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10 Best Shaving Kits For Men: A Complete Guide

After an extensive review, we found that the best shaving kit that you can purchase that includes a double edge safety razor is the Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set by RoyalShave.  Its incredibly high quality of products (razor, shaving brush, stand, and shaving cream) coupled with its tremendous value makes it the best shaving kit currently available.  If you are looking for a wet shaving kit that offers a cartridge razor as opposed to a double edge safety razor, then we highly recommend the Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone else or simply you want to take the plunge into the wet Shaving world, then a shaving kit can make for an excellent purchase.

In fact some of the best shaving kits available can be an absolute steal when compared to purchasing each component separately.

You see, back in my younger days I was a cartridge razor kind of guy.  My go to razor at the time was a Gillette Mach 3.  It was the gold standard of cartridge razors (and some men still feel its the best out there even to this day), and it ended up serving me well for plenty of years.

However as time has passed on I have dabbled in using some of the best safety razors on the face of the planet along side some very good cartridge razors as well.

Fast forward a few years I noticed that my razor cache is quickly becoming a hodgepodge of stuff that just simply doesn’t go together at all.

While its of course not the worse thing in the world, I just definitely wish I would have simply gotten a shaving kit like the Merkur 38C at the time that included all the essential tools from the get-go.

Top Rated Shaving Kits We Reviewed

  • Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set
  • Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set
  • Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert

Table of Contents

  • Why We Are Qualified To Recommend The Best Shaving Kit For You
  • All The Shaving Kits Reviewed In This Guide
  • What Separates The Best Shaving Kit From The Rest of The Pack?
  • Essentials That You Should Never Overlook When Ordering a Shaving Kit
  • Reviews of The Best Shaving Kits
  • Best Shaving Kits That Include Cartridge Razors
  • Best Beginner Double Edge Safety Razor Kits
  • Complete Shaving Kits That Include All The Essentials Plus Shaving Creams or Soaps
  • Best Shaving Kits For Those Looking For the Closest Shave and Will Last A Lifetime

All The Shaving Kits Reviewed In This Guide

  • Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set
  • Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set
  • Merkur 5 Piece Shaving Gift Set
  • 5 Piece Shaving Set
  • Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set
  • Wet Shave Kit with Travel Case by Nice Home
  • Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert
  • Colonel Conk Complete 8-Piece Shave Kit
  • Merkur-Razor Futur Shaving Set
  • Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set

Why We Are Qualified To Recommend The Best Shaving Kit For You

When it comes to shaving in general we definitely know a thing or two.  We have spent countless hours researching every single facet of the shaving process.

From breaking down the comparisons of a cartridge razor to a safety razor, to reviewing countless products like aftershave balms, shaving creams, shaving soaps, shaving brushes, individual cartridge razors, and safety razors.

Even if you want to know the best razor for shaving your head completely bald, we have even covered that too!

Therefore with the reviews below, we want to make sure we keep our reputation of serving men with the absolute best shaving kit that will fit your needs now and into the future.

What Separates The Best Shaving Kit From The Rest of The Pack?

When you are considering some of the shaving sets, you will find that they typically come with three (sometimes four) distinct tools:

  • Shaving brush
  • Stand
  • Razor – double edge safety razor or cartridge razor
  • Shaving bowl (scuttle) is largely optional in some sets

However, you will find some manufacturers like to also include a plethora of other components as well.  An example of this would be the RoyalShave shaving kit that includes not only the razor, brush, and stand but also packs in a shaving scuttle, a couple set of razors, along side a shaving soap as well.

What Type of Razor Should You Go With?

As you will see in our reviews of the kits below, razors that come package with the kits come in two distinct categories: Double Edge Safety razor and a cartridge razor.

By and far the most popular of the two is the cartridge razor.

Cartridge razors from companies like Gillette, Schick Hydro, or even the Dollar Shave Club (which distributes Dorco Razors), are the market leaders in this category.

While cartridge razors get a tremendous amount of flack from the wet shaving enthusiast community, they definitely serve a purpose and deserve to be in consideration for a part of your bathroom countertop.

