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The Berserker Diet - The Only "True" Aggression Increasing Diet by Area-1255

The Berserker Diet...not just for "Berserkers" (Norse, Icelandic warriors or those with viking Genes). In fact, this diet is for Aggressors, even extreme aggressors, this one is for those looking to get that extra rep in the Gym, bedroom or simply in general. Maybe one just wants to be Angry, but this isn't technically an 'anger-increasing diet', its for aggression. There's a difference there.

  • Aggression is defined in Bodybuilding communities and fitness communities as 'aggressive determination' or 'aggressive motivation'. It simply means we are pouring that FORCE into our workouts/lifts. Pure, unrelenting strength by means of mental resilience. Strength with no barriers, crushing the cement, so to speak.
  • Anger is the state of being 'angry', agitated, irritable, resentful of others, wanting to get back at the others...but we only want to get back at the weights, Right? Maybe not for some...

We want this article to spur up the concept of increasing aggression by means of diet. It is the only diet scientifically proven to do so, by means of biochemical feedback. The diet, is ultimately an 'androgenic-adrenergic-diet'. That means, it boosts both androgens and adrenaline at a specific proportion (6:1). 

Now let's get started, shall we?
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  1. The first rule of an aggression boosting diet is to radically move against Cortisol, but by means of diet. In order to do that, the first deal is BREAKFAST. Beans, Raisins, Eggs, Apples, Kale, Fish, Almonds, Sausage, Tomatoes. The beans should be included for their Copper value [1], which can boost CNS activity [2] [3], and noradrenaline concentration [4] [5], Raisins for their Boron content [6], which boosts Free Testosterone levels (FT/FTT) [7] [8] [9].
  2. The Eggs include Cholesterol and Protein to boost Testosterone and adrenal steroids [10] [11] [12], the Apples contain Quercetin, which inhibits COMT, which then boosts norepinephrine and dopamine [13] [14] [15]. Kale is for Iodine content and thyroid function [16] [17] [18], which helps to stimulate the nervous system [19]. Fish for Omega-3's which helps to increase sex hormones [20], Almonds for other micronutrients which boost neurotransmitters [21] [22] [23], and Sausage is for its vast amino acid content [24]. Tomatoes contain Lycopene which helps protect the endocrine glands from oxidative stress [25] [26] [27]
  3. So one half cup of beans, two spoonfuls of Raisins, three eggs, two Apples, half a cup of Kale, one small piece of Fish, a handful of Almonds, half a piece of Sausage (3 oz). It's a big breakfast, can you handle it???
  4. For LUNCH... we are not going to use an Acronym. It's simply a large amount of steak, or at least a couple hamburgers, but we MUST add garlic to the hamburgers and / or Sirloin. We must add GREEN & YELLOW Peppers as well as habanero peppers to the STEAK to increase Vitamin C intake [28] [29] [30]. Then, the habanero is for increasing energy utilization [31] [32]
  5. Next, for a between meals snack, lets go with a Glutamatergic food. Swanson's Chicken Broth & Pea Protein + Soy Shake, now normally too much soy is no good for androgens/male hormone production, but a little bit contains enough glutamate [33] [34] [35] to increases nervous system activity and actually AMP up Testosterone levels. Trust me fellas, I didn't wanna believe this one either, but it works. For some reason, it works really well and this is probably the most or second most important part of this diet.
  6. Lastly, the DINNER meal must also contain HIGH-PROTEIN and is meat-based. Steak, Steak and more Steak, it will nourish the nervous system and increase/maximize our androgens to the extent a Diet can do. It's not just about the Protein though, it's specifically about the fact that beef protein contains a high amount of L-Methionine and Creatine which support neurotransmitter synthesis and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) production, respectively [36] [37] [38].
  7. That's all folks, and that's the premise of a full-on AGGRESSION diet!
  8. Stay tuned for more like these. Stay healthy and STRONG like a Bull my brothas!
  9. Make sure this goes on your plate at least a few times a year, if you so choose this as your Works, and I encourage all to post their results to this diet below, Good or Bad.

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The Berserker Diet - The Only "True" Aggression Increasing Diet by Area-1255


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