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European Surnames & Heritage Links 2018

What many people DON'T know, is when Surnames appear from one Place, that the Country of Origin and Origin of the Families Ancestral Roots...dives much Deeper than just the Current Settlements/History of their Respective Countries.

For example:
The Surname "Bloom", originates in North Germany - but the Actual Bloom Family is originally of English & Swedish Descent. Where the original surname was "Blum".

North German Surnames are [arguably] of  Nordic/Viking Roots - though NOT ALL North German Families feel this way...and simply identify as "German".

Its important to note that South Germany's Genetics (Bavaria) are remarkably similar to Roman Genetic Sequences, and the same with South of Poland and many British People have "Roman DNA". that we've Clarified that Genetics aren't so we can list examples.

English Names and Their Origins
Adams: An English & Irish Name, which most likely Emerged from a group of Warriors from Rome, who moved to Britain, and integrated into Society. Often holding Financial & Military positions, sometimes Criminal Entrepreneurs, the Adams surname is ever prevalent in the Western World.

Adams Surname may also be descendents of The Tribe of Dan, mentioned in The Holy Bible.

Abrams: Another "Hebrew Origin" name but of English and Scottish Regionality. This name may be directly linked to the 12-Tribes of Israel, included in The Book of Life. People with this surname may have their DNA come up as both "Great Britain" and "European Jewish" as well as "Middle East".

Osborn: English but of truly 'Viking' roots, this name was the name held by Berserkers and Berserkers descendants, as well as Norwegian-Warriors whose ONLY Hobby and Life Philosophy; was Battle. If you are related to the Osborns in any way - then you have an Ambitious, Aggressive, Conquering Spirit.

German Surnames
Bloom: North German; from.Scleswig-Holstein, but ultimately of Mixed English & Swedish Origin. With most of the farthest back Blooms, originating in Sweden, as Farmers and possibly some as Slaves, in the Viking Age.

Fuhrmeister: Middle-German, most likely related to a Mixed Gothic/Visigothic & Roman DNA-type. Some "meisters" may also be related to the Germanic Group "The Vandals" - which may have contributed to Germanys [ Germanic] Genetic Pool.

Dietz: German, mostly North German. Seems to originate from those of Nordic Heritage, most likely locals who Married Viking Fathers in North Germany; creating Mixed Germanic Elements - it means "Peoples Ruler".

Bietz/Beitz: German Surname, probably descended off of some Branch of Dietz. Is of Medieval Origin - relates back to German Knights and old Germanic Warriors.

Some sources suggest links to the "Knights Templar" - however these are unfounded, hysterical Assumptions, IMHO.

Irish Surnames
Doyle: Irish, but of Viking Origin meaning "dark foreigner", refers to Mysterious Groups who raided & settled in Dublin, Ireland.

Butler: An Irish Surname - but coming from Rollo the Vikings Gene Line - ultimately of Norman Origin.

Shannon: An Irish (Gaelic-Origin) Family Name, which may have actually originated in Scotland, most descendants are also related to the McDonald Scottish Clan, and the Highland Campbell Clan. Many Shannons are thus also related to Somerled, and some to Ivar the Boneless; through the tainted McDonald/Campbells, whos Ancestors may have mated with Ivar the Bonelesses offspring.

Today, most Shannons are predominantly Irish, but with Powerful Scottish blood and some Vikings sprinkled in

McVeigh: Irish Name coming from a Celtic Warrior who was known to be an Assassin - back in the Early Days of Irish & Celtic Peoples.


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European Surnames & Heritage Links 2018


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