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Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: How to Quit

Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction are inter-related because the effectiveness of one depends on the other. Smoking causes a lot of havoc to our body which could result in ED if proper care is not taken.

A lot of variables can lead to erectile dysfunction otherwise referred to as impotence. These variables can easily be categorized into psychological and physical factors. Hence, smoking and erectile dysfunction can easily be described as cause and effect. It is a known fact that smoking has the ability to destroy your Blood vessels while the ineffective flow of blood to your penis gives rise to erectile dysfunction. The good news is that the moment you give up smoking, you are more likely to experience improvement in your vascular health, sexual desire, and performance by extension.

Does Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction in Harmony?

The answer to the above question is capital NO. Considering the fact that smoking usually has adverse effects on blood supply in your body, it is simply chief antagonist to your erection. Again, healthy and sustainable erection is a function of effective blood vessels. As smoking brings about deficiency in the arteries making it narrower, thereby systematically reduces quality blood flow to the penis. Hence, it hinders the capacity of the veins in the penis for necessary expansion to trigger and sustain an erection. For this reason, every smoker is exposed to a much risk of erectile dysfunction when compared to non-smokers.

Furthermore, effective sexual performance is at the mercy of free flow of blood to the penis. Unfortunately, nicotine is a powerful vasoconstrictor that can affect blood vessels in two different ways. Firstly, when in stimulant, it creates easy arterial spasm that affects arteries that goes to the lungs, heart, internal organs, arms, legs and finally the penis. Secondly, smoking destroys the very lining of the blood vessels, it thereby hinders the capacity of these vessels in question to rest and facilitate additional blood flow. Again, a study has proven that nicotine interrupts with the processes inside the veins which assist in facilitating required erection. Putting all these together; invariably frustrates and reduce the volume of blood most ideal for sustained erection, since same blood cannot flow out.

Having established the potency of nicotine and speedy constrictor of blood vessels, its influence on genital blood flow is almost instant. The research application of Doppler Imaging has revealed the deeper arteries that carry blood to the penis instantly react to cigarette smoke as it clamps down such that after 2 sticks of cigarettes, all blood flow in half. Do not forget that about similar quantity of nicotine is available in almost all nicotine gums or gradually discharged from a nicotine patch. Interestingly, despite quitting smoking or given up nicotine replacement, the long-term dent in the lining of the arteries and nerves can hardly be ignored. Indeed, studies have revealed the reduction in nightmare sexual erection which is always subject to stick of cigarette smoking.

Best Tips for Quitting Smoking

The fact that you have made several attempts to quit smoking without success is not enough yard-stick for you to be discouraged. All you need to do this time around is to develop a new methodology. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute have offered some suggestion and steps required to quit smoking and enhance solution to your erectile dysfunction. As vital and effective as these recommendations are, it calls for your personal efforts by accepting responsibility on time, as no one can do it for you. Some of the suggested steps are as follows:

  • Itemize why you feel like quitting smoking and examine the possible reason for your failed attempt in the recent past.
  • Take away anything cigarette, matches, ashtrays as well as lighters from your car, office, and home.
  • Be mindful of those things that stimulate or entice you to smoking like coffee or alcohol. Avoid them as much as possible.
  • Seek necessary support from friends, family, and co-worker if need be. Boldly inform them that you have quit smoking and stand by your word.
  • Consult your doctor concerning prescription on OTC drugs made to assist smokers to quit. Check out for the healthy and preferable ones. Then, keep to the dosage or usage.
  • Anytime your urge for smoking comes, affirm to yourself again and again that you have quit and it is no longer your choice because it is distasteful.
  • Look for an alternative to smoking such as activities to occupy your time and something to put in the mouth rather than stick. Program your mind positively.
  • Get set for sudden craving and temptation to smoke. That you fall into it once does not mean you cannot recover and resolve stronger. Never be discouraged.

Statistical Facts on Smoking

  • A statistical study has revealed that men who smoke habitually have 200 percent probability of developing erectile dysfunction when compared to non-smokers.
  • Smoking hinders effective circulation of blood to all parts of the body and genital is not excluded. This makes sustainable erection difficult.
  • As soon as you give up smoking, you begin to experience improvement in your health within 2 to 12 weeks.
  • Having quit smoking, your probability of having a heart attack is drastically reduced.
  • About 15 percent of the present and past smokers once experience ED.
  • About 30 percent of men who were smokers initially or currently are prone to fall victim of impotence.
  • About 13 percent of men who never tasted cigarette are prone to have erection issue.

Some Aides after Quitting Smoking

  • Nicotine inhaler

This is strictly available on prescription. Here, the cartridges are specially designed to model the routine of hand-to-mouth while smoking. As the nicotine is discharged from the inhaler, the mouth is the medium of absorption.

  • Nicotine Lozenges

The treatment is within 12 weeks.

  • Nicotine Gum

You are only permitted to show just one piece of gum within 2 hours but not exceeding 24 pieces within 24 hours.

  • Nicotine Nasal Spray

This spray ensures that the delivery of nicotine into your bloodstream at a very short interval. You simply spray your nostrils one or two times within 60 minutes. It is used on prescription. So consult your doctor for proper advice.

  • Nicotine Patches

You only put this on your skin once daily. It is advisable that you use it during the day.

How Smoking Affect Erection of Men

Smoking can easily affect the health of man sexually due to the fact that it has a strong affinity to the blood vessels. Smoking could cause arteries plaque which narrows the arteries thereby reduce the level of blood flow into the penis and halt the vein’s ability in the penis to widen when erection supposed to take place. As a result of this, smokers are at the risk of having ED when compared to the men who are not smokers. As we all know that good sexual effectiveness is based on good blood flow. If you are quitting smoking, make sure that you have totally determined even though you could be tempted by going back to it again. Ensure that you pack all the materials that can make you remember it off your environment. If you are able to abide by this, you will see that you will begin to experience changes in your body in no time. But if you are still smoking and erectile dysfunction emerges in your sexual life, then you have to act fast in order to enjoy your relationship with your partner.

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Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction: How to Quit


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