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Erectile Dysfunction Surgery: Last Resort

Erectile dysfunction surgery is carried out through a technique by which the penis is punctured or through a direct incision. The procedures cannot give a total cure for Erectile Dysfunction and could leave the man devastating.

In this content, we are going to be discussing possible erectile dysfunction surgery. This cannot be carried out without being properly diagnosed by your doctor for erectile dysfunction. The reason is that it is full of some risks, that is why it is left as the last solution when there is no alternative treatment again that can be used to get over erectile dysfunction. In case you have used all the available sexual pills, pumps and diets and you still want to know whether there are other means medically that can be used successfully to overcome erectile dysfunction, then this is the time to discuss with your doctor about it.

Erectile dysfunction surgery is an advanced method to overcome erectile dysfunction. There are various kinds of surgery that you can explore if you are ready to take proper care of your erectile dysfunction at once. The major issue in erectile dysfunction is inadequate blood flow. Normally, erectile dysfunction surgery is carried out when it is discovered that the artery has been blocked and must be short-circuited by moving the arteries in abdominal muscles to those in the penis. This kind of roundabout manner has caused a way to the penile organ which short-circuited the area that is blocked to limit the quantity of blood going to the penis.

Surgery for impotence is very costly and hard. It is not always effective in curing erectile dysfunction as many people believed, therefore, it is very rare to see many resolving to go for it. Those men who suggested this kind of surgery are just too few and even far between. Normally, those men going for erectile surgery have experienced some kind of penis trauma and those men who recommended it do experience some risky kind of operation. The rate of success of erectile surgery among the younger men that have experienced this kind of trauma in their penis when having the surgery are between the range of 50 and 75 percent. This is just to show that this operation could be regarded as good option for the young men but must be for those who have experienced a kind of injury in their penis or penile surrounding and required to get rid of the blockage in the penis area of their bodies.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction Surgery

When you visit your doctor for consultation on erectile dysfunction, it is possible for him to recommend surgery for your last resort in case other treatments are not yielding a good result. There are three types of erectile dysfunction surgery done by men who are suffering from ED. They are:

  1. Non-inflatable Implant

The issue of surgery has made most men suffering from ED to have worrisome mind concerning their medical problem. They believed that with the operation, they might not be able to function as a man again. But in this kind of surgery, the device is absolutely embedded in the body of the penile organ. With this kind of operation, patients find it more convenient to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners. Even though it is cheaper, yet doctor kept recommending it because it is not included in insurance. But it is possible to have abnormality feelings after the operation. This could lead to deterioration and thinning of the flesh of the penis for a long period of time. About 20 percent of this implantation is carried out in the United States of America. Both pain and discomfort are experienced after the operation due to the fact that the penile organ requires adjustment to normal and regular erection.

  1. Two Piece Inflatable Implant

A two-piece inflatable penile implant is very easy for you and your sexual partner. All you need to do is to pump up the device for an erection to take place. When you are not using it, let it down. It is considered to be a good choice for those men with restricted dexterity. If you are having arthritis or finding it hard to use your hands, it is advisable to use this procedure. Meanwhile, this device is very small and very hard to inflate. Due to the fact that only little quantity of fluid is sent to the cylinders so as to get an erection, the penis will not be as firm as having a multi-component inflatable penile device. It can bring about deterioration and thinning of the flesh of penis for a long period of time. After the operation, one will experience abnormal feelings even in its outlook. The cylinders are having a shape that does not look natural thereby making the penile organ appear like a broom that is having square-headed shape. It is also the least surgical operation process and highly recommended by the surgeons who are having little experience in surgical procedures. All the entire device will be completely sealed in the body but will give partial erection which could be very worrisome to majority of men that did it.

  1. Multi-Component Inflatable Penile Implant

This kind of erectile dysfunction surgery is very convenient for both patient and his sexual partner or wife. This operation is regarded as the one with an inflatable surgical process. That is to let you know that it is highly recommended for the penile surgeons that are having great experience in surgical operation. All the entire device are embedded in the body. Due to the fact that this operation is having the least quantity of pressure on the flesh of penis when it is not in use, the atrophy of pressure on the remaining muscle of the penis and that of glans penis flesh is less likely to occur. The only prosthesis that offers penile organ with the normal appearance and makes one feel good when there is erection and flaccid is this kind of surgery. Majority of the report from individual patients recorded that their partners do not even feel or know that they did an implant in their penis.

With all the three erectile dysfunction surgery stated above, you cannot decide on your own. It is your doctor that can recommend and would even be the last resort when all the available medications have been applied and yet no good result. Erectile dysfunction operation could be very frustrating and most men feel embarrassed. Some of them believe that after the operation, they will not perform the same way they should again. This is a big concern to those who have been doing wonders with their penis during sexual intercourse. However, this is absolutely contrary to your thinking. Since ED is a medical situation that may likely occur in man’s life, it can easily be diagnosed and treated. Some even get it cured within a short period of time. Therefore, all you need is that do not depend on your own self-medication, reach out to your doctor and ensure that you are properly diagnosed so as to be given the right remedy to your problem. Since erectile dysfunction is very common among men, the only and the last resort for the cure is surgery but it is very rare.

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Erectile Dysfunction Surgery: Last Resort


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