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Deca Durabolin Effect on Brain & Neurotransmission 2018 (Nandrolone and the Brain 2018) (AAS Effects on Brain Function Review 2018)

Deca Durabolin AKA Nandrolone Decanoate - is one of the most powerful Mass Building, "bulking" Anabolic Steroids on the planet [1]. It is the one most favored by Bodybuilders looking to Bulk Up [2]. More particularly Pro-Bodybuilders and those who have been in the sport for a while [3].

Although Deca is substantially less "centrally stimulating" than Tren - it has more long-term neurological effects and even, epigenetic effects [4]

It is not listed as a Particularly Euphoric AAS on all accounts [5]

...However, it does have a strong effect on Mood - though not exactly consistent one way or another [6]. Irritability/Hostility as well as complete mood swings are listed as Common Side-Effects of Deca [7] - and Deca is studied as having significantly diverse hormonal effects...including some Progesterone-like activity [8]

Deca also causes more Suppression of the Hypothalamic Gonadal Axis and can suppress sperm production and Male Fertility more than other Anabolic-Steroids [See Here].

Nandrolone/Deca-Durabolin should be noted that they have *Significantly* Addictive Effects - in comparison to other "Roids" or "Gear". There are effects that make Nandrolone more prominent in the Nervous System than other Steroidal Compounds...

  1. Nandrolone, like Cocaine and Amphetamine, produces increases in Fos-proteins in the limbic system [9] [10] [11]. This leads to increased "drug-seeking" and reinstatement and reward-seeking.
  2. Nandrolone's Effects on the CNS-Nervous System can lead to Behavioral-Changes; specifically Disinhibition and Hostility [12]
  3. Nandrolone could (theoretically) induce some Degree of Neurotoxicity, particularly at high-doses and over long periods of Use (> 1 year). [13].
  4. Nandrolone can directly activate GABA, Glutamate and Dopamine neurotransmitter systems [14].
  5. Nandrolone has variable effects on Muscle Strength; mostly increasing CNS-activity to increase The Mind-Muscle Connection [15]. However, misuse of Deca (over time) can lead to muscle fatigue. This happens more in dumb***** who don't include Test in their Cycles.
  6. Nandrolone Decanoate has other effects on the CNS over time; changing Dopamine-receptor transcription [16], altering neurohormones like Vasopressin [17] and inducing general "Cocaine-Like Changes" [18].

***Other Interesting Facts about Nandrolone***

  • Nandrolone is one of the few Anabolic-Steroids studied in Patients receiving Dialysis [19].
  • Nandrolone is listed on as being a drug that can cause "excessive stimulation" [20].
  • Nandrolone can be a Powerful drug that can increase Motivation to working out/Lifting but it also may increase abnormal motivations such as Avenging the loss of Relatives & Money and can, like other Anabolic-Androgenic steroids - increase Dominance Behavior and other "testing" behaviors; such as Sizing Up a random jacked-up dude at the Corner of the Street [21].
  • Anabolic Steroids like Nandrolone can have more pronounced Withdrawal-symptoms than less harsh drugs such as Testosterone-Enanthate.
  • Some users of Nandrolone notice higher libido but most also notice Erectile Difficulties "Deca-Dick"; which is (usually) attributed to the Progestin/Prolactin raising effects of Deca [22]. However, The Blood Pressure increasing effects of this drug probably have more to do with that aspect.

Long-Term Effects of Deca-Durabolin/Nandrolone can Affect/Alter  to Response to Antidepressants (SSRI's) by Lowering 5-HT1B-Receptors in the Brain and Nervous System.

  1. The 5-HT1B-serotonin Receptor is involved in everything from Anxiety [23] to OCD [24] to Depression [25] [26] [27]. Negative Regulators decrease Anxiety in Humans and Mammals.
  2. It plays a role in Male Sexual Behavior [28].
  3. It inhibits Ejaculation [29].
  4. Thus, Nandrolone abuse may lead to changes in Mentality, Behavior (including Sexual Behavior) and Premature Ejaculation [30].
  5. Deca thus may have more prominent effects on Aggression and Disinhibition than any other aspect [31].
  6. Neuropeptides that are altered as a result of these interactions play a role in Social Behaviors [32].
  7. The same 5-HT1B-Receptor Complexes that Deca Durabolin/Nandrolone effect indicate that Deca/Nandrolone's Effects on Serotonin in the Brain can influence Cognitive Function; due to the 5-HT1B-Receptors location and role in the Brain Region known as the "Hippocampus" [33].

The "Flip-Side" - Deca while "On" Can Enhance Motivation to Monetary Reward

  • On the other hand, Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) may make People more Ambitious; says a Review from 2015.
  • The CNS-Effects of Anabolic Steroids; ESPECIALLY Deca-Durabolin/Nandrolone Decanoate can influence Motivation on a Broader level than most other compounds on Earth; with *sole exception* of "known" Reward-Boosters like Nicotine and Cocaine and Amphetamine.
  • The "National Institute for Health & Welfare" Published a Report/Study showing that Nandrolone, of ALL Steroids - can interact with (ENHANCE) Psychostimulant Drugs - to produce "enhanced motivation" and Euphoria as well as Reward Circuitry.
In some cases, users of Anabolic Steroids have combined them with 4F-MPH and other "Ritalin Derivatives" to enhance Motivation and the Euphoric Effects of Steroids.

...However, this does not always work out in the favor of the Abuser...since Negative Cardiovascular Effects can ensue if one is not *careful* of the Dosages used and Ratio of AAS:Stimulant Usage/Dosages.

Anabolic Steroids - such as Deca, can produce long-lasting Effects on Brain Neurotransmission that can PERMANENTLY alter behavior; long after they are DISCONTINUED!!!!!!

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Deca Durabolin Effect on Brain & Neurotransmission 2018 (Nandrolone and the Brain 2018) (AAS Effects on Brain Function Review 2018)


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