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Ketanserin Effects on OCD [Personal Trial] (Does Ketanserin Worsen OCD? Forum/Log Explored) (Ketanserin and OCD 2018)

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Hello All!

Many of you know me as "AMx ReBorN" the guy who wrote the "How I Cured My OCD With Herbal Remedies" Article - also known as "How to Cure OCD Naturally with Herbs". 

The article grew popular VERY fast.

...And today, is one of our hardest-hitting, most significant articles/topics.

The article has received EXTENSIVE attention from Forumers [1] and Independent Blogs [2] and as well has been mentioned by those in the Medical Field [3].

It is also listed on a Popular PINTEREST User's 'Fan' Account - where he posts all about Natural OCD Cures, as of 2018.

 Other Articles of ours; such as "Which Medications/Supplements Will Make OCD Worse 2018" were referenced in a popular Reddit community (post here) dedicated to NeuroScience/Psychiatry, specifically. 

Today's post is about the effects of Ketanserin; a potent Serotonin-Antagonist (or "blocking agent") on OCD. The drug/chemical specifically blocks...
  • 5-HT2A (Type 2/S2 Receptors).
  • 5-HT1D-alpha receptors; which inhibit/reduce Serotonin [4], Gllutamate [5] and Norepinephrine [6] release in the Brain.

A few things to remember about the Etiology/Aetiology/Pathophysiology of OCD also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and in relation to Ketanserin.

  1.  The number of Serotonin 5-HT2A (or Type 2/S2) Receptors is INCREASED in OCD-Patients, compared to normal, healthy controls [see here].
  2. 5-HT1D-Receptors worsen OCD as well - because they exert NEGATIVE control over Serotonin, Noradrenaline, and Glutamate - through their terminal "presynaptic" autoreceptors [see study here].
  3. I suspect part of the reason why Ketanserin Tartrate would *theoretically* help OCD - would be by lowering Stress Hormones and the (eventually) expression of 5-HT2A-Receptors - as stimulation OR blockade both tend to reduce the number of 5-HT2A-Receptors in the Human Brain [see study]. More to the point, Ketanserin in specific is PROVEN to reduce 5-HT2A-Receptos in the HUMAN Brain - when used Chronically (long-term). 
  4. "Chronically" in this context means just a couple weeks - but Months for maximal effect/benefits from/of Ketanserin.
  5. Thus, Ketanserin, a clinically useful novel antihypertensive drug [7] may find significant use in *some* OCD-Patients who are victims of high 5-HT2A-density and in addition, Ketanserin can also treat Erectile Dysfunction; including high-serotonin/SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction in Men [8] and it can potentially treat Negative and Apathy/Anhedonia symptoms in Schizophrenia [9]
  6. Finally, Ketanserin can PREVENT/REDUCE & sometimes ELIMINATE altogether, Psychedelic Mushroom/Hallucinogenic induced (caused) Psychosis/Psychotic-Behavior by "selectively" blocking Serotonin-S2-Receptors effectively [see study here].
WARNING: Ketanserin IS a antihypertensive/blood pressure lowering type drug.
It should be used with great caution in those ALREADY ON blood pressure medication/treatment [10]. However - it is particularly synergistic with ALPHA-BLOCKER drugs [11], such as Doxazosin - and this combination can be especially helpful for those with Erectile Dysfunction AND High Blood Pressure/Hypertension.

 Day 1: 10 MG did not much at all - except a minor sense of Motivation - in CONTRAST - 25 MG and 30 MG upon re-dose and upon FIRST Morning dose (next day) produced significantly less OCD-thoughts. 

Day 2: 30 MG reduced my Blood Pressure from 111/80 to 104/79 - which isn't actually that bad...its a very modest reduction - not enough to cause any side-effects. It also DRASTICALLY increased my 'self-control' over OCD-thoughts and Door Opening/Closing etc...although this effect took about an HOUR to kick in.

Day 3: Its (overall) a little stronger than my "natural cures" in many aspects - and it reduces the 'unpleasant' feelings that the Intrusive-Thoughts/Obsessions tend to bring.

Day 4: Continuing at 30 MG - I feel WAY less Stressed and far more in control of my OCD. The feeling is a pleasant mellowing, without loss in motivation (in-fact, there is an INCREASE in motivation, as since I wrote this article without ANY hesitation).

Day 5: It produces a VERY high-degree of Mental Calmness and Razor Sharp Focus.

Day 6 and Beyond: Nothing much more happened after that point, but a clear mellowing of intrusive thoughts, ruminations, and General Anxiety was HEAVILY Apparent. As shown here though - does not reduce dramatic effect (lol!).

CONCLUSION: I am thoroughly impressed and convinced that Ketanserin's anti-OCD/Intrusive Thought effects are related to 5-HT1D-antagonism.

The reason I say that - is because Cyproheptadine (another 5-HT2A-antagonist) did not help my OCD, in fact, it made it slightly worse - plus the "next-day-sedation" with Cypro is pretty intense...

That proves to me that 5-HT1D-alpha-blockade is necessary to alleviate OCD - and probably improves OCD by enhancing nerve connections, serotonin release and increases mental control over OCD by increasing Glutamate and GABA levels.

As NMDA-Glutamate/Glycine receptors are HYPOACTIVE in OCD - and things that act on or stimulate the Glutamate-system tend to improve Fear Extinction/Exposure-Therapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy success and improve other Psychological Methods...its clear that some folks may want to INCREASE rather than decrease the glutamate system in OCD.
  1. NMDA-Receptors and 'Signal Attenuation' in OCD, NMDAR's are anti-compulsive. (NIH/PubMed)
  2. High-Dose Glycine Treatment (an NMDAR activator) for Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder. (NIH/PubMed).
  3. D-Cycloserine (an NMDA-Partial Agonist) for OCD. (NIH/PubMed).

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Ketanserin Effects on OCD [Personal Trial] (Does Ketanserin Worsen OCD? Forum/Log Explored) (Ketanserin and OCD 2018)


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