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Online Dating: How to Screen Women For Dating Success

Online dating has hit new heights in the past 5 years. There are new dating apps coming out every month. Tinder, Bumble, Plenty Of Fish, and OK Cupid… just to name a few sites that made it a little less weird to enter the world of online dating. It makes meeting the opposite sex easier for the busy man who just wants to meet new women. When you are single and ready to mingle it is very important to screen women who are potential dates. Now not all women are good for your well-being. It could be a big waste of time when you meet up with someone who doesn’t fit within your lifestyle.

As a single man you must endure a whole range of different kinds of personalities, issues, and let’s say “crazy” females. You must screen a woman to find out if she is the best option for your current position in life.

The Screening Process

Finding the right women to meet in person is the main goal to joining any online dating site. Having a text buddy can be fun but a huge time waster. You must screen these women by not only appearance but how they react to certain questions. Asking the right questions is key to finding out what type of woman you are dealing with. I will get to the specific questions a little later. Screen for validation queens, crazy, needy, gold diggers, and women with severe issues. Now this doesn’t apply to everyone because if you just want a one night stand, you can deal with some of these “flaws”.

Figure Out What You Want

You need to figure out what you want in a woman before you decide to meet her. Your thought process should be “let’s meet up, have fun and see what happens”. This is the mind frame women come from unless they are a “Ticking time bomb”. The best way to handle the single life is to date multiple women at a time so you are not in a scarce mentality when you come across a girl you really like.


Meet Up Quick

Letting the text convo go stale is a common issue I see with men. Who has time to text over a dozen women at a time? You have a job, hobbies and other things that should be your main focus in life. Although Pick Up can be your hobby as well. Brief texting and selective questions are first rules to see if she passes the screening process. A hot girl gets hit up daily by men… Lots of men. Everyone from lames to weirdos who ask for sex, and a whole array of other types of individuals. Don’t rush the meet up but let it come natural and make sure it happens sooner rather than later.


The Key Questions

These questions can wait till your first meet up because if you just want to have sex…you don’t really care. You want to rid your association from needy and crazy women. You don’t want a dependent relationship. A matter of fact you should not be thinking relationship at all. That is a women’s job. A mans objection is being free and not held down. A women’s objective is to lock down and a relationship is basically a women’s decision.

Read David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire for more details on that subject. If you decide to ask the questions before the meet up or even on the first meeting here are some to consider.



Where are you from?

Common I know, but you don’t want to travel half the world for a girl. Out of your neighborhood is doable if you have a car and willing to drive. Anything more than 30 miles might be too much to deal with.

Emotional State 

How long have you been single?

This questions can be asked after you been texting for a while, That’s if she is even single to begin with. The reason you ask this question: If she is single for only a few weeks you may develop some flaky behavior or an easy lay up like a first date fuck (FDF). Be positive and don’t give up. You must have a care free attitude and at the same time be persistent.

How long was your last relationship?

This question also should be asked when you developed more of a vibe with her. Asking relationship questions may scare her off. The reason for this question: If she is a few weeks single and just got out of a 5 year relationship, she is probably still having sex with her ex. Or will be having sex with her ex soon. You must take into consideration there is another guy that has much more time invested then you still in the picture.

Again, all this doesn’t matter at first because you are just going to meet up to see what happens and possibly have sex. Having good sex will make her forget about her ex for the time being anyway.

Her Reactions

It is possible for a person to hide who they really are for around 3 months, so it will be impossible to tell how she “really” is. Although, seeing how she reacts and replies to certain questions tells a story of its own. You don’t want a prude girl who is super touchy and reactive. Unless you want to have sex on the 12th date. Sex usually happens on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd date depending on the situation. If it happens any time after that YOU are the one who is holding off, not her.

You must read her reactions and see if this girl is needy. Yes! Women are emotional creatures but no they shouldn’t get mad when you don’t text them right away. I sometimes wait a full day to reply so I can ward off these needy women. I had girls delete our convo because I waited hours to reply. Imagine once you start dating and having sex! You will have to be connected to your phone and reply instantly unless she will go wild and be upset.

Does It Really Matter?

When it comes down to it, this Online Dating thing” is basically about developing a funnel of leads. You need to weed through the bad to get to the good. It’s sort of like online shopping in a way. You are buying what you want on Amazon or surfing the Internet for the best deal. Meaning the prettiest face and the best situation for your current lifestyle. Going out and having a disaster date can be fun because you learn what you don’t want in a partner.

Also having sex with a girl knowing you will never call her back again could be a lot of fun. In the end; it all doesn’t matter, as long a you screen properly and don’t fall victim to the needy, crazy, looking for validation women we all should avoid. It’s up to you in deciding what you want. Although a wrong move like not wearing a condom or bringing a crazy girl to your house can change your life.

The “Are We Ever Going To Meet?” Text

Another tip to follow since I do this myself is don’t text girls you are never going to meet. I have done this numerous times and became friends with girls that I have never met before. With social media like Facebook and SnapChat it is easy to be “friends” with a girl and never see them in person. It can be fun to text someone and never meet them but it is huge time waster. You can be tossing that lead out and working on some new prospects. If you are on the fence with meeting then just go for it and meet up quick. Worst case scenario you have a bad date and she gives you head in your car.

Her Photo Selection

Now when picking women you find physically attractive, it should be easy right? Wrong! With filters and good photo angles, it becomes very tricky when it comes to who you are meeting. Odds are they will not look as good as their photos. They hand selected these photos out of 100’s of duds. They picked the very best of what they look like to showcase themselves. I only met a handful that looked better than their photo. Also met a ton that looked much worse than their photo. Be prepared and always expect the worst.

Beware Of Only Head Shots

If her profile photos have all head shots it’s save to say she is hiding something. That something is most likely obesity. I doubt she is missing a leg, so it just boils down to how fat she is. If you like fat girls then you won’t care, but if you don’t, it will literally be a big surprise when you meet up in person. Also if the girl has a body photo with a winter jacket on and that’s the only photo she has, understand the body might not be up to par. Although I came along a few happy surprises when I was expecting the worst. The point is meet up quick if she passes your screening process.

The Sex Text

It is truly a bad move to mention sex in the first few texts exchanged. Most young inexperienced guys do this in hopes for a girl to say “yes, let’s have sex!” This has happened and on these sites there are plenty of women looking for a booty call, but mentioning it right in the beginning during the first few texts will get you no where.

Getting a feel for the girl in the screening process will tell you what she is looking for. Most guys even joke about sex in text and do it in the wrong way. A topic that leads to a sex convo was not done by accident. If a conversation enters into a sex talk don’t over do it and be the one to end it. The pull back will make her want you more and she will be pushing for another sex talk in future texting.  If there is sexting going on take it as it comes and make sure you meet up with this girl to give her what she wants. Sexting and jerking off is like watching reality TV. It’s fun and all but it’s not your reality.

In The End

I can go on and on about the dos and don’ts of the selection process within online dating. This is the guideline on how to screen women in your dating life. For more dating advice please check out the dating category section and sign up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a post.

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Online Dating: How to Screen Women For Dating Success


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