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Travel Healthy On Your Vacation To Las Vegas

Vacation. Sandy Beaches. Frosty drinks with paper umbrellas. Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.

How to stay healthy during your trip to Las Vegas

However, too often, vacation can also mean illness.  How many times have you gotten on a plane feeling totally fine, but gotten off of it with a scratchy throat, runny nose, headache, or worse.

But probably not for the reason you’d think. Many of us would think that illnesses are spread due to the recirculated air flowing through the plane.  On my recent 15-hour flight to Hong Kong, I was immediately wary of those displaying any signs of being sick – nose blowing, sniffles, and coughing of any kind made me worry that my Vacation would be over even before it started. The risk of inhaling all those germs continuously for 15 hours made my skin crawl – and we hadn’t even left the ground!


Airplanes are the perfect place for illnesses to spread.

Airplanes are unfortunately a great place to catch colds and illnesses. Learn how to prevent jet lag and airborne illnesses on your way to Vegas.

I always thought (like many of us) that the air is the problem. But, believe it or not, the recirculated air is not to blame.

In fact, airplane air may even be cleaner than the air at your intended destination (definitely true of my destination). As air around the plane is brought on-board, it is filtered through HEPA filtration systems that remove at least 99.7% of airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses. Due to the high rate of air turnover on the plane – nearly 20 times per hour – it’s unlikely that any airborne germs are at fault.

What is it on airplanes that makes us sick?

The culprit turns out to be the same thing that often makes us sick on the ground: unclean surfaces. Unsurprisingly, airplane bathrooms are some of the biggest culprits for on-board bacteria.

As folks use the restroom and may not wash their hands (yuck!), bacteria continues to be spread. Even if you are a diligent hand washer, you may still find yourself getting ill on the plane. That’s because the surfaces surrounding you – your seat itself and tray table – may be germ covered too. And, as airlines rush to get airplanes cleaned for the next flight, surfaces may not be adequately sanitized.

I’m definitely not about to stop flying, though. What then, can be done to make sure you end up at your intended destination ready to enjoy your vacation?


Follow these steps to stay healthy during your trip

Hydration is a key part of making sure you feel your best in any situation.  Most people tend to drink less while onboard a plane, but you should actually be drinking more due to the dry air.


Even a very healthy person can easily fall victim to the germs found on airplane surfaces. While on a plane, hand sanitizer should be one of your best friends.  As access to running water can sometimes be limited, hand sanitizer serves as a good substitute.  I regularly use it as I find myself touching surfaces, before eating or drinking, and always after using the restroom facilities. You can also pack a carry-on sized package of sanitizing wipes to sterilize surfaces.  Wipe down your seat before sitting down, tray table before using it, and your arm rest.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is a key part of making sure you feel your best in any situation.  Most people tend to drink less while onboard a plane, but you should actually be drinking more due to the dry air.  A general guideline I follow is to accept a drink each time one is offered. If drinking (non-alcoholic beverages here peeps!), tends to be a challenge for you, consider incorporating one of ReSquared Medical’s ReHydrate IV infusions before you board the plane.  This hydrating mix of fluids and electrolytes will allow your body to fight dehydration easily.

Give your immune system a boost

Maintain a balanced diet leading up to your vacation. If you are generally healthy, keeping the same habits prior to your trip will keep your body in the same condition.  Incorporating a multivitamin that includes vitamin C and zinc may give you a bit of an edge.  However, the best fix to the negative parts about travel, including jet lag, exhaustion, and dehydration is to make ReSquared Medical your first stop in Vegas to take advantage of the ReCharge IV infusion.  This combination of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants will help you start feeling better faster.

Fight the symptoms of a hangover before boarding

We’ve all been there: overindulging because it’s our last night in Vegas! But, those late night (or early morning!) drinks set you up to feel your worst getting onto a plane. Wouldn’t it be great to return from your Vegas vacation feeling detoxified? Prior to heading to the airport, stop by ReSquared Medical to allow the ReCover IV infusion to cleanse your body. It includes medications and vitamins that will help cleanse your liver of the byproducts of alcohol, stop your nausea, and settle your stomach.


Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Let that be true of your hangover too.

Airplane travel doesn’t have to mean that you are bound to get sick while onboard.

By incorporating simple tips to ReHydrate, ReCharge, and ReCover before your next flight out of Vegas, you can insure that the only things coming back from your vacation are good memories (at least the ones you can remember).

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Travel Healthy On Your Vacation To Las Vegas


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