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How to Design the Back of a Custom Dress Shirt

When you order a custom Dress Shirt online, you want – and deserve – ideal fit. After all, perfect fit which is better than what you’d access “off the rack” is what you’re paying for and this kind of exceptional fit is definitely an attainable goal.

The key to getting perfect fit from this type of bespoke garment is discovering how to customize the back of your Dress Shirt in order to accent your specific body type. There are three main adjustments which may be made to the backs of custom dress shirts – choosing the right one will dramatically boost your chances of accessing incredible fit which makes your new dress shirt look and feel amazing.

To help you learn how to design the back of a custom dress shirt in order to perfect the fit, we’ve created a comprehensive guideline…

Why Order a Custom Dress Shirt Online?

In the past, before the advent of the Internet, custom dress shirts were accessible only via local tailors. Today, the power of the World Wide Web makes it possible for discerning customers to order these designs online, right from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Choosing these custom men’s dress shirts will be more affordable than you think and wearing such designs will allow you to polish your personal image until it shines. Great clothes give so much confidence to their wearers and this is why fashion-conscious men know that investing in custom men’s dress shirts online is really an investment in their own style and masculine allure…

Since dress shirts are typically worn at work, choosing the best examples of these designs will give you an edge in the business world. People definitely respond positively to elegance and refinement…and elegance and refinement are what these particular types of shirts have to offer.

As well, you may look for an online shirt maker which offers custom dress shirt designs and bespoke suits. This will be the smartest, most convenient way to access a superlative wardrobe which helps you to “dress to impress”.

Without further ado, let’s talk about design elements of the backs of custom dress shirts. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each design element, with a mind to helping you select the right element for your next bespoke dress shirt.

When you order a custom dress shirt from an impressive company with a great reputation, you’ll be given lots of instructions on how to measure your torso, neck and arms and you’ll also be able to request a particular back design, according to your own preferences.

Our guide will make it simple to choose what is best for your body and your personal sense of style.

Three Options to Consider

A trio of back designs are out there. When you find an online dress shirt maker which offers all three options, you’ll know that you’re accessing high-quality tailoring. Some men want something more casual, while others prefer a more formal vibe. The goal of back design is to make a dress shirt as comfortable as possible. It will promote superior fit which still allows for optimal range of mobility.

Normal Shirt Back (No Pleats)

Custom tailored shirts don’t have to be fussy. They may provide clean style which is formal, without being over-busy in terms of style details. When you opt for a normal shirt back without pleats, you’ll be choosing the cleanest back design available.

custom tailored shirts - back design

Traditionally, this back design has a formal appearance and it’s also easy-care, as shirts without pleats are simpler to iron.

This style should work for almost anyone. However, men with sloping shoulders and/or very slim builds may do better with a box pleat shirt back. The key advantage of choosing a normal shirt back (no pleat) is that you’ll get a trim waist look, as there won’t be pleating in the back of the shirt.

Pleats add fullness and some men don’t want to look bigger in the waist. If you’d rather look a bit bigger because you’re very slim, pleats may be ideal. Every man is different and custom tailoring is out there in order to help all men look their best.

Most shirts which are sold off-the-rack will have back pleats, rather than no pleats. When you go for custom tailored men’s shirts online, you’ll be able to request no back pleats when you order. This is yet another benefit of choosing bespoke dress shirts via the World Wide Web.

Box Pleat Shirt Back

When you buy a dress shirt off the rack, it’s most likely to have a box pleat shirt back. This means that it will feature a box pleat and this type of pleat has a rectangular fold which runs the length of the shirt’s mid-back area. This isn’t a formal look – if you want something more casual, which is just right for every day, it’s something that you may request when you choose custom tailored men’s shirts.

custom tailored shirts - box pleat back design

Perfect for men with sloping shoulders, this back design provides maximum range of movement. The downside of this is that it may make the waist appear bigger in the back, as there will be more fullness due to the pleat. This can be an advantage if you want to add fullness. Some men feel that they’re too thin and these types of guys do well with box pleat shirt backs.

Shirt Back with Darts

This style of back design is very modern – it’s designed to offer comfort, without the bulk at the waist. For this reason, it should suit any man who doesn’t want more fabric at the waist, and prefers a more casual look than the other men’s dress shirt back designs provide.

This style accentuates the v-shape look of a male torso and thus highly suits men with smaller waists and a wider upper torso.

custom tailored shirts - darts back design

TIP: Keep in mind that darts may alter the natural patterns of shirts. An example could be on a blue shirt with large checks where the effect of the pleats caused some checks to become slightly distorted. Most of the time this is fine, but depending on the shirt pattern, the impact may give your shirt an uneven look. This also comes down to your tailor’s attention to detail.

Order a Custom Dress Shirt Today

It’s possible to have back pleats and darts added to dress shirts that you already own. However, this form of tailoring is no substitute for bespoke, custom tailoring.

With this in mind, why not have a shirt made for you, from the very first stitch to the finishing touches?

Since it’s possible to access dress shirts online which are bespoke, you’ll find that it’s easy to select pleat styles on a dress shirt (or not pleats at all).

You deserve the very best…when you order a custom dress shirt online, you may get it conveniently, for an affordable price. So, why not order today?

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How to Design the Back of a Custom Dress Shirt


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