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InfoWars Life Z-Shield Review (Alex Jones Z-Shield Review)

I am not receiving compensation for this review of any kind. 
I bought it from the InfoWars HomePage (Product Page) : Z-Shield Product Page.

Before I get started with this review - I want to point out a few things.
People have been asking me if this (and any of Alex's products) is legit and whether there is any science behind it. 

First - lets go over a LabDoor report - a popular consumer testing lab that analyzes products for Purity and Authenticity.

In the report the conclusion was that all products contained what was on the labels. Although there was some minor variation in a couple products, the actual concentration of ingredients was right around what is said on the label.
Critics say that some other products like Super Male Vitality do not contain enough of the ingredients to do anything. However it is my experience that critics are not always right and are frequently biased.

Based on my experiences - I simply can not agree that they are "weak" by any means.

I have not been let down by any of InfoWar's products thus far.


Does Z-Shield have good research behind it?

Well, the first ingredient is most prominent : That's Shilajit.

According to some research conducted lately, Shilajit can definitely improve bioavailability of nutrients [1] and can Remove Heavy Metals from tissues [2] causing them to be excreted through the bowels [3].
Source 1: Dash B. Materia Medica of Ayurveda. New Delhi: B Jain Publishers; 1991.
Source 2: Shenyuan Yuan, et al. Application of Fulvic acid and its derivatives in the fields of agriculture and medicine. 1st ed 1993. Jun
Source 3: Bhishagratna KK. Susruta Samhita. Vol 2. Varanasi, India: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office; Varansi-1; 1998. Chapter XIII.

In addition to this, Shilajit appears to balance components (complements; C1,C2,C3 etc) in the immune system. It may also balance electrolytes, cholesterol and it seems to remove Heavy Metals by means of enhancing antioxidant status in those who take it.

While this is all well and good, I (like others) would like to know the nature (and legitimacy) of the other ingredients. So I did some more research.

The next big ingredient : Cilantro; definitely has some good (historical) bits of research [4] [5].
Plus many herbal/hollistic Doctors recommend it (which isn't exactly a Win in itself but).

Then there was a somewhat recent study that added additional evidence for Cilantro-based chelation.

As far as the other ingredients; Milk Thistle may be the largest factor.

Milk Thistle seems to be able to protect the liver from toxins; including heavy metals [6] and it may remove heavy metals by means of enhancing systemic detoxification processes [7]. It itself is a potent antioxidant and by rejuvenating the body's most important organ for detoxification; the liver may then carry heavy metals out through and send them to the bladder for removal [8] [9].


  • I had an elevated Cadmium level for about a month - I ate Cilantro and used Shilajit separately, which helped a bit. However the level never came down sufficiently until I used Z-Shield. Within about 2 weeks the level was back down to acceptable levels.
  • Side-Effects : A little brain fog and yet a somewhat stimulated state if taken at night time. This could be the Orange (peel) component which may have stimulatory properties.
  • I did notice that my thoughts followed a U-curve response, therefore after a week of taking it - the bottom of the U where the brain fog occurred here and there was the only "low". It was not severe, though, and it was more than likely a symptom of detoxification, than the product itself.
  • Benefits : On the good days (majority) I felt I had higher energy, enhanced muscle strength (probably the Shilajit) and harder muscles. My sense of smell was slightly diminished with the Cadmium problems but this seemed to be reversed with the Z-Shield product.
  • Other Notes : I took a full dropper 2-3 times per day.

So, in conclusion and based on my own experiences and lab work, I would say the product is definitely legit. The price can't really be beat for the high-quality blend you get with this product.

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InfoWars Life Z-Shield Review (Alex Jones Z-Shield Review)


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