The biggest sticking point to cartridge razors is the long term cost.  When compared to the double Edge Safety Razor, well there isn’t much of a comparison.

The average monthly cost of a cartridge razor is about a few bucks whereas a double edge safety razor is only a few cents.

However, with that being said, cartridge razors are cheaper for the initial cost (much like the printer ink market).

If you are always on the go, or perhaps find that you are short on time in the morning, and have a bit of discretionary funds every month, then a cartridge razor shaving kit is likely going to be a better choice when compared to a double edge safety razor.

As an additional note: You can easily carry a cartridge razor with you on an airplane, while a double edge safety razor would require you to check your luggage.

Now for those men who are on a strict budget and want to have total control over the shaving experience – for better or worse – a double edge safety razor will be a better pick for you.

The reason why we left the caveat in there for double edge safety razors is that they do require a learning curve that can be a bit tough for some men to overcome.

This is due in large part that you have total control over how the blade interacts with your skin.

You see on a cartridge razor, the blades are pre set at a cutting angle of 30 degrees.  Now with a double edge safety razor, you have to figure out that angle yourself as you are shaving.

What makes it trickier is that your entire face isn’t flat, therefore you have to navigate around tougher areas like your jaw line, chin, nose, adams apple, etc.

So expect to get nicked on the first couple of times using a double edge safety razor.

However once you over come this learning curve, many men, especially those susceptible to severe skin irritation, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs will, with time, get a much better shaving experience when shaving with a safety razor.

Now there are a lot of factors that can impact the shaving experience – which we will touch on in just a minute.

The last component to consider when it comes to a razor is what you plan on using it on.

Generally speaking, we wouldn’t recommend ever using a double edge safety razor on any other part of your body besides your face.

If you plan on shaving your head, chest, groin, etc. we strongly recommend a cartridge razor.  Our personal choice was the Gillette ProGlide that we recently reviewed.  The Flexball in this specific cartridge razor helps to navigate contours of your body while making it virtually impossible to cut yourself.

Is There A Specific Shaving Brush Bristle or Type That Works Better Over Others?

If you haven’t used a shaving brush in the past, then just about any shaving brush will make a huge difference in your shaving routine – especially if you are planning on using a quality shaving cream.

However here are just a few of the key points to look for when picking out a shave brush:

Fiber type – by and far the most popular fiber found in shaving brushes is going to be badger hair.  Sourced from different parts of the badger, a badger hair brush will come in several different grades.  We talk about it in much greater extent in this post.

A badger hair brush will have the follow grades (ranked from passable to high quality):

  • Pure
  • Best
  • Super
  • Silvertip

Many shaving brush companies do try to pass off inferior grade of badger hair (i.e. pure) as silvertip by simply dying the ends of the hair color.  While the dye typically won’t be any issue at all – if you are looking for a true silvertip brush, you will likely be paying substantially more.

However, a pure badger hair brush will do a lot more for improving your overall shave as opposed to just simply using your hands.

Which leads to the next point:

Shaving brushes assist in helping to build up a thicker cushion when using a shaving cream.  The additional cushion will allow for a much more comfortable shave.

Secondly, when you use your hands to apply shaving cream, your whiskers will be matted down against your skin.  Whereas when you use a shaving brush, the hairs will be standing up on edge leading to less tugging and pulling when you make the passes with a razor blade.

If you are looking to buy a shaving brush separately, be sure to check out our review of the best shaving brushes.

Razor Stand – It Keeps Everything Orderly And Dry

While many shaving brushes and razors won’t deteriorate when resting on the bathroom counter, a shaving stand that is included with just about every shaving kit does a wonderful job at keeping your gear a bit more hygienic.

If you shave once every couple of days, your razor, whether its a cartridge or double edge safety razor, won’t collect mold or other nasty bacteria along the blades edge.  Same goes for your shaving brush as well.

A stand is a great way to have your razor and brush hang dry and thoroughly get all the moisture out at a much quicker pace rather than resting in a puddle of water.

As far as the integrity of stands, we prefer metallic stands as they just simply hold their ground much better and therefore less likely to tip over.

