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Vitamin B3 Supplements – Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms, Dosage and Side Effects.

There are 8 B complex vitamins that the Body needs to function properly. Vitamins mainly work by promoting proper functioning of other body chemicals such as enzymes. They are very important in the body. In fact, lack of certain vitamins is one of the potential erectile dysfunction causes.

Vitamin B3 is one of the 8 mentioned vitamins. It is soluble in water. This means that in its excess, it will be excreted from the body. For this reason you will need to keep supplementing with the vitamin to meet your daily need for the same.

The vitamin is commonly referred to as niacin. It takes part in proper digestion, promotes a healthy skin and also improves the nervous system functions. It is also used in treating high cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular attacks.

Foods such as meat, sea food, vegetables and nuts contain the vitamin in abundance. It has also been suggested that the vitamin can be made naturally in the body from L-tryptophan. In its deficiency, vitamin B3 Supplements can be used to supplement it.

Functions and importance of vitamin B3 supplements

Basically, vitamin B3 supplements are supposed to provide a consistent and enough source of niacin for the body. To understand the importance of taking such supplements, we will look at the functions of niacin in the body.

Supplements carry two main forms of niacin. They are:

Niacinamide – It improves skin conditions and fights common illnesses that attack the skin. It has also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, thus helping in the management of diabetes. Patients with schizophrenia have produced very positive effects when treated with this compound.

Nicotinic acid – This vitamin B3 form is very effective in cholesterol management. It also promotes cardiovascular health by preventing heart impairment and failure.

In the body, vitamin B3 works by binding to some enzymes, mainly ones involved in food metabolism. It promotes efficient breakdown of taken foods into usable energy.

Another main function of vitamin B3 in the body is to promote repairing and making of new cells. For new cells to be made, a body acid known as DNA must be repaired and replicated. Vitamin B3 helps in that process. It is for this reason termed as a form of antioxidant.

Most multivitamin for men supplements will contain adequate amounts of the vitamin in them. You can consider taking them or pure vitamin B3 supplements.

Vitamin B3 benefits and excepted results

It is good to be familiar with the most notable vitamin B3 benefits and expected results when taking the vitamin supplements. They include:

Reduces LDL cholesterol
LDL cholesterol is the same you will come across termed as ‘bad cholesterol’. It accumulates in the body, especially inside the linings of blood vessels. This requires that blood be pumped at a higher pressure to force it through the narrowed blood vessels. With time, heart muscles become exhausted and result in conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and heart failure.

In a clinic, vitamin B3 can be used in high doses to lower the levels of this from of cholesterol.

Raises HDL cholesterol
This other form is the same you will come across termed as the ‘good cholesterol’. It is important in the body, for it provides for the needed raw materials for cell metabolism. It also protects delicate body organs such as the heart and kidneys from shock.

Niacin has been seen to inhibit the breakdown of a certain protein which is used in making HDL.

Promotes skin health
Applying a cream that contains vitamin B3 on the skin can help reduce inflammations including skin acne. It can also be taken orally for better skin health. It has been suggested that taking vitamin B3 supplements can protect from skin cancer.

Promotes heart health
There are many complications that arise from inflammations occurring in the circulatory system. We have earlier noted, vitamin B3 reduces bad cholesterol and hence reduces oxidative stress.
It has however been noted that niacin cannot reduce the risk of heart attacks in people who are already predisposed to the same.

Improves mental functions
The brain needs about 20% of all the energy produced in the body. That is a significantly great amount of energy compared to other body organs. To meet these energy needs, niacin has to be present in sufficient amounts.

Some research reports suggest that niacin can be used in the treatment of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, brain fog and Alzheimer’s disease. Other products such as DHEA supplement can also help in this case.

Fights Triglycerides accumulation
Triglycerides are essential in the body. They provide the body with sources of energy especially when little food is available for digestion.

However, they accumulate in the belly and around the hips promoting loss of physical fitness. In excess, obesity will occur, and we all know the complications that obesity brings about.

Can improve type 1 diabetes
Research reports have it that niacin can protect pancreatic cells that produce insulin from being destroyed by the body’s immune system. This is what happens in diabetes type 1 patient.

For type 2 diabetes, niacin can either improve or worsen the condition. It is good that a doctor be the one to advice on how vitamin B3 should be taken in such matters. As you may already know, diabetes is a very serious condition. In fact you will never miss it in a comprehensive impotence definition.

