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Little-Known Psychological Techniques to Escape Dilemmas

Cut-Short Technique (Pattern-Interrupt): Most of the time, the human brain is hooked on a single task which relates to the central motivation within a person, therefore, when engaged in any argument or task - a "cut-short" which is also known as a "Pattern Disconnect" or "Pattern Interrupt" can be used to divert attention and "short-out" the opposing sides cognitive abilities.

By cutting short a conversation, abruptly, or by remarkably changing ones physical destination out of no where - relying only on a set of codes or principles, one can easily escape detection.

A pattern interrupt generally refers to a technique in communication - where one all of a sudden changes the topic or utilizes said topic in an atypical way.

In which case, the change usually catches people off guard. Usually emphasis on a more emotionally pressing matter is sufficient for diversion.

Illusion Shuffling: Illusion shuffling is the process by which one can understand and give new meaning to a particular false (or even real!) belief - in which the person can easily infiltrate anothers belief system by further defining "missing information" that causes one to question the actual integrity of their belief can be a form of gaslighting.

Define the Unexpected: Defining the unexpected simply means to give false feedback in relation to a matter that does not exist. The illusion surrounding a persons mind is the one centered around their Beliefs; therefore you can inform false feedback by listening and manipulating the beliefs of others...this tactic has been used by the CIA for centuries.

The Barrier Technique: Quite often, limitations in the human psyche are based on limitations (self-imposed) by the Mind. Emotional walls are put up to protect the self/psyche from irrefutable self-destruction and other emotional exploits. Without compensation, the Mind is fully unequipped for the onslaught of social stress nowadays. The Barrier technique is a method in which one creates an elaborate fantasy that is then imposed on the purpose of the conversation to re-inform the beliefs of others. This technique involves idolizing, or somehow engaging an abstract concept, such as a Conspiracy around the person - which is then used to influence the minds of others. This technique, like others, is frequently used by informants and Enforcers of various organizations.

Psychological Cataclysm: When in doubt, drain & save thy enemy.
Psychological cataclysm suggests using agents to distort the human perception and / or to romanticize the concept of escaping chaos. When one feels that chaos surrounds them, perhaps by engineering it - the victim/s are vulnerable to almost any form of suggestion.

Suggestion which can then be implemented in effort to "protect" the victim/s Psyche.

The well-being of ones mental integrity is paramount to most of anyone.

Therefore, by creating and solving the problem, it can be used as a tactic of diversion in potentially unpredictable situations.

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Little-Known Psychological Techniques to Escape Dilemmas


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