The widely opened sex position is one of the significant parts of ancient Kama Sutra.

If you are looking for ultimate ways to heat the things up, then Kama Sutra is a great place to start. You don’t need to be super flexible to try this position.

The widely opened position is a great one for the couples who are new to following the Kama Sutra. Unlike the other sex positions widely opened isn’t a step too far from one of the great sex positions: Missionary position.

How to Do: Widely Opened?

  1. Man kneels on the bed. Your partner raises bum and thighs and wraps around you.
  2. Then arch your back and lean backward, as he thrust in and out of you while holding you underneath your back.

What’s Great about Widely Opened?

  1. Leaning back with Boobs in front of man will drive him wild and make you feel super-hot in a result.
  2. Your partner’s upper body strength will come in handy for when he places his hands under your back to life you up, which is very hot 😉

Clasping position


Clasping position is ideal for those who love nothing more than feeling the partner physically close to each other while making love. This is like full body contact!! If you are in a very romantic mood and want to feel close to your soulmate, then clasping position is the best sex position for you.

How to Do: Clasping position?

  1. Usually clasping position is done with the man on the top, but in Kama Sutra it’s been flipped.
  2. Get the man to lie down on the bed with his legs open (stretched out)
  3. You then get on the top of him and let him inside you.
  4. After this stretch your legs behind you and start moving back and forth (fast or slow as you like)

What’s Great about Clasping position?

  1. It is an excellent position for full body romantic contact, touching and kissing throughout.
  2. It is also useful for partners as he will not able to penetrate you too deeply
  3. This position allows you to go fast or slow as you like and makes your partner wild GUARANTEED.


Indrani is one of the great sex positions that you and your partner will enjoy and love a lot. A couple who are in love with missionary sex position will defiantly love trying indrani position. It allows you to keep an eye on your partner while he gets close to you.

How to Do: Indrani?

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent up to your chest.
  2. Your partner kneels behind you and enters you
  3. You can pull him closer by clasping your hands behind his bums and rest your legs armpits or push your feet against his chest.

What’s Great about Indrani?

  1. This position will give you maximum arousal
  2. It gives your partner control, so you both enjoy by going fast or slow… whatever he chooses
  3. This position contracts the muscles in your vagina; this means that it will be a fantastic experience for you.

Milk and Water Embrace

If you are looking for something new in your sex life, why not try the milk and water embrace sex position?  This position is great for the couples who want to try something new. A chair will be used in this process, make sure that chair shouldn’t break under all this excitement 😉

How to Do: Milk and Water Embrace?

  1. Chose the chair with no arms
  2. He takes the seat, and you climb aboard, but facing away from him
  3. You start touching him and guide his hands around your genitals
  4. He enters you and raises you up and lower on top of him.
  5. You then rock back and forth to give you both explosive orgasm.

What’s Great about Milk and Water Embrace?

  1. You will get a great foreplay and a great sex.
  2. It can be done anywhere you have a chair.

The Tigress

One position which can guarantee the hotness like the stream in the sheets is the Tigress position. This is the sex position for ultimate pleasure, intimacy, and enjoyment. You will feel like you are a tigress when you try this position. This position allows you to have complete control over your soulmate.

How to Do: The Tigress?

  1. Get your man to lay put on the bed.
  2. Then you sit on top of him with your back to him
  3. And lean back one hand on his chest
  4. He then grabs hold of your waist and thrust up and down

Great sensations 😉

What’s Great about The Tigress?

This position gives you the ultimate confidence boost, you are the boss and control everything.

What could be better than having a complete control?

The Congress of the Crow

If you are wondering to master 69 sex position, The Congress of the Crow should be your starting point. Some couples find oral sex much pleasurable than penetration. So, The Congress of the Crow is the great sex position to try with your partner.

How to Do: The Congress of the Crow?

This oral position is same as 69, and this allows you to pleasure each other at the same time.

  1. Each of you lies in the semi-fetal position
  2. With your heads by the other privates
  3. Then enjoy and do whatever you want 😉

What’s Great about The Congress of the Crow?

Both partners get the equal pleasure at the same time.

What could be sexier than this??

The Lotus sex position

The Lotus sex position is excellent for yoga lovers. This is a sex position for which you need to be a little flexible and bendy. Your man is on the top will be holding the pose and you will be engaging your core muscles too.

How to Do: The Lotus?

  1. You lie to you back and cross your legs and bring them much toward chest as possible
  2. Then get your man to pull you by hitching his legs in like a Lotus yoga.
  3. Then you man will start thrusting in and out
  4. All you must hold that pose

What’s Great about The Lotus?

This position hits your G-Spot, it is an excellent position to feels the real intimacy with your partner. This position also allows him to have exceptional access to your boobs, which you both will enjoy a lot.

Suspended Congress

Suspended Congress is a tremendous passionate sex position. It is incredibility exciting one to try out. One of the added benefits of this sex position is that you can try it anywhere.

How to Do: Suspended Congress?

  1. He lifts you and hold you under your bums
  2. You grasp his waist with your thighs and push your feet against the wall to support yourself
  3. He enters you, and ultimate warmth and joy will be the result.

What’s Great about Suspended Congress?

This position allows you to try something different altogether, you can try this whether in kitchen, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you want.

Splitting of a Bamboo


Splitting of a Bamboo might look a scary sex position, but relax….

There is nothing to fear; there are chances you may have tried it with your partner without realizing it. Splitting of a Bamboo is a great sex position to get pregnant.

How to Do: Splitting of a Bamboo?

  1. You raise your leg up in the air and hold it by his ear or you may rest it on his shoulder.
  2. You have the option to swap the legs throughout
  3. He enters you; this position is great for deep penetration.

What’s Great about Splitting of a Bamboo?

He does all the work and you just lie back, relax and enjoy.

The Pair of Tongs

The Pair of Tongs

This one is more advanced sex position, but don’t put off how tricky the pair of tongs position looks. Once you are done with it, this is for sure you will come for it again and again.

This position needs upper body strength, if you are new to Kama Sutra, we suggest you try one of the more straight and easy ideas on the list.

How to Do: The Pair of Tongs?

  1. You lie off the edge of the bed of your side
  2. Just with your calves, ankles, and feet on the mattress, you support yourself with your left arm.
  3. He holds you up from your waist.
  4. He steps over your left leg and holding your leg up and enters you, while you dangle precariously off the bed.

What’s Great about The Pair of Tongs?

This position will give you an explosive of orgasm, and ultimate enjoyment.

Although this is risky if you are trying this first time make sure you are on the soft surface in case of accidental fall.

Never feel bad or disheartened if you can’t achieve or able to practice all sex positions. Always keep in mind that it’s all about having fun and getting to know what you and your soulmate like or dislike. So, enjoy when trying them out… if they don’t work well – go ahead and move onto the next one 😊

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10 Best Kama Sutra sex positions you must try (2018)


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