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How to Reduce / Eliminate Tolerance to Psychedelics (DMT, Acid, Salvia, Shrooms) Regaining Sensitivity to Psychedelics

When it comes to Psychedelic's, Hallucinogen's, Dissociative's - pretty much anything that alters perception in such a way, that provides for a Visual acuity and memorable experience... we want consistency, of course; it is one helluva downer when we find we develop a tolerance and the plant's or meds in question no longer work to the same extent..or after years of usage...AT ALL!!

...of course , the ''AT ALL'' consumer's are a little rarer than those whom have 'reduced sensitivity' or a typical tolerance...issue.

So, what we want to know , of course, is how to REGAIN SENSITIVITY to the psychedelic chemical's...and we want a 'surefire method that won't back down on us.... because of course, missing the euphoria and Ecstasy of theese Pivotal experiences would be the True Insanity, to, how do we go about doing this?

A brief overview as to HOW hallucinogen's and psychedelic's work...but not the poisonous one's nobody ever uses....

  • Hallucinogen's in particular, have to modify the glutamate system; most prominently by activating the Serotonin5-HT2A-receptor complex which then leads to visual changes and very specific neuronal changes in the limbic and orbitofrontal cortex - which then commence the vivid visual encounter's :: (1) (2)...  { We can enhance the sensitivity by taking Ashwagandha Extract for 3-8 weeks or more }
  • Dissociative's also depend on serotonin-glutamate interactions. NMDA-receptor antagonism mediate's the effects of Ketamine and plays a role in the effects of GHB (indirectly) (3) (4).
  • Dopamine D(2) activation plays a role in the pro-social effects of many psychedelic's, but mainly Ecstasy and Salvia are  Relevant to this Property (5) (6) (7).  D2-activation plays a role in the bonding, and intensification of emotions while on Ecstasy (8) (9) (10).

BlueLight discussed some methods to doing this as well; including opiate-opioid-receptor antagonism (blockade)..

{Here's a topic on Shroomery as well - which corroborates the above.}

Naltrexone is an opioid-Receptor Antagonist (blocker) that will resolve the above pathway and rapidly restore the effects of, and even amplify the effects of, hallucinogen's - people also use the compound to increase endorphin's in the long-run and for anti-aging benefits...

However, you could also use a 'traditional sensitizer' like SYRIAN RUE; which is historically a main component in AYUHUASCA ~ a hallucinogenic 'shaman's brew' which lasts for quite a while (the effects)...



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How to Reduce / Eliminate Tolerance to Psychedelics (DMT, Acid, Salvia, Shrooms) Regaining Sensitivity to Psychedelics


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