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NutraBio L-Histidine Review (Review of L-Histidine Supplements by NutraBio)


First things first, I have found that all of NutraBio's products are of superior quality, and most importantly - PURITY. I haven't seen their lab at first hand, but it is one that I have confirmed through my sources is indeed inspected regularly and that maintains optimal quality and organization. 

They do not utilize proprietary blends in their products, and doing so is a sketchy practice anyway that always made me feel uneasy. How do you know what's in the product if you can't even distinguish what is on the label?

How can you be assured of potency, or even mechanism of action of the product if you don't know how much of each individual ingredient or herb is in the product? You can't with any certainty.

With NutraBio that problem is eliminated and I can attest to their overall quality, and their customer support, security staff and fraud detection abilities are far superior to many other companies. They do not sell customer information, and they are very straightforward to-the-point people which I like.

Excellent phone support, e-mail response, everything, very pleased!

Now lets get to their L-Histidine product.

TASTE : It's not great tasting, sorta sour, or maybe a litter bitter, hard to place it. Just throw it in water or juice it'll be fine.

DOSAGE : 1.5 Grams (1,500 MG or three scoops) per day, for 3 days. Then up to 3 grams or 3,000 MG / day thereafter.

EFFECTS : Noticeable enhancement of workout pump while lifting weights. Slight feeling of stimulation, increased bowel movements, consistent with histamine stimulation. No itching or any other negative effects. 3 grams yielded significant increase in libido, almost obsessive, consistent with histamine like effects. Flushing was noted at 3 grams and over. Using with niacin enhances the energy boosting effects, using this product with over-the-counter antihistamines may improve the vasodilation but will diminish the energy and alerting effects of L-Histidine. Betahistine can be used to enhance the effects but may amplify negatives such as itching / asthma worsening, not recommended unless you are terribly histamine deficient and have no history of allergies / asthma. L-Histidine itself is fine for most people, but if you have a history of asthma/allergies, great caution should be taken. 250 MG or half a scoop may be a more sensible starting dose for Histidine noobs or supplement noobs.

  • Enhancement of workout pumps, while lifting weights, but also leg pumps while running.
  • Mild energy boost and some stimulation.
  • Increased strength, presumably due to better pump.
  • Is at least 5x stronger than L-Arginine in this regard.
  • Causes massively increased libido at high-ish doses. (almost to obsession)

  • High doses make you feel hot.
  • Increased itching at high doses.
  • Increased bowel movements.
  • Causes facial flushing and sensation of  warmth around face, amplifies niacin flush, causes itching when used with niacin.
  • Jitteryness at high amounts.
  • Strange but not uncomfortable sensations in head, almost like a body high feeling but not that euphoric.

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NutraBio L-Histidine Review (Review of L-Histidine Supplements by NutraBio)


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