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The Vandals - The Worlds Most Mysterious & Elusive Genetic Group? (All About the Vandals 2018)

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But no one knows where the Vandals REALLY came from. 

All we have is some theories like...

  1. They were originally a Baltic or Slavic people who adopted Raiding, Pillaging and Corrosive Ways from their Neighbors who originally perpetrated such acts (Vikings etc).
  2. They were indeed a Germanic People - who had Mercenaries, Assassins and others for hire at some-point during Roman History - and who traded, Pillaged and Invaded on the Regular.
  3. They were a more Elusive Group which may possibly have originated in the far South Corners of Sweden.
Whether the Vandals originated in Poland or Sweden (both may be True!) - it is EVIDENT that the Vandals are deserving of their nickname "The Great Destroyers". Unlike the Vikings, who were more like Pirates - the Vandals took great pleasure in their Ability to Destroy - and were TRULY, CLEARLY, Brute Brute Barbarians.

The Vandals would emerge from the Woods, having anywhere from 50-200 to even thousands of Invaders. They would emerge as would Smoke from the Bellows of the Ground - subtly moving forward and capturing and even TORTURING Villagers, for Fun, pleasure, and to Rape the Women of Isolated Villages.

The Vandals are also of distinct and Unique, even 'Unknown' DNA - and its difficult to pin-point their Origins and even those Today - who are descendants of them. As there does not seem to be a Specific Genetic Signature indicating CLEAR Origins. 

However...the Ukraine and Ukrainian ways seem to have the "Isolated & Mysterious" types of People and some 'lone-wolves' who take after their (supposed) Ancestors; The Vandals

  1. Scary Guy from Russia/Ukraine #1.
  2. Scary Guy from Ukraine #2.
  3. Scary Guy from Ukraine, WTF.

That is...if the "Slavic Hypothesis" of the Vandals remains true and Poland/Ukraine have their Role in Creating this Hybridic MONSTERS!

Still...the Blog "Origin-Hunters" (a Partner of This Blog!) DUG up a SHIT-TON of Research on these 'fellows. ... ... ... And STILL came to Nearly ZERO Conclusions...other than 'Tentative' evidence!??

The Smokescreen of History and the Group of Precedence & Current Nobility?
The Vandals in the Deepest Chambers of Rome & The Illuminati's True 'Genetic Heritage'???

There are TWO Contrasting DOOMSDAY *Theories* regarding the Vandals. The FIRST is that the Vandals, though initially in STARK CONTRAST to ROME and Roman Objective - eventually infiltrated Rome and their Peoples are the Ones controlling the Vatican...and their Peoples are also the Main Satanists in the "Illuminati". That 'supposedly' control the World and its FINANCES and ....


The other Prevailing Theory is that the Vandals and their Descendants are the TRUEST Christians on the PLANET...but whom are (SILENTLY) waiting THEIR TURN for the Next Era of the Crusades to EMERGE so they can use their VANDALIC POWERS & Dark Magic fused with UNAUTHORITARIAN Barbarianism to DEMOLISH the New-World Order.

Genseric the Vandals ambition may be support for the Second-Theory by Objective but support for the FIRST by Behavior and REBELLION.

Since the Vandals emerged from either Sweden or Poland...or *POSSIBLY* even GERMANY [!] - it is possible these are the 'TRUE' "Giants" or "Nephilim"/Fallen Angels spoken of in The Bible.

Goths and Visigoths, Germans and Vandals...all the same? [Read Discussion Here]


Vandals *certainly* had some "germanic" elements...but they are FAR-OFF in Origin from 'TRUE GERMANS' who have a more clear MIXED Nordic-Roman Origin.

The Vandals CONQUERED North-Africa and May Have MATED With Local Africans and Disseminated the So-Called "AntiChrist Haplogroup" known as "U666" or 'U6AC'. Since this haplogroup 'technically' originates in North Africa - it would lend support for a Vandal Origin of the AntiChrists Genetic Lineage???

Vandals...a TRAIL of Livid Peoples, Madness & Utter Destruction

If the Vandal people helped create what is Modern-Day Germany; along with their Genetic 'Cousins' the Goths, Visigoths and Ostrogoths - then the Baltic Rumors may be a FACADE or just downright NON-TRUTH. 

...In that case, Hitler could have easily PRAISED The Oh-So-Mighty Vandalic Peoples versus the "Nordic Race"...or are the Vandals NOT Aryan "ENOUGH"?

...For 'Ol Hitler. 

I'm really not sure.

I think it goes without saying...LITERALLY - the Vandals are an UNSPEAKABLE Race of Peoples SHROUDED in Mystery and Pragmatism. Alike to other Germanic and Invading Cultures...they certainly had their BARBARIC Moments and THIEVED the MAJORITY of their 'Resources'.

  • See Article [REFERENCE] Here.
The Vandals were RUTHLESS. Yes. And With Good Cause. Depending on WHO you ASK?

The idea is that the Vandals swept through more parts of Europe on a Coordinated Scale...then did their Viking Counterparts. They had a different strategy. Though. More Mystery, more Traps, more Isolation. More Trickery. More Deception. More Brute Creepiness. More furious disembowelment. Less Effort. More Dedicated Punishment. More Callousness. Less Brute ARROGANCE. Less of a Negotiating Platform. Yet more SICKNESS. Terrible Titans of the OLD. I'd say they're the VANDALS. NOT THE VIKINGS!!!

...The "Wrath of The Titans" BTW.

May actually be Referring to the VANDALS.

As though ROMAN & GREEK Gods AND Warriors were GOOD!

They also had their Tales of Uncertain Origins.

...And if the VANDALS - were *REALLY* an "INHUMAN" Race.


Then...their NEPHILIM-CULTURE has RE-WRITTEN the World in ways we can NEVER UNDERSTAND!!!

Buy the Smokable, Drinkable, Burnable SUPER-EUPHORIA 'Herb' known as....KRATOM (Pronounced KRAH-TUM)


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The Vandals - The Worlds Most Mysterious & Elusive Genetic Group? (All About the Vandals 2018)


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