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The "Conqueror Gene Line" Rollo the Viking's Inheritance and Supreme Genetic Code.

Rollo Ragnvaldsson or Gange Hrolfr or "Rollo the Viking" of Normandy.
  • This article explores Genetic Mutations associated with Rollo the Viking and William "The Conqueror". 
  • Those who bear the surnames or who have people in their Family Lines above them with the following surnames or almost certainly related to these Great Two Famous People of The Past.
  • Sinclair/St.Clair/Senclare, Booth, Spencer, Montgomery, Long, Short, West, Armstrong, Walter, Walters, Waters/Watters, Roberts, Robertson/Robertsen, Williams/Williamsen/Williamson, Butler, Rouen, Granville, Fitzwalter/Fitzwater, Fitzbutler, Fitzrobert.
  • William I of England and Rollo's Gene Line Descendants [REFERENCES]: Geni Article Reference 1, NORMAN SURNAMES "THE NORMAN PEOPLE",  Norman Names In Ireland
  • MISCELLANEOUS: The Genetic Map of Europe. [!]

Previously we had written about Vlad the Impaler (Dracula's) Gene Line and its Superior Traits - that is - in those who inherit the Draculan Gene "strange powers" are passed down...some of these are rooted in Superstitions such as the 'Blood-Drinking' Phenomena, however the Cannibal Gene has been proven to exist and is present within Haplogroups and Genetic Information passed down by descendants of the Basarab Dynasty [1]

The concept of Vampirism being a very real one...

Likewise, Rollo the Viking's Gene Line also possesses many infamous traits such as the following...

