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Naps Trenbolone Review 2019 [GP Tren Review/Log 2019] [NapsGear Product Reviews 2019]

NapsGear has been around the block for a few years - they have expertise in providing all of the most pure, concentrated and potent steroids on the planet!
I have written several reviews so far on their products...including the following...

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My experience with them has been nothing but pleasant. I like that they...

  1. Answer tickets promptly, for support & order inquiries.
  2. Provide fast shipping; average amount of days until delivery here in New York is about 8-9 days. 
  3. They accommodate when customs seizes products on the border; and will happily ship a new package under such circumstances!
  4. They take responsibility for [occasional] improper shipping - and will double & triple seal packages in a brilliant way.
  5. They have educated staff members with high intelligence.
[2019] :::TREN REVIEWS::: [2019]

  • I dosed this product at 100 MG/EOD - that is 100 mg or 1 ML of Trenbolone acetate every other day.
  • I Noticed a nearly immediate sensation of stimulation about a half-hour after pinning.
  • It was an almost Cocaine-like high!
  • I noticed intense motivation from the first time - but also a sense of "calm-energy". 
  • This put my focus on-point at the Gym - and honestly I felt so good and optimistic about the day that I walked versus drove to the Gym!
  • I felt empowered and ruthless - yet also decent & proper.
  • I hit the Bench - with NO-MERCY and did 5 sets pretty aggressively.
  • This is my First Time ever trying Tren maybe it hit me harder than say Test-E or other steroids I have been on!
  • I pumped out extra reps on my last set - literally 15 extra reps at my usual weight (200 lbs).
  • I noticed extreme energy - but a little irritable at a dude looking at me on the way out (WTF are you looking at!)...probably unnecessary.
  • I felt motivated later on enough to write on My Blog - this post as a draft!
[full log] NAPSGEAR TREN REVIEW/LOG 2019 [full log]