When looking for stands, a stainless steel or chrome plated stand is preferred as its less susceptible to rust.

While there are plastic stands that are available, look for those with weighted bottoms so they don’t easily tip over if only a razor or shaving brush is loaded on one side.

Essentials That You Should Never Overlook When Ordering a Shaving Kit

Now when it comes to completing your shaving kit, its critical to include complimentary products to make the entire package complete.

Even if you have all the best shaving tools, you cannot overlook the raw benefits of products like shaving creams, aftershave balms, and even a pre shave oil.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the key essentials:

Pre Shave Oils Assist The Shaving Cream

We found that pre shave oils can make a significant difference when it comes to the overall comfort of the shave.  Whether you are using a double edge safety razor or a standard cartridge razor, pre shave oil assists in keeping both your skin and wiskers well nourished and moisturized.

The nourishment comes from the primary ingredients found within a pre shave oil itself.  Largely made of carrier oils like castor seed, argan, or jojoba, these oils very closely mimic the natural oils produced by your sebaceous glands (sebum oil).

Also loaded in pre shave oils is essential oils.  Essential oils do provide some benefits other than just smelling incredible.  An essential oil like tea tree oil is an natural antiseptic and will help to ensure that your pores are clear of bacteria when you go to make the pass with the razor.

Lastly, some pre shave oils include vitamin E that can help to improve your overall skin health on a long term basis.

In addition to nutrients, a pre shave oil will allow the razor blade to glide effortlessly throughout the entire shaving process.

This easing of the blade will prevent from incidental tugging and pulling on your hair follicles when they are cut by the razor.

For a recommendation on quality pre shave oils, we talk about it quite extensively in this post.

Shaving Cream Shouldn’t Come From A Can

Even the best shaving kit in the world cannot provide a great shave unless it has the right supporting cast members.  Sure pre shave oil is important, but there is no doubt the importance of using a quality shaving cream.

When looking for a shaving cream, you want to make sure you get a boutique, yet higher quality cream that isn’t loaded with chemicals.

You see the chemicals that are often found on so many heavily marketed shaving creams and gels that you may pick up from your local grocery or drug store often contain alcohol.

When you drag the blade across your face with every pass, the problem is that you are also taking off a very small layer of skin – which acts as a deep exfoliation.

While this may be great to ensure that you have fresh skin, the problem with a shaving cream that contains alcohol is that it will severely dry out your skin post shave.

Dry skin is much more susceptible to general skin irritation and you may also notice an uptick in ashier skin as well.

Quality shaving creams not only allow for more nourishment, but they can also provide a much richer lather which leads to a more comfortable shave – whether its a double edge safety razor or a cartridge razor.

Therefore what we highly recommend is to go with a shaving cream that isn’t commonly found on store shelves.  Instead we recommend a boutique shaving cream like Taylor of Old Bond Street – as it was our winner of the best shaving cream that we reviewed and was also included as the shaving cream of choice in the Merkur 38C shave set reviewed further below.

Aftershave Splash Isn’t What You Should Get – Instead Try A Balm

There is this misnomer that an aftershave splash should sting as its effectively ‘doing the job’.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I need at 6 o’clock in the morning after my shave is a wretched stinging sensation – no thanks!

Mostly all of the aftershave splashes and lotions that we found contain some form of alcohol.  While alcohol is a terrific antiseptic to ensure that your pores are fully flushed out when applied, it’s also bad for your skin in making it dry out (see reasons above within the shaving cream section we just covered).

Therefore for any man that is on the fence about an aftershave, we highly recommend aftershave balms.  Balms provide all the great benefits of keeping your pores flushed out like a splash, however, they don’t contain alcohol and use ingredients that will help ensure that your skin stays moisturized throughout the morning hours.

Be sure to check our in-depth review of the best aftershave balms in this post.

Reviews of The Best Shaving Kits

After much extensive research, we are breaking down each of the shaving kits outlined below to help you distill which shaving kit will provide the greatest value for you and serve you the best over the long term.

Furthermore we break out each section of shaving kits into distinct categories (cartridge razors, beginner double edge safety razor sets, etc).