  1. A "Pain-Resistance" Gene [SCN9A], likely related to Opioid-Receptor Mutations and also TRPV1-Channel polymorphisms.
  2. A "Super-Strength" Gene [ACTN3] related to Viking DNA also known as "Northern European Strength". This 'Nordic Mutation' comes from Normans that mixed with Native French Populations - however - it essentially comes from The "Vikings" that originate in Norway and Denmark as well as Sweden. This mutation is ESPECIALLY prevalent in Iceland. It is also mentioned in This Review on Genes, Muscle Power & Athletes. This Gene is fairly common due to many individuals having with Viking Admixture, today.
  3. The "Power-Seeking" Gene (Norman-Link) - related to specific Brain Genes and related to "extra" Codons for Adrenaline-Receptors the so-called "Gamma-Adrenaline-Locus". Wherein individuals from His Gene Line possess an unusual 'extra' Adrenaline Receptor that 99% of Humans do not; known as the GAMMA-ADRENERGIC-Receptor. Even though it is not 'technically' a New Receptor - it is rather, an unusual pattern of Expression of unblockable, high-affinity beta-adrenergic receptor distribution with unusual gating kinetics. This seems to have a Viking-Origin [!]. Specific to the Normans
  4. The "Warrior-Gene" (3-Repeat MAO-Gene) [!]: Although in Our Review we found variable evidence for an Absolute Viking Origin - we do BELIEVE (based on Research) that this X-Chromosome Linked Gene Mutation is, in many cases, passed down from a Female Viking Line - particularly from those that settled Dublin, Ireland. And also those that are considered 'Normans' from Normandy, France.
  5. The "Population-Control" Gene [!]: Those intellectuals known as the Normans, who conquered much of the Entire World - and still hold Money, Power and Wealth, today [SEE HERE] also assimilated into Normandy, France - where they built an elaborate Power Structure and a VERY Civilized, Memorably Beautiful Society - which has expanded throughout the World. Their Inventions, Tactics, and Style resonates with most of the World and gives much of US; The Descendants - a sense of Unique Enthusiasm, Curiosity and Motivation. NOTE: Even "Mob Members" or those in the Mafia's of Italy - MANY of them are Norman Descendants; and may explain their Inclination to Money & Power. :)
  6. The C282Y-Mutation or "Ivar the Boneless" Mutation [!]: Those Gaels of mixed Viking Ancestry have an important lesson from the past. If your Ancestors were RAPED or MARRIED by the Vikings - you've got their "Super-DNA". This mutation is linked to areas of the Genome responsible for 'Enhanced' Resilience and improved Euphoria in response to Amphetamines and other stimulants [See Study Here]. This mutation is also present in Rollo's Gene Line (but to a Lesser extent).
  7. The 'Miscellaneous' Norwegian Lines or "King-Sense" Mutation [!]: The Desire for Power is not the same as the MOTIVATION to Power. The fantasizing and 'scenarioizing' about Power or other exploits - or simply the CURIOSITY to do-so and to TRAVEL is rooted in Norway's Genetics.
  8. Many Politicians have a "Power-Seeking" Gene linked to their Norman-English Ancestry [See Book Review/Study Here].
  9. The "Resilience-Master" Gene & Immunity Genes: Vikings didn't beg, or negotiate. They did not (easily) forgive those who destroyed their Own - and REVENGE was a Main-Stay 'treatment' for those who attacked, and ESPECIALLY those (even of their OWN KIND) who KILLED their own peoples. They could get kidnapped by Enemies, Opposition Regime's/Land-owners...Vikings would NEVER break - even after getting TORTURED. They would withstand ALL and would rather DIE than get Psychologically Mauled. They would NOT nor will EVER give up their Power & Control over a Situation. This seems to be a Psychological Element - also linked to the Scandinavian-Variant of the "Warrior-Gene". And is also related to the "Pain-Resistance Gene". The Delta-32 Gene; is also of significance - since STRESS can be elicited (caused) by Viral & Bacterial infections - many Viking Descendants are either Partially or Wholly (COMPLETELY) IMMUNE/RESISTANT to HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis as well as Smallpox [See Study Here] [See Viking Origin for Delta-32-Immune-Gene Research] [See Other Study] [Delta-32 Gene & Hepatitis A/B/C Immunity in Viking Descendants]
  10. "Nordic War Gene" [!]: The Nordic War Gene is passed down by Vikings from Norway, Denmark and Sweden which gives a inherently "Strategic Mindset", 'Warrior-Sense' and great Instincts...AKA being able to EFFICIENTLY think-on-your-feet. Donald Trump is a GREAT Example - as he is Masterful, Empowered and Focused - and UNDERSTANDS Military Power, Usage and Equipment MORE than most U.S Presidents. He is related to Rurik The Viking that initially settled Russian/Ukraine. See This Review for more information on Genetics and Being Efficient as a Military Soldier/Commander.
  11. The 'Viking Fertility Gene' [!]: Danish Sperm Banks have the most SUCCESS, and for good reason. Those who are "Viking Descendants" have more motile, almost 'super-human' Sperm - that are more Capable than even Africans at impregnating a Woman (easily!). Women are paying outrageous amounts of Money - even "pillaging" the Banks for such HEALTHY SPERM. A British Woman traveled to Denmark just so she could have a "Viking Baby". This Gene also renders one resistant to "Complete Shut-Down" and testicular atrophy from a Steroid Cycle. A Large Cohort-Study also noted a "larger consistency" and less variability in comparison to other Countries of mixed-diversity in Sweden and Norway, mainly. In many descendants - there is a "Variant Androgen Receptor Gene" or "Mutant Androgen Receptor" which is the reason for NON-SHUT DOWN among these Populations and also makes those of Northern Descent IMMUNE from Fertility Issues related to anti-androgen drugs and Exogenous Hormones.

