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Supplements to Make You Into A Psychopath 2019 [Herbs to Turn You Into A Psychopath 2019]

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From one Quora post that I answered, it reminded me of the general theme today - that there are more "antisocial" people than ever before [1] - I predicted 5 years ago that "pretty soon 50% of the world will be antisocial/psychopathic" - my prediction seems to be In-View - as shown in this research paper, there is a growing trend toward antisocial personalities [2] - and especially the "by any means necessary" mentality is ever so prevalent, today [3] [4].

...Yet we have to ask ourselves is this bad?

Well from one point of view - it makes the world a less "safe" place, but it also makes the world more inventive [5] [6] [7] - and allows people to stay in their own paradigm - to revel in the excitement of the future - is to understand that such vanity - because it leads to happiness, can be the only true way to find pleasure...young people (Teens, Young Adults etc) know this better than anyone [8] [9] [10]!

So, let's make two groups of points. 
The first is in FAVOR of Psychopathy.

  1. Psychopaths are inherently "immune" to stress [11], which means a less stressful world - more particularly less disease & mental health issues - if we can start being like Psychopaths a little more [12].
  2. More antisocial behavior also could mean more disinhibition (lack of restraint) - and more success & job opportunities (getting hired easier[13], if for example people can lose the fear of being denied - for a Job or by others for example, a Manager, or supervisor - then antisocial behavior, especially where there is also Charisma and personal charm...could lead to a more productive society [14], and indeed, it already is. Psychopath's are driven to "reward" and gaining things in life - they have almost 'unnatural' motivation towards such things; especially Psychopathic politicans.
  3. Psychopaths change the world - every day, but - the idea that they have no moral conscience is sometimes (often) a skewed idea [15], because the 'definition' of moral conscience, varies per region, per collective, and per person [16].
  4. Psychopathy can be the reason why a Husband has her Husband's trust - because to fearlessly defend one's Wife, Family or Kids - is the definition of Courage; and indeed, Psychopaths are often extraordinarily Courageous & Heroic [17] [18] [19].
  5. Psychopaths are more effective in managing Businesses [18] - they just "act" and do so efficiently, without doubt and they get shit done, quick [19]. Psychopaths simply dominate the Job world. Psychopath's are natural born leaders, with great influence [20].

Some Examples: Quora Psychopaths talk about Job Interviews.

The second is NOT in Favor but rather *against* the Thought/Conceptualization that increasing amounts of Psychopaths would change or benefit the World.

  1. Empathy, Love & Passion can be all one-in-the-same - and these traits create the "methods to madness" and form the principles of success through human motivation [21] simple words: these 'strong emotions' lead to happiness & more fierce forms of ambition [22]. The struggle to succeed can often be outdone by having a Sense of Heart.
  2. Psychopathy can be hindering - IF you desire Romantic Love as your only form of Happiness [23], or that you value others versus having a successful Life [24]. It all depends on what YOU want in Life.
  3. Psychopathy can make your emotions shallow [25] - so for some jobs like Nurse, Therapist or Doctor - this may lead to significant disgust [26] or even termination from the job due to lack of "becoming effort" or lack of empathy for those in need.
  4. Psychopaths have automatic distaste for the "petty emotions" of normal humans [27]. They tend to not be motivated and are even disgusted with "lovey-dovey" type music and other forms of flamboyance. This may lead to communication issues if they can not tolerate or neutralize the multitudes of personalities or types of people they interact with during, let's say, a "RETAIL" Job.
  5. Psychopaths tend to see things in linear ways - and would not be good at helping traumatized victims unless their Emotional Empathy - was perfected (on-point) and is used in a diverse, but selective manner [28].
5 Supplements to Turn Yourself Into a Psychopath 
NOTE: To turn yourself "into a Psychopath" won't happen immediately - it will take WEEKS (at least) to change the Brain Chemistry (significantly) and it may require some significant strides in mental incongruence - you must learn to dissociate yourself (psychologically) from your Emotions by neutralizing the effect/impact of others expectations and their emotions.

  1. Kratom [!]: The opioid-system controls (reduces) emotions - Psychopaths have high levels of natural Opioids [30]; beta-endorphin & dynorphin as well as high receptor activity. In order to get to a state of Psychopath - daily use of strong natural Opiates is necessary.
  2. Test Stack Product No.17 [!]: Testosterone is tied to Psychopathy [31] - and low cortisol levels along with High Testosterone reduce Empathy [32]. Long-term use of the ONLY testosterone booster that affects gene transcription [33] - can lead to eventual development of Psychopathy. It also contains Catuaba Extract - which traps Dopamine in the Brain [34]. I noticed increased over-Confidence/arrogance on this supplement. This was nearly immediate for me!
  3. Relora [!]: This is a supplement that blocks/reduces Cortisol [35] and thus can increase Psychopathic traits [36] [37] - it also acts on GABA-receptors [38] - which are typically over-active in Psychopaths [39].
  4. Syrian Rue Extract [!]: The "Warrior-Gene" (read here) is present in most Psychopaths [40] [41] [42] - and it means that psychopaths have less MAO-A [41] in their brains - leading to more nerve activity in the Brain [42]. To "mimic" this (if you don't have the gene) - you can supplement with Syrian Rue (penganum harmala) to just BLOCK the MAO-A directly [43] [44] [45]. Psychopaths with Violence are (generally) 3R Warrior-Gene carriers. It plays a big role in violence & behavior in antisocial individuals!
  5. Metergoline [!]: Metergoline is a serotonin-receptor blocker [46] - since Psychopaths often have LOW serotonin [47] - creating a long-term low serotonin state can lead to developing Psychopathic traits [48].

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Supplements to Make You Into A Psychopath 2019 [Herbs to Turn You Into A Psychopath 2019]


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