Best Shaving Kits That Include Cartridge Razors

Here are some of the best cartridge razor shaving sets that you can buy today.  These sets contain all the essentials (i.e. razor, brush, and stand).  Our personal favorite of all the cartridge razor sets was the one artfully crafted by Edwin Jagger.

However, with that being said, there are many other cartridge razor sets that make for fine candidates:

Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set Review

This chrome plated shaving set by Harry D Koenig is a terrific shaving set for any man that is in the beginning of their shaving journey.  If you are looking for a gift for a teenager or just are simply looking to upgrade your bathroom countertop decor this entry level shaving kit simply gets the job done.

First and foremost the stand of the this shaving kit is chrome plated and should be able to last for several years in the bathroom.  With its ‘T’ shaped design, you will be able to allow the cartridge razor that comes included with the kit alongside the boars hair shaving brush to hang in tandem allowing for clean and sanitary environment.

The universal fittings on this stand will allow for many double edge safety razors and shave brushes to fit within the slot should you ever decide to upgrade at any point down the road.

The cartridge razor that comes included in this shaving set will work for the first set of shaves, however with time you will have to buy replacements.  Therefore many men who own this stand will upgrade to the Gillette Mach 3 cartridge heads as they will fit perfectly into the handle.

Regarding the shaving brush that comes included, it is built from boars hair, and therefore is a bit stiffer when compared to some of the finer grades of badger hair bristles that are reviewed in this guide.

As we covered above, if this is your first time ever using a shaving brush, you will immediately notice an difference in the lather when applied to your skin regardless of fiber quality.  Therefore boars hair bristles shouldn’t be a downside to the shaving novices, only wet shaving enthusiasts may look for a shaving brush of higher quality.

A bonus feature offered by this shaving kit not normally found in the several others that we reviewed is that it also includes a shaving scuttle (i.e. shaving bowl) as well.  This shaving bowl is ideal for shaving soaps with its relatively shallow design, however, you should be able to adequately whip up a lather with a shaving cream as well.

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Edwin Jagger Shaving Gift Set Review

There is no doubt about the quality behind the shaving supplies that Edwin Jagger makes for men around the world.  From their double edge safety razors and beyond, they are a market leader when it comes to shaving equipment, and this shaving kit is no different.

This beautifully crafted nickel plated stand will look both smart and sophisticated without being too overbearing when resting on your countertop.

The three piece stand allows for your cartridge razor, shave brush, and shaving bowl to rest side-by-side without getting too overly complicated.

First and foremost the razor is at a well-balanced weight that will make shaving a breeze.  When replacing cartridges for this razor you can use both the Gillette Mach 3 and Mach 3 Turbo razors – unfortunately its not compatible with the newer Gillette Fusion (5 blades) razors.

The faux ebony shave brush handle is the perfect length for allowing both speed and control when whipping up a shaving cream.  The bristles on this particular brush are made from pure badger hair and will adequately get the job done.

One of the features that we really loved about this shaving kit is that the bowl can rest within the stand.  Therefore you can easily whip up a lather and keep the bowl in place, a feature that shows that Edwin Jagger really thought out the design aspects of this system – and one that is so often over looked by other shaving kit makers.

Should you decide to upgrade to a double edge safety razor in the future, this stand should be compatible to keep your gear in its rightful place.

Overall this is a terrific kit that makes for an excellent gift to yourself or any one else for that manner.  It comes packaged in a sleek black box that emits a classy look and is great for gift giving.

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5 Piece Shaving Set

This five piece set is somewhat of a mixed bag when it comes to shaving sets.  Unlike many of the other shaving sets that are either stainless steel or chrome plated, this shaving kit is a UV plastic base with gold trim.

Therefore you shouldn’t have to much issues regarding rust with its plastic frame, however, some men may be turned off at the notion of owning a pastic set.

Plastic aside, this shaving set does include a variety of tools not often seen in a few of the shaving sets we reviewed.  Namely what sets this set apart from the rest is the shaving bowl.  Not only do you get an adequate shaving bowl that can work with creams or soaps, but it also includes a lid.

