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Passion Killers are everywhere. Banish them!

Candles Passion Killers

Passion Killers are everywhere – know them!

Passion killers are men’s primary enemies when in comes to bed. Why? We all know there are many aphrodisiacal herbs and foods to help us in our love life. They help men and women improve their moods and physical performance. They also enhance the libido which is the urge to make love.

While these foods are great, do you know that there are also many invisible dampers around? Thees are the ‘passion killers’. These can decrease the libido which make you feel uninspired. Substances like food additives and chemicals around the home. If we are in contact with these substances, it can reverse the effects of aphrodisiacal foods we take. As a result, the libido and sex drive get lower in the process.

Candles, popcorns and wines

Let me set the scene. You are both feeling a little amorous. She would like a relaxing bath. You are only too keen to run the water and light a few scented candles to enhance the sexy mood. This is to ensure that post bathroom activities will be all the more exciting. Wrong! If you are using the most common scented candles, you are filling the air with chemicals that kill sex drive. This is because the candles might contain artificial chemicals. Like those found in car exhausts. Your expectation of a night of heavy breathing is more likely to be an asthma attack.

Ok, so skip the bath and scented candles and settle for cosying up in front of the TV to watch a romantic movie. Puff up the cushions, place a couple of popcorn bags in the microwave and settle down to a weepy. Wrong! It is most probable that the chemicals used to line the popcorn bag to make it non-stick are not that helpful too. It harms your manhood’s performance like those used in non-stick pans. Yes, you guess it, it affects male infertility and reduced sex drive.

There are cases where a glass of wine or two as alcohol is aphrodisiacal. Because it serves to relax and lower inhibitions. In small amounts is unlikely to impact on performance. But beware as in greater quantities. In such a case, it numbs libido. Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth, ‘It increases the desire, but it takes away the performance.’

Heavy drinkers are likely to suffer from the aptly named ‘Brewers droop’. This is most definitely is a passion killer. The chemists tell us that alcohol can make a hormone called vasopressin dive. and so making firm erection problematic.

Use glass instead of plastic

Reach instead for a bottle of mineral water? Well, not so fast. It seems that there are some reasons to avoid bottled water. The problem is not the water but the material used in the manufacture of the bottle. The chemical compound Bisphenol-A is the culprit. It is available in hard clear plastic bottles and food containers. It can have a negative affect on both Erectile Dysfunction and fertility in men. Women with higher levels of Bisphenol in their bodies are susceptible too. They produce a much reduced number of viable eggs as a result.

According to Health Communities, a diet high in fried and processed foods bring troubles too. It can lead to erectile dysfunction. Processed foods, by definition, are foods that are no longer in their original form. They are likely to contain added fat, salt and sugar. It may also include health damaging chemical additive along with artificial preservatives. That have been a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Eat healthy, exercise and take supplements

So what’ the best way to protect and improve your manhood from passion killers? A healthy fresh diet and free of processed foods. Combine with a reasonable exercise regime and plenty of sleep as well. Then complement with great supplement like Manbuild. This will ensure improved sexual health and better bedroom performance. So banish the hidden passion killers from your body and bring on Manbuild.

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Passion Killers are everywhere. Banish them!


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