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How Much Is The Price Of a Startup Video?

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3D Animated VideoYou are excited to use Startup videos for your business, that is why you are looking for a suitable guide to understand startup video pricing. This article highlights the price of startup videos and the kind of videos you can produce. Enjoy reading, How Much is the price of a Startup video ?

Advids suggests, a 60-second startup video pricing is between $1,000–$5,000. The startup video pricing depends on style & scope of video production service. At Advids startup video price starts at $1,000 and is the only 100% money back guarantee startup video service available.

Explore ideas & messaging from these 20 awesome Startup Video examples :


E Com Security Solutions’ provide Compliance, Application & Infrastructure security assessment & penetration testing solutions through the cloud, managed security services and software that enable actionable intelligence to prevent, detect, predict cyber-attacks and context needed to manage security risks. E Com’s startup video highlights how application security is vulnerable and their Security Solutions program can help.

Quoteware Startup Video

An end to end online motor finance solution for dealer websites. Prospects can now find a vehicle based on monthly budget with Payment Search feature. Dealers can control offers, pricing and products displayed, all on specific criteria such as vehicle, age and deposit – totally flexible. Quoteware’s startup video shows how the dealer software facilitates transaction by simplifying quotes.

GREENPAGES Startup Video

GreenPages Cloud Management as a Service (CMaaS) provides the right management tools to deploy environments through an enterprise command center approach that gives a singular view into physical, virtual and hybrid cloud workloads. Greenpage’s startup video shows how it can reduce hardships of cloud management by equipping you with enterprise-class management solution.

Emyspot Startup Video

Emyspot online website builder and content management system (CMS) is easy to use for everyone, from beginners to web agencies. Their startup video is driven by a narrative, focusing on how a craftsman became an online favourite. A simple and fun to watch video.

LiquidPlanner Startup Video

LiquidPlanner is dynamic project management for modern business. Our software enables people, teams and business leaders to do great work. The predictive planning technology helps find out what an ideal delivery date would be. LiquidPlanner’s startup video connects with the core idea of what a project management software should be like generating a great response.

BNS AiO Startup Video

BNS AiO has built automation flows, created hand-crafted resources, and have a dedicated strategy team to help you get straight from creating your account to revolutionizing your business. This startup video shows the platform demo and the seamless capabilities to connect lead capture to conversion.

10x Startup Video

10x Sales Automation fully automates the sales and prospecting process by allowing companies and sales professionals to touch prospects in many different ways in an automated fashion. It includes an inbound call module, an outbound power dialer, mass email and mass texting module along with email and text autoresponders, a fully customizable CRM, Voicemail blasts and a calendar system. Their startup video provides a complete overview of the features available.

Silicon Valley Consulting Startup Video

Silicon Valley Consulting Group is a product marketing & demand generation consulting firm that specializes in bringing new disruptive technologies, products and services to market. Silicon Valley Consulting’s startup video showcases how lengthy contract discussions can be shortened with their expertise and better negotiation terms.

IDS ASTRA Startup Video

IDS provides an integrated CRM and DMS solution can help you improve customer loyalty and boost ROI. The IDS Dealer software enables a 360 degree customer picture to be drawn which thus automates marketing efforts. ASTRA’s startup video shows how a connected system for dealers can increases sales and customer satisfaction.

The LitterGram App Startup Video

The LitterGram App empowers everybody to name, shame and force a massive clean up Britain. Take photos of litter and other incidents with your phone, upload your photos to LitterGram and share on social media. The Councils identify litter grot spots and clear up the mess. Littergrams’s startup video shows how an mobile app can introduce a movement towards keeping Britain clean.

SpeedyBooks Startup Video

SpeedyBooks is one in all a software designed for cloud accounting which helps to maintain the records, data, and business finances all at once. It is highly reliable and manageable as the objectives are clearly comprehensible, meteoric and easier. It helps the customers to comprehend and exercise over it with great ease and contentment. SpeedyBooks’ startup video shows how every accounting aspect can be managed through one interface.

Webociti Startup Video

Webociti is an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in web design and website development for individuals as well as small to mid-size enterprises. Webociti’s startup video showcases the seven phase process that is followed by them.