While a lid might not seem a big deal at first, know this:

Many men like to keep their shaving soap within the bowl throughout the course of time.  When you pick up a shaving soap like Col. Conks that is packaged in a flimsy container that isn’t really suitable for long term use.  Therefore men like to keep their soap in the bowl between uses – just as you would keep a bar of soap for showering or hand washing within its tray as well.

What’s more is that on the underside of the lid you will find a mirror.

While if you are shaving in the bathroom it might seem a bit duplicative, some may find it helpful to have a handheld mirror for closer detailing when shaving.

Regarding the razor itself, its a standard cartridge razor that will get the job done efficiently with your morning shave.  Once the cartridge needs replacing after about a weeks worth of use, you will want to be sure to get the Gillette Mach 3 razor cartridges as they will be compatible with the handle.

For the matching shave brush that comes packaged with this set, its crafted from pure grade badger hair.

It should be adequate for novice shavers just getting started with using a shave soap and brush.

The stand itself should be able to serve most razors and brushes should you ever decide to upgrade down the road.

Overall this is a set that gets the job done, however we feel there are better alternatives out there that will be crafted at a higher level.  If you looking for nearly all the bells and whistles of this set, then we would recommend checking out the Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set given its chrome plated design that comes with a cartridge razor.

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Best Beginner Double Edge Safety Razor Kits

Here are some affordable yet high performing double edge safety razor kits that are great for men who are looking to start their journey in to the wet shaving world:

Merkur 5 Piece Shaving Gift Set

If you are thinking about getting the Merkur 23C (also referred to as the Merkur #180) long handled safety razor – then this may be the perfect shaving kit for you as it comes with all the essentials.

First and foremost, the Merkur 23C is a terrific entry level double edge safety razor that is among the most popular on the market.  In fact we go into full details about the Merkur 23C in our in-depth review on the top safety razors.

Here are a few highlights of what we learned about the Merkur 23C:

First and foremost this closed comb double edge safety razor is incredibly popular given that its very similar to its cartridge razor counterparts.  With a similar handle length (4″) along with a lighter weight, its not at all intimidating – especially when compared to razors like the Merkur Futur or Merkur Progress.

If you are an experienced wet shaver and are looking for a new double edge safety razor then the Merkur 23C may leave a bit to be desired – simply due to its weight.

Since it comes in at a much lighter weight that is more inline with cartridge razors and smaller double edge safety razors, it will require a very light amount of pressure to adequately cut the hair follicle.  Instead for pros we recommend checking out some of the other shaving kits that we reviewed – namely the one RoyalShave kit that includes the Merkur 38C double edge safety razor since it has ample weight.

Another noteworthy component to this shaving kit is the inclusion of a shaving brush.  Unlike the Harry D. Koenig set, this brush is made from badger fibers.  However, the grade of the fibers in this brush is ‘pure’ (the lowest grade of badger fibers), yet will still do an incredible job at providing a rich lather time and time again.

The deeper resting shaving bowl that is included with this shaving kit will allow for much more versatility when using either the shaving soap that is included with the kit or any shaving cream that you may decide to purchase down the road.

Also with its chrome plated finishes, you will never have to worry about any rusting, particularly around the edges of the bowl.

The stand that is included does rest nicely on the countertop with a wide opening for the shaving brush side that should accompany just about any brush – wether its the chrome matched brush thats included or even the Parker silvertip brush that we recommended in our review.

Lastly, the glcyerin based shaving soap that was included in this kit is acceptable, however, glycerin based soaps tend to dissipate rather quickly with continued use.  Therefore we would recommend picking up an additional soap or cream so you aren’t left empty handed.

Overall, this is a fine set that is great if you are just taking the plunge into wet shaving.

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Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

There is no doubt about it – many men (myself included) love a minimalist design.  Living in New York City, every square inch of space is a fight.  Whats more is that with tiny bathrooms, or those you share with a significant other, need to make the most use out of all the area that is available to you.

With such restrictions on space, this is where a shaving kit like the Parker 29L safety razor fill a void.

In its compact cradle like design, you can have both your double edge safety razor along with your shaving brush above the countertop to keep it as hygienically clean as possible.

