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Supplements to Make Veins Show (How to Make Veins in Arms Visible with Supplements)

Some people are naturally more vascular, look leaner, and show more muscle Definition. This is as much a genetic thing as it is a training thing. In fact, research shows that much of the condition required for vascularity involves primarily how much lean muscle one has in contrast to fat mass, and how hard they train. At the same time, research maintains that genetics influence how easily one may obtain and maintain a lean body composition.

Vascularity is also related to diet. The stronger ones cardiovascular system is, the healthier they are, and the wider their Veins can get, generally. It specifically has to do with how much vasodilation the person experiences in response to a workout [1] [2]. Histamine plays an incredibly large role in exercise induced vasodilation [3]

Now, obviously some of you are here reading this because you want your veins to stick out without necessarily exercising, you are here for the scientific read of why some people simply have veins engorged all day long and always have prominent veins.

Four factors play a role here and are pretty much necessary prerequisites. 

  1. Low Body Fat.
  2. Low Water Retention (subcutaneous; under the skin).
  3. High levels of histamine and / or nitric oxide throughout the day.
  4. Good artery health and oxygenation.
Those are the vital four to having your veins fully prominent in your arms, shoulders, traps etc. They also play a role in forehead veins to an extent and leg veins.

If you really want your veins to show, you have to at least aim to be 12-14% body fat, preferably lower, and you need to lose water weight. 

You need to make sure you are doing cardio, and you should supplement with the following daily.

  1. L-Arginine (preferably Ether ester) {See Recommended Product Here}.
  2. Folic Acid or Methyl-folate {Check this one out}. 1000 mcg per day (250% RDV) is the recommended methylfolate dose.
  3. L-Histidine {NutraBio is the best form of this}. Dosage of 1.5 grams to start, and as long as there is no negative reaction, move up to 3 grams per day and at a maximum of 5 grams. Split up the doses. Do not take with food, space one hour away from meals, even small meals.
  4. Supplements like Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris can aid in water loss and boosting testosterone levels which can help you lean out [4] [5].
  5. Pycnogenol can enhance the effects of the above stack and has remarkable effects on general cardiovascular health [6] [7] and nitric-oxide bioavailability [8] [9].
So those are the best recommendations for increasing the visibility of your veins. They've worked for just about everyone I've talked to, and some of them report results even being a little over the 15% mark of body fat. 

Remember that some men and women will experience earlier results than others, and since some of it does come down to genetic factors, some will experience much greater results and have less need for the supplements than others. 

Lastly, there are a few more 'extreme' efforts for Pro-bodybuilders and those who would like to experiment with more advanced solutions. These however are by no means necessary for vascularity and definition, but they do provide very fast effects. 

  1. Masteron is an injectable anabolic-androgenic-steroid (AAS) known for its 'drying' effect; that is it promotes fast water loss and improves definition and vascularity quite rapidly. It can be bought at Napsgear for a good price. They ship worldwide.
  2. Proviron is the pill-form of masteron, sort of, its a different compound and a bit weaker but does basically the same thing. It impacts definition, water weight, and vascularity all the same. Both of these compounds can be used to increase aggressive drive as well.
  3. Winstrol is a third steroidal compound that is an oral tablet, and can provide remarkable increases in muscle definition and vascularity, however, it is lesser used for this purpose because it has a tendency to be a little harsh on the liver (not super harsh, but somewhat).
SOURCE : Meso/Thinksteroids - Cutting Cycle Synergy~ the secret weapon
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Supplements to Make Veins Show (How to Make Veins in Arms Visible with Supplements)


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