Downsides of 'Norman Genetics'
  1. Norman families often carry a 'bad' Genetic Trait; increased risk of Atherosclerosis and Blood Clotting [STUDY].
  2. The high Rate of Warrior-Gene carriers among Male Viking Descendants coupled with other 'known' Heart Issues passed down can mean a Greater Risk of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) among Viking Descendants [STUDY].
  3. The Risks associated with "Viking Genetics" may also include an inherent susceptibility to Asthma and Autoimmune Diseases; such as Multiple Sclerosis - if the individual possesses a White-Blood Cell Mutation called the "CCR5 Delta-32-Gene Deletion" or simply the "Delta-32" Gene [1] [2] [3].
  4. The Delta-32 Gene and the CCR5-Human Gene are important in their aforementioned Roles in Immune State.
  5. If you have "Viking DNA" on ONE-SIDE of your Family you may have "Partial Immunity" to HIV/AIDS and other Viruses such as Hepatitis and Smallpox [4] whereas if you have the MUTATION on both sides you are nearly to 100% Immune/Resistant from ANY initial infection of HIV/AIDS [5] [6].
  6. The Vikings and their Descendants may have a Small Genetic Risk for Finger and Limb Deformities in those with the Gene Mutants.
  1. In terms of PHYSICALITY - or Physical Strength and Muscularity; Viking/Norman descendants have MUCH higher Muscle Strength than say, Africans and those of other "High-Testosterone" races.
  2. However, African-Descendants tend to be Leaner and more "cut-up" on Average and thus may have more Appealing Aesthetic/Look-based Qualities in terms of Body Composition. However, many Swedes STAY RIPPED [!] regardless as well - and Swedes tend to build muscle quicker than Africans.
  3. THINK: Hell's Angels Members in Sweden, look at these 'Motherfuckers!!! Then look at this Norwegian Bodybuilder!
  4. In comparison to the Phoenicians of Jezebel's Line [7], even though the Phoenicians were genetically distinct, often referred to as 'Superior' and equally ruthless [8] [9]. The Vikings were still superior Sea-Farers and Warriors. Vikings excelled at trading and were more Respected by the Arabs than the Phoenicians.
  5. In Comparison to the GREEKS/ROMANS - Romans & Roman-Descendants tend to be of smaller build - having more of a 'Simplistic' Mindset - desiring "Nice-Bodied" Women versus having a thrill-seeking Risk-taking Unique relationship or one where the Woman has Equal Power & Freedom. Romans and Italian Men tend to put off some Women through their Rigorous, Rigid, Stubborn & Controlling Mindsets...whereas Northerners tend to satisfy their Women better [10] and develop more Continuous, Lasting Relationships due to their Conservative & Spiritual Views [11]. This is also consistent with their Ancestors; the Vikings who RESPECTED their Wives and treated them as Equals [12].
  6. The "Happy Relationship, Happy Life" Equilibrium/Mindset is ESPECIALLY Prevalent in Norway - where Divorce Rates are some of the LOWEST in the World - again, proving that Vikings have Relationships ON-POINT.
  • Greeenlanders are also of Norse-Viking Genetic Stock and tend to have high rates of Successful Athletes and a HIGH Longevity Rate (overall).
  • While those with HIGH MAO-A activity (genetically) are more PRONE to Depression & Depressive Illnesses in General, Viking Descendants with the 3-Repeat MAO-A Deficiency Gene are more Resistant to developing Clinical Depression; due to having more Dopamine and Adrenaline in their Brain/Body (less breakdown!) [13].
  • Social Science & Genetics is a 'TOUGH SCIENCE' but Northern Europeans are a GREAT Group to Study from! 
  • Since Scandinavians tend to have more Stable blood levels of Serotonin - and given the Research of the Neurotransmitter Serotonin and Depression - this may account for the Fact that Scandinavians are the most Happy peoples/Countries on Earth!!!

How to Make Yourself MORE Like a Viking?
  1. Follow their "Code of The Warrior" - Respect ALL Peoples but DEFEND what is YOURS - "to-the-Death" mentality for a Good defending your Family or Friends. Be Courageous, Strong, Vigorous and Adaptable to all Conditions. Explore NATURE and New Environments - DON'T BE AFRAID TO EXPLORE - Vikings were Explorers, BE ONE!
  2. Be HEALTHY; Take a Good Earth Source Multi-Vitamin like Solgar Earth Source...the most Effective ORGANIC Premium Multi-Vitamin On the Planet!
  3. If you DON'T have the "Warrior-Gene" but want to change yourself to be more Neurologically IDENTICAL - you can take the drug Moclobemide - which will create Identical Effects to having the so-called "Warrior Gene".
  4. Viking Descendants respond VERY WELL - to DHT-based taking a Pill like Proviron - *technically* a Steroid - can enhance your Hormonal Environment and improve Strength, Libido and TRULY "Unlock" your 'Viking Full Potential'.
  5. Take a DNA-Energizer known as "DNA Force" - a Supplement which PROTECTS and ENHANCES your DNA and Cellular Processes in the Body, you won't be Sorry, Trust Me. ;)
  6. If "DNA Force" is NOT Available, take CELL FORCE instead. Its the same product. Just a little more Expensive.

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The "Conqueror Gene Line" Rollo the Viking's Inheritance and Supreme Genetic Code.


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