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How To Lose Love Handles And Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat

Love handles and lower back fat are the hardest areas to tackle when it comes to fat loss. There is no magic pill that will make your Love Handles and back fat go away. This fat around your waist is usually the last to go and the first to appear when you are getting fat. Here are some tips on how to lose this fat around your belly.

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There Is No Spot Reduction

You might have came across a few other articles or YouTube videos on losing your love handles and back fat. They showed you a dozen of exercises on how to make your love handles go away. The big shredded man doing crunches and wacky jacks made you feel like there was hope. Although there is no spot reduction to losing fat. You can’t pick an area to lose fat on your body. Those exercises you see may help but you must lose the fat universally and like I said before the love handles and especially the back fat is the last to go away.


Cardio will help you lose fat. If you are not working out hard in the gym then don’t expect to lose fat. High intensity interval training will speed up the process. Learn more about HIIT by clicking here. Doing cardio a few times a week and pushing yourself to the limit will help you lose your love handles. Concentrate on fat loss when you want to lose your back fat.

Weight Training

You will probably burn more fat lifting weights then walking on the treadmill. Compound exercises like dead lifts, squats, and bench press will speed up the fat loss process. Calisthenics such as pull ups, dips, burpees and push-ups will also help you with losing the fat in your midsection. Lifting weights in the gym will not only help you build muscle but will also keep you fit and burn fat. Don’t just do cardio to lose your love handles.

Healthy DietHow-To-Lose-Love-Handles-And-Get-Rid-Of-Your-Lower-Back-Fat

Now you can do all the push-ups in the world but if your diet is not in check you won’t get rid of your love handles. Belly fat is the last to go and eating garbage like fast food and lean cuisines will not help the back fat go away. You must be eating a lot of vegetables and living a healthy lifestyle to lose the fat. Start off with eating a salad a day for a month – Click here to learn more.

Caloric Deficit

You need to be burning calories and be in a caloric deficit. It’s pretty much a numbers game. Start out with eating carbs after a weight training workout and keep carbs low on non training days. Stay away from man-made foods and eat lots of veggies because they are usually low in calories and they fill you up. Here are some ideas on how to curb your hunger- click here. Make sure you eat a lot of protein through out the day and consume it in every meal. Keep track of your calorie intake if you are a newbie to living a healthy lifestyle.

In The End

Now tracking calories is key to weight loss. That’s why IIFYM works so good. I do not like to track my calories so maybe that’s why I won’t be getting to an extreme lean body fat percentage. A good base line although if you do want to track your calorie intake is 10 calories for every pound of your desired weight. Also don’t starve yourself and learn to listen to your body. Hope this helped and Good Luck with losing the Fat!

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How To Lose Love Handles And Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat


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