Parker is a highly respected brand in the wet shaving realm and one that many men hold in the highest regard.  In this shaving kit offered by Parker, the double edge safety razor provided is the long handled Parker 29L.

The 29L is very similar to the Merkur 23C with its longer handle that makes the transition easier for men who are coming from a cartridge or disposable razor background.

With its butterfly opening, you will be able to easily swap out blades when the time comes.

Also with its universal blade set,  you will be able to use a wide variety of razor blades in order to achieve the best results.

Opposite of the 29L you will also find a beautifully crafted Parker shaving brush.  While its not the same Parker silvertip badger brush that we found to be one of the best shaving brushes we reviewed in our recent article, it still holds the same quality you expect from the folks at Parker.

With its oversized head, this shave brush will do a terrific job at picking up the shaving cream or soap when you go to whip up a lather.  Furthermore, when lathering on your face, this shave brush is just a touch stiffer than a true silvertip brush.  However, it will provide an excellent cushion given its wonderfully balanced knot density paired with the delicate backbone found on the loft.

In addition the shave brushes short yet oversized handle, it will provide the ultimate control when applying the shaving cream.

Now if there is one caveat to this entire shaving kit is that it doesn’t include a shaving bowl.  While not a deal breaker for some, its definitely worth mentioning.  Therefore you will want to pick one up during checkout.

Secondly, since this is designed for the longer 29L, if you decide to switch up safety razors years down the road, its cradle may be too long for the razor handle and properly hold it up.

Overall this is an incredibly high class shaving kit that comes in at an affordable price.

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Wet Shave Kit with Travel Case by Nice Home

While this shaving kit might not come from the big shaving houses like Dovo (Merkur) or Edwin Jagger, its definitely a great shave set that includes the bare bone essentials that get the job done.

First and foremost, the two piece double edge safety razor is about 3″ long and a great entry level safety razor without breaking the bank.

While it doesn’t carry the weight of safety razors like the Merkur 38C, it does have the universal blade fitting that allows you to try out different razor blades over time.

Secondly, the shaving brush included is of badger hair (pure grade fibers) that equally match the quality of the safety razor – entry level.

The wooden handle on this shave brush has a light veneer that will prevent mildew or deterioration over time.  Also given the relatively short length of the handle, you should be able to get an effective lather with plenty of control over the life of this shaving brush.

Regarding the shaving stand, its a pretty standard minimalist stand without all the bells and whistles.  It gets the job done and will work with just about any razor or shave brush making it fully useful throughout the life of this product.

Within this shave kit, noticeably absent is any sort of shaving bowl or shaving soap, therefore you will want to make sure that you pick up those when purchasing this kit.  For a full review of the top shaving creams (which we recommend for beginners), be sure to check out our detailed guide.

What we really loved though about this shaving kit is that it includes both a travel case and 5 extra razor blades which should last you about a month with regular shaving.

The travel case itself is velvet lined keeping your double edge safety razor firmly secured when traveling.  However, when traveling with a double edge safety razor, you will have to check your suitcase due to security regs.

Within the travel kit itself is a tiny mirror.  This is particularly useful if you are camping or in a situation where a mirror isn’t readily available.

Overall this is an extremely well valued kit at a rock bottom price.  For a comparison, in our review of the Dorco double edge safety razor, it retails for about $20 and includes only the razor, travel kit, and razor blades.  For only about $10 more, you can get this set that also includes a shave brush alongside a stand.

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Complete Shaving Kits That Include All The Essentials Plus Shaving Creams or Soaps

Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert

This shaving kit by Maison Lambert has it all!  First and foremost we will talk about packaging.  This case comes in a beautiful wooden cigar box that makes this an awesome Father’s Day or Christmas that any man of all ages will cherish.

Now when it comes to the products that are contained within this set – they are equally top notch.

First and foremost we will talk about the double edge safety razor.

This smaller butterfly style double edge safety razor is great for beginners.  Safety razors that come in a shorter frame are much easier to control making the transition from a cartridge background a bit more gentle.  The only exception to this of course would be the Merkur 23C.