Vitamin B3 supplements dosage

For treating certain conditions, you will need a health instructor to set the right dosage for you. However, you can take vitamin B3 based on the following recommendations:

Children need between 2 and 16 mg of the vitamin per day. for men, the dosage can be increased to about 16mg. W
omen are recommended to take about 14mg,m which can be increased to 18mg when pregnant.

Note that vitamin B3 sourced from foods may need you to take lesser doses. If you are happening to be including foods rich in vitamin B3 in your diets, it is better that you take the lowest recommended dosage measure for best results.

Additionally, herbal products such as maca root supplement may contain a certain level of vitamins in them. It is good that you check on that if you’re using such products.

Vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms

Being up to date with common vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms will help you avoid too low levels of vitamin B3 in your blood serum. They include:

High cholesterol
As we have noted, vitamin B3 is important in balancing the levels of the different forms of cholesterol found in the body. It is not always that high cholesterol be a symptom of vitamin B3 deficiency. It can also be contributed to unhealthy diets and lifestyles.

Mental and body fatigue
Without enough energy in the body, chronic fatigue both in the brain and in the body will develop. Patients with low niacin levels will experience mental confusion, brain fog, inability to carry out daily tasks and other symptoms of chronic fatigue. For people who are flexible enough to use herbal products, muira puama extract has advertised as a potential fatigue remedy.

Although you may never have heard of this disease, it is among the most common vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms. Pellagra is felt in form of insomnia, diarrhea and mental fatigue. If caused by low vitamin B3 levels, it can also lead to lost appetite, vomiting and in worst case, death.

Skin inflammation
In the past, severe acne attacks were treated using vitamin B3 supplementing products or foods. The paradox is that taking too much of the vitamin can also promote imbalances in the levels of hormones and in turn skin inflammations.

Digestion is an enzyme controlled process. Vitamin B3 on the other hand acts as an enzyme activator. On top of that, the vitamin is used in cell metabolism, a body function that determines how sufficiently digestion will occur.

Without enough energy to carry out brain functions, depression may end up developing. This will be made worse by the presence of other conditions such as indigestion and chronic fatigue.

Canker sores
These are forms of sores that attack the mouth. They are not deadly but can make eating and speaking very uncomfortable.

The above suggested vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms may apply for other conditions. In fact, you will find some being repeated as erectile dysfunction symptoms.

The only way you can be sure that it is indeed low vitamin B3 that is causing them is when they occur at the same time and persistently. You can always get an examination in a clinic to be sure.

All the same, you can keep supplying your body with the amount of vitamin B3 it needs through the following foods:

  • Lentils
  • Peanuts
  • Beef
  • Bran flakes
  • Chicken
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Whole grains

Chicken breast and tuna are perhaps the most abundant sources of vitamin B3. Beef liver is also a rich source and salmon too.

Potential vitamin B3 side effects

Niacin is safe, when taken in foods, in cream for skin application and also when taken in supplements. This applies for as long as the dosage is within the recommended limits.
Supplements are associated with the following vitamin B3 side effects:

  • Liver impairment – When vitamin B3 is used for a long time in the aim of reducing cholesterol, it can end up damaging the liver.
  • Niacin flush – Dilated arteries cause a flushing effect mostly on the face or cheeks. It is the same flushing side effect that results from prescription and some natural remedies for ED.
  • Stomach upset – Nicotinic acid is known to cause stomach upset. This is attributed to increase in the levels of enzymes in the liver.
  • Gout – patients suffering from gout are in a higher risk of developing even more serious gout symptoms. This is because niacin increases uric acid, a chemical that is linked with gout.
  • Diabetes – Although niacin can help in improving the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, it can increase the severity of type 2 diabetes when taken in excess.

It is important that you know where to buy niacin supplements in case you need the same. The supplements can be bought in health stores over the counter. You can buy them in multivitamin supplements or as pure supplements.

Final thoughts
You can get all B complex vitamins from foods, especially fish and green vegetables. However, food products cannot sufficiently provide the levels of a particular vitamin that will be needed to treat a deficiency. For this, a supplement will be better suited.

It is always important that your doctor knows of any intention to treat a medical condition with a supplement. Never attempt it at home. Also, ensure that you tell the doctor of any other supplements or medications you may be currently taking. This includes sexual health enhancers such as ginseng supplement.

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Vitamin B3 Supplements – Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms, Dosage and Side Effects.


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