Contractor’s Aid Startup Video

Contractor’s Aid was built by contractors to address the issues they faced when trying to run a successful business and manage their crew. From saving time, to saving money, to helping fuel growth, Contractor’s Aid is the premier tool in a contractor’s tool belt. The startup video is sure to make you cackle while providing with all the required information as to how it really is a contractor’s aid.

2nd watch Startup Video

The 2nd Watch Cloud Management Platform is a robust system that leverages cutting edge software with years of cloud experience.With automation and technology you are able to monitor, patch and optimize across thousands of instances, in moments. Their startup video shows how 2nd watch can reduce risks and increases overall performance.

LEWIS PR Startup Video

LEWIS is a global communications agency that provides full PR, marketing and digital services to drive tangible results for clients around the world. LEWIS PR’s startup video explains how they can help in monitoring and increasing media intelligence.

FAMOC Startup VIdeo

FAMOC provides comprehensive mobile device management platform for mobile devices of any kind. It is designed to deliver everything IT needs to control every aspect of enterprise mobility. Available as a highly-scalable cloud or on-site solution, FAMOC delivers real-time centralized control of all smartphones and tablets. FAMOC’s startup video shows us the features that makes it the best-in-class enterprise mobile management solution.

IBM ICDES Startup Video

IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES) data protection goes well beyond traditional security products to safeguard data even when network protection fails. ICDES uses the unique combination of random cryptographic-splitting and data encryption to create an easy-to-use, FIPS 140-2 certified solution. IBM’s startup video for Cloud Security uses stunning animations and introduces the benefits of software driven data center security.

MediaSynced Startup Video

MediaSynced specializes in syncing Tv Commercials with online advertising campaigns in real-time. They help companies in TV Ad management to obtain higher brand scores by engaging the audience on a second screen when they get distracted from the television. MediaSynced’s startup video pitches the idea of syncing TV ads with second screen like a mobile to drive more value from TV ads.

NetGain Startup Video

Netgain offers managed IT security solutions for midsize businesses. The inclusive business IT solutions within NetGain comprise a platform of technology infrastructure, IT support and business strategy. NetGain’s startup video shows how it can solve your IT security problems by securing business assets.

HumanFirewalls Startup Video

HumanFirewalls is an organization that offers top of the line Security Services such as Security Awareness, Threat Intelligence, Network Security Monitoring, Compliance Management, Vulnerability Management, and Integrity Controls. HumanFirewalls’ startup video seamlessly conveys how it can accelerate and simplify threat detection, protecting your sensitive data.

EU IPR Startup Video

The European IPR Helpdesk is a project funded by the European Commission that supports cross-border SME and research activities to manage, disseminate and valorise technologies and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and IP assets at an EU level. The European IPR Helpdesk caters to personal support on a specific IP issues and keeps you informed about the latest developments in the world of IP and Innovation in Europe. EU IPR’s startup video addresses the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) management and explain how SMEs and researchers can benefit from the varied service portfolio offered by the Helpdesk team.

Now that we know what is the pricing of a startup video, let’s look at what is included in the startup video production package.

  • Script : A great script based on your inputs and brief is the starting point. You can write your own rough script but your video team should be able to refine it into narrative and visuals effectively.
  • Voice over – Based on the audience demographics for your video, you should look at receiving voice over samples. Select a suitable voice artist, you can provide instructions to customize vo delivery for the particular video
  • Style – The script needs to be visualized with what would be the theme, colors, match your branding if any. Look for variations in visual style to make your video unique
  • Storyboard – A simple yet powerful way of seeing how the video would flow, scene breakups etc.
  • Animation – The first draft of animation ties together voice over, storyboard and music effects. Suggest recommendations to make the video refined or look for elements that can be highlighted better.
  • Video release – Request for HD video in any format you need. Also available would be the raw files for future reference if needed, now it’s time to put the video into use.

Now as you know “What is the pricing of a startup video”, here are few other factors to consider. Business understanding and messaging, video production methodology, ease of working, experienced video team are some of the factors that cannot be overlooked against $. Making a wise choice in $ spent vs. output is what Advids suggests.

We look forward to hear your thoughts on “How much is the price of a startup video” article. Do read our upcoming article about How To Budget For Your startup Video?

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How Much Is The Price Of a Startup Video?


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