With its universal fitting in the safety razor, you will be able to use just about any razor blade with this handle.  However, fortunately Maison Lambert was one step ahead and already included 10 blades within this kit.  These Gillette Wilkinson blades are incredibly sharp and should suffice for many men who are looking to get a close shave.  Given that 10 blades are included, you won’t need to worry about replacement razors for a couple of months.

The mostly (90%) organic shaving soap will also provide an incredible lather for the razor blades to glide effortlessly through.  We couldn’t be more excited about this soap – the ingredient profile is top notch including organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, and organic unrefined shea butter to just name a few.

This diverse array of carrier oils will ensure that your skin stays well hydrated after every shave.

Regarding the scent of the soap, Maison Lambert packed in a mixture of cedarwood, lavender, tea tree (which is a natural antiseptic), rosemary, and lime.  Overall when you shave, the scent will be a terrific manly smell that will draw out memories of classic barbershops of yesteryear.

Oh and did we mention that the shave soap also comes packaged with a elegant wooden container?

To whip up your lather, much like many of the other shaving kits, included you will find a resin handled shaving brush made of pure badger hair.  Which should have no problem when working with the shave soap included.

In addition to the shave soap, you will also find an aftershave balm.  While we go on to thoroughly state the difference between aftershave balms vs splashes vs lotions in this post – just know this – aftershave balms are all around the best of the three.

Balms don’t contain alcohol therefore won’t dry out your skin, nor will you have a horrible burning sensation should you accidentally nick yourself with the double edge safety razor when applied.

Lastly, you will also notice a body soap included.  While we exclude it as a factor in this review – it is definitely a nice touch.

If there was a single caveat to this entire shaving kit is that it doesn’t include a stand.  However, should you have the counter space in your bathroom, then we would fully recommend picking up this shaving kit – simply because its a rather complete kit that includes all the basics in order to get a quality shave.

The only kit that surpasses the Maison Lambert kit in providing shaving products for every step in the wet shaving journey is the kit provided by Col. Conk:

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Colonel Conk Complete 8-Piece Shave Kit

This shaving kit by Colonel Conk is by and far one of the most comprehensive shaving kits that you can pick up.

Very similar to the Merkur 5 piece shaving kit reviewed above, this shaving kit offers even more products at an incredibly great value.

Within the set you get a Merkur 23C (model #180) double edge safety razor.  As we talk extensively in our best of series that covers safety razors, the 23C is a terrific entry model and one of Merkur’s most popular razors.

Its long handle design is perfect for men who have a larger hands and are able to easily handle this safety razor.  If you are coming from a cartridge based background, the 23C is a great razor for beginners given its similar size and weight.

In addition to this razor you get of course a stand and pure hair badger shave brush – the lowest quality fiber grade from the badger, but one that should be able to provide a lather that will get the job done.

What the 5 piece set didn’t have that this set does is the inclusion of a pre shave oil, aftershave lotion, along with a pack of Merkur blades that will match the Merkur razor included.

While we were a bit dismissive about the aftershave lotion given that alocohol is contained within the box – a nice touch is the inclusion of the pre shave oil.

Col. Conk does a fine job with their oil by making it a mixture of several carrier oils including both sweet almond and castor seed oils along with essential oils as well.

Overall this is one of the best shaving kits that are perfect for gift giving – or just simply for yourself.  It’s inclusion of a quality razor, stand, brush, blades, etc. make it a great purchase for those looking to dive head first into the wet shaving realm – or of course the perfect gift for the guy who has everything.

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Best Shaving Kits For Those Looking For the Closest Shave and Will Last A Lifetime

Merkur-Razor Futur Shaving Set

In every hobby there are guys (and gals) that like to take things to the next level.  Well at that next level is this Merkur Futur shaving kit.

While its definitely not for the beginner, if you are a guy that is looking to evolve your wet shaving experience in a more sophisticated manner, this kit is definitely worthy of consideration.

The Merkur Futur won our hearts as one of the best double edge safety razors for the experienced wet shaver.