  1. DAY 1: As stated above, 30 minutes after injecting the first dose - my first dose of Tren ever, I felt an intense stimulation - that was alike to Cocaine. I felt motivated, empowered, with a clean but slightly pompous attitude. The real smugness came later though, this drug has some heavy neurological/psychological effects! I hit the gym hard and pumped out 15 extra reps on my last set - so it made my muscles more endurance or something. My mind was on-point (on-focus) the whole day - with no distractions (sometimes I get distracted at the gym). Hell-o to ADD issues gone! LOL. When I got home I wrote on My Blog.
  2. DAY 2: Today I still have the drug in my system - and I woke up and didn't need ANY Coffee; normally I NEED a drink of Coffee in the morning - today, I did not. Tren seems to be a useful substitute for Caffeine at this point!
  3. DAY 3: Injected (pinned) again this morning! ...Again within 30 mins I felt an intense rush - almost a high. Really, it is some euphoria that I have never experienced before so I guess I should consider it a high. Its not like Meth or Adderall - but it is comparable! ...Went the gym minutes after the buzz/rush kicked in - and went to do Legs & Tri's - also did 3 sets of 33 pull-ups! Which is a record for that Gym! The gym owner happened to be in (Crunch Fitness Niagara Falls, NY 14304) - saw me do the 33 pull-ups - and congratulated me. I was the first one to ever do that many (apparently people pay attention there!). 
  4. DAY 4: Another bench day! I love the bench press on this stuff! It makes me feel more in-control and with laser sharp focus. Seriously, this stuff kicks Testosterone out into a gutter! Nothing compares to the energy of this stuff - not even Halotestin!
  5. DAY 5: Did legs again today - the veins popping out in my legs is CRAZY - like every vein is engorged and just sticking out...I do have low body fat - but normally my veins NEVER stick out this much!!!
  6. DAY 6: Rest day today. Still feel Mighty focused so I'm writing on my blog as I write this; multi-tasking - then I'm chilling with friends later!
  7. DAY 7: Running, Farmer's Walk and such today - tomorrow I go back into Construction. I figure, why not get pumped up for tomorrow! I believe this product is helping me to rip up my Abs - and my veins are sticking out in my lower abdominal area as well...but the BEST PART is that I feel EUPHORIC - absolutely enthralled by just doing a Farmer's Walk (two buckets full of Ice, Stones & Water). My WHOLE BODY is pumped and my Veins are popping out everywhere during the workout. Yes, I saw myself in a Hotel bathroom during a break and it was some HULK shit - veins in my TRAPS (in neck muscles etc) and this shit is crazy!
  8. DAY 8: Speaking of Crazy - I went to construction and actually  got called off today - so I figure I'll utilize my Crazy Energy from Tren in the gym again! 2019 is a big year Indeed! ...When I say crazy I mean CRAZY FOCUS - nothing compares to this gear, either, its the best brand. 
  9. DAY 9: Continued muscular endurance & pronounced Strength on the Bench at the Gym. Definitely noteworthy, no decline in focus or motivation noticed. Feel Strong, Aggressive and Confident. On Tren, I can't think of anything but everything to perfect. 
  10. DAY 10: Rest day again today - although I am in the process of writing a few books - hard-cover, it seems Tren helps with the motivational process.
  11. DAY 11: Biceps day!!! I'm in love with this drug. Its a powerful thing. I mean powerful as in it gives you power. Power over everything around you - power, which supports your goals. My bicep curls are doubled from 10 reps each, to 20 reps each! I pushed myself purposely to make this happen! I think I would have struggled A LOT more if I wasn't on this Tren!
  12. DAY 12: Noticed a skyrocketed libido (sex drive) today - this has got to be from the Tren - as I'm only on replacement AndroGel and my sex drive was NEVER this good. Until now. I banged my girl 5 times today.
  13. DAY 13: I have never noticed anything this powerful before - woke up with my chest pumped, my Abs tight - and a huge solid boner!!! I am in love with this drug - which I've said before, my girlfriend was digging the hard-sharpened boner to dip into her! 
  14. DAY 14: Feel extremely strong today; did Bi's, Tri's and Butterflies as well as Push-Press, Bench and Pull-Ups (a little of everything).
  15. DAY 15: I noticed a stronger HEAD-RUSH today on the Tren, nothing compares to this - this time its actually better than Methamphetamine! ...How is that possible? Same workouts today as yesterday. Went well!
  16. DAY 16: Feel as though I could tear a door off a frame (and could!) and throw it like a boomerang across the Road! This shit gives BEASTLY energy. 
  17. DAY 17: ARMS DAY!!! Popped a few boners during doing it too! I know that many complain of "Tren-Dick" - but I'm getting the opposite to typical effect; hard-ons all day and sporadically but yet harder than my normal hard-ons (splitting wood!).
  18. DAY 18: Day of Rest today. Needed it bad! My left leg has got some minor PIP (Post-Injection-Pain) - but not to worry, today is a Rest Day!
  19. DAY 19: Back to Crunch Fitness; boy I love this Gym! Its cheap - has a punching bag that I took a wholesome advantage of - and a Medicine Ball me and my half-brother decided to use - like a passed weight!
  20. DAY 20: Totally feel more muscular - like Nuclear Muscle! My muscles were just WAITING to get tested the shit out of! I love this product!!!
  21. DAY 21: Legs day - also did some at-home Farmer's Walk (carrying buckets of stones for 30 seconds across my living room).
  22. DAY 22: Feeling more Motivated today - like I could work-out 5x today and write 100 articles...luckily I wasn't that hard on myself! LOL. Felt unduly energized - as if someone spiked my product with Real Cocaine.
  23. DAY 23: Feel ultra-strong today - benched 5 extra reps and maxed out with 3 reps versus 1! 3X3 max-outs is a RECORD for me!!!
  24. DAY 24: Sense of Smell seems increased oddly. I am more sensitive to smells outside (especially nostalgic smells in the Rain). Noticed some strength increases as well.
  25. DAY 25: Feel like The Almighty (GOD) today!!! I can't help but bench press today! Feels stronger than usual (is what my Biceps said to themselves). 
  26. DAY 26: Rest-Day!!!
  27. DAY 27: Today was a Real Game-Changer! I noticed that I am running 4 x as fast (according to stop-watch) my endurance during Sprinting is greatly increased. I noticed my CALF MUSCLES are more solid!!! Hard-ass super beast muscles in my Legs; veins still sticking out plenty.
  28. DAY 28: One last Rest day, I know it fluctuates - and this may be confusing for some who are reading this...but it is My Schedule after all. A personal testimony to the legitimacy of Naps Gear products is written in this post. That takes dedication itself!
  29. DAY 29: Felt like lifting A CAR up today!!! That's how strong I felt - headed to the Gym and absolutely CRUSHED the Bench Sets - that is 5 sets at MAXIMUM weight!!! I went up by 3 reps on the first set, 4 reps on the second set, and 3 reps on the third set. BEAST!!!
  30. DAY 30: Last Day; and today marks the thirty day period on Tren - my muscles feel fuller, thirstier and stronger today. So I did a little of everything at the Gym; Pull-Ups, Butterflies, Push-Press, Weighted Push-Ups, upside down push-ups, declines/inclines, punching bag, medicine ball, Dips and Sit-Ups and Crunches. Also did WEIGHTED SIT-UPS/CRUNCHES. Miraculous! That's how powerful this TREN SHIT REALLY IS!!!

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Naps Trenbolone Review 2019 [GP Tren Review/Log 2019] [NapsGear Product Reviews 2019]


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