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How Prostara Improves Prostate Health?

Awareness about the Prostate, its importance, its possible ailments and treatment options like Prostara are now readily available. Unlike in the past when men did not even have a clue that they had a body part called the prostate, men are now getting more and more concerned about how to achieve optimal prostate health. However, the men of today live in a conundrum, taking measures to make life longer and better. But the longer man lives, the more he becomes susceptible to prostate diseases and ailments.

Many factors contribute to prostate ailments, with age topping the list. It comes as no surprise that men who did not expect to experience prostate difficulties are suddenly experiencing urinary and other prostate-related problems by age 50. Therefore, males should prepare themselves for prostate conditions they might experience by regularly subjecting themselves to prostate exams and tests by age 40.

BPH: The Most Common Prostate Ailment

One of the most common illnesses of the prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia - also known as BPH - which is believed to result from the overproduction of prostate cells as a reaction to the conversion of the hormone testosterone into dihydrotetosterone (DHT). This overproduction of prostate cells can cause the gland to enlarge and put pressure on the urethra which results in urinary problems.

This condition can manifest itself in a number of symptoms including difficulty in urinating, pelvic pain and lower back pain.

Caring for Your Prostate

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you do not need to exert too much effort in making sure that your prostate is healthy. Eating right, sleeping well, staying hydrated and exercising do not only contribute to overall health, but also help decrease the risk of prostate diseases.

Aside from these, you can also improve your prostate health by taking the following supplements that promote and improve the health of the prostate:

1. Zinc. Not only does Zinc improve many body processes; it also helps in lessening prostate dysfunction symptoms in men. Studies show that the higher concentrations of zinc there are in the prostrate, the higher the likelihood of preventing BPH.

2. Selenium. Found in several food sources, this mineral has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that cause the epithelial cells to mutate and cause the prostate harm.

3. Saw palmetto. Believed to relieve BPH symptoms like weak urinary flow, saw palmetto has been used in many traditional prostate treatments as far back as the olden days. It is also believed to slow down prostate cell growth.

4. Beta-sitosterols. Derived from plants, this ingredient reduces prostate inflammation and enhances urinary flow.

5. Pygeum. Extracts from this tree bark are said to decrease urinary frequency, relieve bladder discomfort and enhance sexual function.

6. Isoflavones. Naturally occurring in soy, isoflavones slow down prostate cell growth and limit DHT effects.

7. Lycopene. Found in watermelons and tomatoes, this carotenoid prevents prostate cell growth while fighting the effects of free radicals on the prostate.

8. Garlic. Believed to regulate urinary flow and reduce frequency of urination, garlic also enhances sexual function and libido.

9. Pumpkin seed powder. This ingredient reduces prostate size while preventing testosterone conversion into DHT.

10. Nettle root extract. This extract slows down prostate cell growth while lessening the frequency of urination.

All these ten ingredients can be found in Prostara, which makes it the best supplement that promotes prostate health while relieving BPH symptoms.

Who says you need to suffer from BPH? With Prostara, you can bid your urinary difficulties goodbye.

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How Prostara Improves Prostate Health?


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