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Why Do Motorcyclists Need Cat Crap and Frog Spit?

Why DO Motorcyclists NEED Cat Crap and Frog Spit? The answer is simple and I shall elucidate…..

……. but let’s backtrack a few days to my previous article about vision and riding a motorcycle. I touched on the subject of fogging on spectacles and on motorcycle Helmet visors. What I didn’t talk about much are Pinlock Visors (subject of my next post) and those inexpensive products that you smear or spray on glass and plastic to stop them fogging. THEY are the subject of this post.

The child in me loves the names and couldn’t resist finding out more about them.  But, just to prove that I am a mature woman of a certain age, I shall also look at a couple of boringly-named products. So – today I’m going to talk to you about :

  • Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Paste
  • Frog Spit Anti-Fog
  • Zooke Blue Cleaner and Anti-Fog Kit
  • Oxford Helmet Care Kit

Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Paste

I’d rather not think about how they extract this product. But I will protest strongly if any cats are hurt in the process. Assuming is IT you know what. OK, we all know that it IS NOT cat s**t in this product. There is NO CAT POO in “Cat Crap”. Actually, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have no idea whether or it contains cat poo or not.  So please disregard those last two sentences. 

Whatever,  it is very cheap. Cat Crap Anti-Fog paste weighs less than 1 ounce but this tiny amount goes a long way and lasts a long time. It’s not greasy and not smelly! You only need the teeniest of tiny smears on a fingertip for a full-face visor and less for each lens of a pair of spectacles. Simply touch your fingertip to the paste and then dab your fingertip over the surface you’re treating. Use a lint-free cloth to spread the paste and then to buff the surface. It’s safe to use on all surfaces, lens types and coatings. Don’t forget to treat BOTH sides of the glass or plastic that you want to keep fog-free.

One application lasts for more than one ride on average – but we all have different riding hours, distances, conditions etc so it’s hard to be precise. However, Cat Crap is easy to clean off before a new application. Plain tap water removes any traces of the coating.

In moderately cold weather a full-face motorcycle visor gets no fogging whatsoever while in 100% humidity. But, a few degrees below freezing, the water it absorbs will freeze. But how many of us ride a motorcycle at 10°F / minus 12°C ????

In addition to your motorcycling anti-fog needs you can use Cat Crap Anti-fog paste on swimming, cycling and ski goggles, on safety glasses., on windscreens, mirrors etc etc etc.

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Frog Spit Anti-Fog

 The extraction of frog spit might be even more dubious than the extraction of cat poo.  Whilst I suspect than no frog saliva has even been near one of these delightfully labelled bottles I can’t categorically state that the be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The product was developed for scuba divers but has proved its worth as long-lasting anti-fog protection in many other activities and on many goggles, masks, visor and protective eye gear. It is easy to apply – just spread over the surface to be treated and let dry. No need to buff. One or two drops are sufficient for most treatments. The amount depends on the surface area of course. One drop for your spectacles and maybe two or three for a full-face motorcycle helmet visor.  

Frog Spit No-Rinse Anti-Fog and Eco-Cleaner is a special concentrated formula and the product is biodegradable. You can also buy Frog Spit wipes which are more convenient than the spray in certain circumstances. They are also reusable for a number of applications. One biker who rides in the mornings in temperatures well below freezing uses the wipes on the inside of her visor. She had  previously found fogging a problem when she had to stop at traffic lights etc, where the ventilation in her helmet was less effective. But with Frog Spit wipes that problem was solved.

Zooke Blue Kit

The name may be boring – but the results are great. This product can be used on your motorcycle visor, wind-shield, your glasses and sunglasses. It is a cleaner and a de-fogger.

As a cleaner it removes dirt, dust, insects, road grime etc by breaking them down so that you can wipe them from the surface leaving it crystal clear.

As an anti-fog product Zooke Blue Kit provides a spray, a 100% microfiber cloths and wax. So you can clean, wax and buff your optic surfaces and get clear vision when you need it most.

Some people even say that Zooke is better than Cat Crap!

Oxford Helmet Care Kit

Look after your “lid” with this neat little kit that includes:

  1. A soft micro-fiber cloth for applying the products
  2. Internal Helmet Sanitiser 100ml (3.3 fl oz) which cleans and removes odour and bacteria from the lining of your helmet.
  3. Anti Fog Spray 50ml (1.7 fl oz) which reduces fogging on inside of visor
  4. Helmet & Visor External Cleaner 50ml (1.7 fl oz) which cleans road dirt, insects and grease off your helmet and leaves a high quality finish.
  5. Black carry case

The Oxford Helmet Care Kit is a super product to buy and place in your top case or under your seat. The carry case that the kit comes in is a real space-saver and nothing rolls about in your luggage. Leave it there and use other products when you’re at home. Or buy two of these kits! There will be times when you are out and about on longer rides and will find this kit of use. It’s also great to take on holidays when space is limited.

It also makes a great gift for your motorcycling buddies. As would a Pinlock Visor – which I shall tell you about next time.

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Why Do Motorcyclists Need Cat Crap and Frog Spit?


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