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Seven Beard Types and How to Maintain Them

Beards never go out of Style. Since ancient times, they have been seen across many cultures as signs of virility and high status. For a period of time in the 20th century, bears were seen as the sign of a vagrant – only clean-shaven faces were deemed acceptable.

Enter 2016, where a well-kempt beard is seen as sexy, manly and refined. History has endowed us with a major variety of beard types that we can imitate and wear in a modern fashion.

The value of a nice beard might come from the fact that not everyone can grow one. If you’ve been blessed with full facial hair, why wouldn’t you try out a few different styles of beard? Shaving is a drag anyway – who wants razor burn?

There are a lot of beard variations to choose from. Different styles suit different lifestyles, and depending on your profession, your style and even your face shape, you might find the style that best fits you wasn’t the one you thought you were looking for. Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to your facial hair!

1. The Hollywoodian


The Hollywoodian is a well-trimmed style of beard appropriate for most professional situations. It consists of a moustache connected to a goatee that extends up the jawline and disconnects from the sideburn.

Great for: Offices, red carpets, clubs, social events

How to Maintain: Style into a Hollywoodian by shaving each sideburn from the ear to the jawline. Use a razor to clean up any outward-facing neck hair. With a beard trimmer, carefully cut stray hairs on the upper cheekbone to create a clean, lined-up look.

2. The Rap Industry Standard

standard-bearMade popular by old-school rappers of the 1990s and 2000s, the “Rap Industry Standard” is a thin, highly detailed chinstrap that connects to a thin goatee circling the upper lip and connecting to the goatee.

Great for: Professional settings, real estate, parties, weddings

How to Maintain: The Rap Industry Standard should not reach far off the face, and its hairline should be a centimeter wide at maximum. The point of this is to make it look as meticulous and professionally groomed as possible. If you’re looking to do this yourself, use a small, personal beard trimmer to sculpt those thin lines.

3. The Full Beard

facial-hair-styles-that-women-love-and-hate-1832547737-apr-12-2014-1-600x450-2A time-tested classic, it can be modified to fit any setting. Many a man has worn the full beard, from fashion experts to madcap college professors. These days, a well-groomed version has a lot of social currency.

Great For: Classrooms, gyms, breweries, music venues

How to Maintain: Let it grow, baby! But be sure to shave yourself an appropriate neckline. Any hair below where your head meets your neck needs to go. Don’t shave your neckline too high – just to the corner of your neck and head. Use tweezers or scissors to pluck or cut unruly cheek hairs.

4. The Short Boxed

ewan-mcgregor beard excellenceLike a thicker version of the Rap Industry Standard, the Short Boxed Beard runs down the sideburns and chin, connecting with the mustache on the sides. Shave a clear box out of your cheeks, leaving a margin between a centimeter and an inch in length. The neckline should leave about an inch of hair under your chin and jawline.

Great For: Professional settings, weddings, formal parties, golf courses

How to Maintain: You can easily cut your full down to a Short Boxed Beard with a pair of scissors, and then shape your box and neckline with a razor. Use a small beard trimmer to get the fine details of the box looking lined up and classy.

5. The Soul Patch

dizzyforpresidentDo you walk to the coffee shop and smile to yourself as you order a mocha? Attend jazz clubs and art shows? Listen to Steely Dan on your hi-fi?

The soul patch is a beard type that suits those who prefer elegance and subtlety in their day-to-day lives. When paired with some sharp duds and a fresh haircut, the soul patch can give off a refined, classy air.

Great For: Coffee shops, poetry readings, art galleries, studios

How to Maintain: The soul patch is close to a clean shave with the exception of the rectangular patch of pair between your lower lip and your chin. Shave the rest of your face, but let that grow thick and shape it into a well-made patch of soul. Modify the length to match your personal style – some men prefer to keep short soul patches.

6. The Ducktail

ducktail-beard-1The Ducktail style is much like a full beard – just a little cropped. Instead of letting your natural shape run wild, the Ducktail lets you take a refined approach. Trim the sides of your facial hair shortest, gradually increase the length and let the bottom of it run as wild as you want it to.

Great For: Business casual, salesfloors, artisanal workplaces

How to Maintain: Let it grow fully and trim the top to the point where it is still thick but clings to the side of your face. Keep trimming downwards, but gradually trim less and less and less so that the bottom center of your beard is where it is at its longest. This should give your beard a ‘ducktail’ appearance, with long chin hairs as your centerpiece.

7. The Bandholz

about-bio-eric-bandholz_1024x1024The lengthiest style we will discuss today is the Bandholz. Named after modern beard visionary Eric Bandholz, the Bandholz features a long, thick beard that is combed out, blow-dried and a thick mustache sculpted to rest atop the cheek line. The Bandholz is super popular right now and is sure to win over at least a few ladies or men.

Great For: Small businesses, bars, auto shops, lecture halls, barber shops

How to Maintain: The Bandholz requires a higher degree of care than most types of beard. Most of the Bandholz care deals with the way you style it. Keep a proper neckline (just like the full beard, shave anything below where your head meets your neck) and keep your upper cheeks clean. The ideal Bandholz is about four to five inches in length.

Out of the shower, you can style your Bandholz by combing, drying, and applying product. Moisturizer will keep your facial hair looking nice and clean while beard oil will help you shape your mustache and give it a bit of sheen. The high upkeep is well worth the turned looks you will get walking the streets with your fresh beard. Pair your Bandholz with a nice fade up top for a sleek, modern look.

Beards are back, baby, but that doesn’t mean you can let your facial hair run wild. One thing that all these beard styles have in common is that they require a certain degree of daily maintenance and care. From the manageable full to the high-maintenance Bandholz, the most stylish are the ones that looks clean and cared for.

This list of beard types is only the tip of the iceberg – there are myriad beard types ranging from elegant to outright zany! The variations are endless, and there is always room in the books for a new style, so find out what works for you and get creative.

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Seven Beard Types and How to Maintain Them


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