The Merkur Futur, much like the Merkur Progress (known as the Merkgress in the inner wet shaving circles) is an adjustable razor that allows you to fine tune the aggressiveness of the blade.

With its closed comb design, the beautifully crafted dial along the bottom of the razor allows you to increase and decrease the blade exposure.  If you are are looking to have a ‘baby butt smooth’ shave on just a single pass, then you can adjust this razor accordingly.

In its brushed metal matte design, it will be free of hard water marks and will retain its exquisite look for years and likely generations to come.

In short, the Future is in the upper echelon of Merkur razors.

As beautiful as the razor is, we would be remiss if we didn’t also talk about the matching shaving brush, stand, and shaving bowl that are also included with this kit.

The shave brush included also includes the beautiful brushed metal design that will go alongside your Future perfectly.  It’s silvertip design will allow for a rich lather that should provide an incredible cushion time after time again.

The stand itself is of a minimalist design that is compact, but keeps all your essential shaving equipment in order.  The bowl that rests in the cradle at the base is made of textured glass which of course is both a great and potentially hazardous thing.

Of course glass in the bathroom is never optimal, however, having a glass shaving bowl will be hygenic and should retain its appearance with easy and not requiring any sort of polishing with time.

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Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set

By and far the best shaving kit that you can pick up is going to be this Merkur Barber Pole 38C 6 piece set.

It simply has everything and anything that a man could want in this carefully planned out set – at a tremendous value as well.

First off we will talk about the razor – the Merkur 38C is one of the best razors that money can buy for both new comers and experts alike.  The 38C strikes the ultimate balance when it comes to double edge safety razors – so much so that we rated it the best entry level safety razor in its class.

With both an ample handle length coupled with its adequate weight, this razor by Merkur will glide effortlessly through your whiskers with each pass.

Furthermore, the construction of the handle is quite remarkable as well.  Instead of using the classic knurled design found in so many other Merkur razors, the 38C gets its name from the classic barber pole that you see in front of classic barbershops worldwide – its signature swirl design.

While the swirl may harken back to the days of classic barbershops, it also serves excellent function in preventing accidental slippage due to the ability to firmly grip the razor even with shaving cream coated fingers.

Now when it comes to the brush, this shaving brush is also at top notch brush made from badger hair.  However, unlike many of the other shave brushes that we reviewed as part of kits, this is a silvertip brush that will give you an incredible lather that is simply unparalleled when compared to the other kits out there.

Therefore with both the brush and the razor, they should last an entire lifetime.

While the shaving stand is simple, its weighted base keeps your brush and razor firmly in their place and is compatible with most other brushes and razors should you ever decide to use other equipment (but honestly we wouldn’t know why).

A nice touch featured in this shaving kit is the inclusion of additional Merkur blades to match your razor handle along with a quality shaving cream.

Also included in the standard shaving set is a bowl that will do a terrific job containing your lather as you whip up your shaving cream of choice, which leads us to our next point…

Taylor of Old Bond Street isn’t just your run of the mill generic shaving cream, in fact we rated this one of the best shaving creams that we reviewed in this post.  Its terrific ingredient profile along with its ability to whip up an extraordinarily rich and slick lather allows for an incredibly smooth and comfortable shave time after time again – simply stated, there is a reason this company has been around for more than 100 years and why its trusted by men everywhere.

Lastly, you will find a styptic pencil included with this kit.  While we hope you never have to use it, styptic pencils are great for closing wounds should accidental nicks occur.  It’s always an invaluable tool to have on hand, especially when learning to wet shave.

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Wrapping Up What We Learned In Determining The Best Overall Shaving Kit For You

As you can see, when it comes to shaving kits, you have a myriad of options at your disposal.  Whether you are looking to pick up a cartridge based set like the one offered by Edwin Jagger or the very highly rated Merkur 38C set offered by RoyalShave you just simply can’t go wrong given the immense amount of value offered by these comprehensive shaving kits.

These two kits were the ones we fell in love with the most given their incredible selection of products that compromised the entire kit.

Whether its for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, or simply just for yourself any man would be lucky to get their hands on one of these kits!

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10 Best Shaving Kits For Men: A Complete Guide


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