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Is Your Girlfriend A Ticking Time Bomb?

No, this is not a ploy to blow up your girlfriend or any sort of crazy terrorist act. This is not a video game cheat code or how to be in a military relationship. I am just here to help men develop self-reliance in their relationships with the opposite sex.

Now before you call the swat team, let’s talk about what a ticking time bomb woman is.

TTBW– Ticking time bomb woman’s age range is usually between 28-35 but could be any age. These are women who are ready to settle down with any man ( a beta male mostly) that will support them or a women who just fears being alone for the rest of their life.

Now before you deny that your girlfriend is a Ticking time bomb let’s take a look at the signs.

Some TTB Warning Signs

  • Quick to jump into a relationship with you
  • Constant contact
  • Needy and shames you on a regular basis
  • You were boyfriend and girlfriend after the first or second date
  • Discussed marriage and children in the beginning of dating and when you were just getting to know her
  • Complains about your career or money issues
  • Makes ultimatums about your commitment
  • Complains about getting old
  • Gets lonely often
  • Withholds sex as a punishment
  • Does not give oral sex
  • Has children
  • Had a recent breakup
  • Verbally compares you with their ex

Do any of these sound familiar?

If so, then you may be dating a ticking time bomb woman. She is looking for security and experimented with the alpha men already. Now she wants a beta male to take care of her. It’s understandable because most of these women are damaged goods. Ran through the mill and tired of getting fucked around by men.

Most of these women are pretty hot girls who already did it all in the clubs or with men sexually. They already know how to deal with men and getting a beta male to do what they want comes easy to them.

Most of these women prey on men who believe the social standard of how relationships should be. Watching sitcoms of men being a woman pleaser and doing whatever wives ask from them, even if it is unreasonable and plain pathetic. These men who fall for the ticking time bomb women are usually chasers and hopeless romantics. Not all but some of these men really want to settle down too and they take the ticking time bombs issues and baggage.

Never happy

The ticking time bomb woman usually won’t be happy with the beta male and will shame him every chance she gets. Making him feel like he is not a good enough man for her and try to keep his self-esteem low. Getting a man to love the ticking time bomb woman is not enough. She will have a need and urge that she settled and these are women who usually cheat on their husbands, that’s if the man falls for the TTB.

A quick marriage is common for these women and even more common is that she will be a stay at home mother even though the kids are in school. If she has no kids then she has an urge to have children fast, thinking she is getting old. Worrying about time running out and being alone forever will be constantly on their minds.

With there declining looks and heavily piled on makeup they realize they don’t look how they use to look 8 years ago. Tired of clubs, lounges and many other social events they settle in bars where they drink together. Bad mouthing men like they don’t need them and say “there are no more good men out there”. Although a few years back they tried every sexual act in the book and now they won’t even suck dick. They might give oral sex at first to hook their beta male but then they will say they don’t like to do that once they know they got him attached.

Role Reversal

Usually yearning for a codependent relationship, the men they lock down have little relationship or sexual experience. The man is happy to have a pretty looking girl and will take any sort of shit she will give him. The TTB usually wears the pants in the relationship and questions her victims manhood once they are married. If the man who she wants doesn’t comply to her needy and disrespectful ways she is quick to get rid of him. Time can’t be wasted in her eyes and she will love who will settle down the fastest.

Most TTB either end up divorced or in a sexless, verbally abusive relationship where she makes sure she is in charge of the union. Once married and now years down the road she loses her desire to look attractive unless she is looking to cheat on her old “stupid” husband.

Not All

Now this is on the extreme spectrum of what the ticking time bomb woman is. A woman can have some of these characteristics at first than once fed up have them all. Make sure you don’t fall for the TTB and also don’t pass up good women as well. Not all women are TTB and not all TTB are women. Some men are TTB as well where they are needy, in deep scarcity and lacking a great deal of confidence. It all boils down to reading the signs and learning how to deal with women in the first place.

Is your girlfriend a ticking time bomb?

Did you fall for one already?

Are you married and rethinking what you did?

Now that may be something for you to think about.

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Is Your Girlfriend A Ticking Time Bomb?


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