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Why Men`s Underwear Are So Expensive?

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Men`s Underwear can be expensive sometimes. There are varieties of different reasons why. To start, it can be the quality or fabric of the underwear that is used. An expensive fabric like silk will automatically make the boxer or brief cost more. Another reason is the specific name brand of the underwear that may be a household name for top quality type of underwear for men; in this case, they will fetch a higher price for their product. Other underwear that is not easy to come by, exclusive or have a limited edition can charge a high price for the scarcity of the underwear. This type of product is regularly custom-made or designed specifically for people who can afford to pay greater than the average customer. The final reason why men`s underwear can be expensive is because of the purpose. The aim of the underwear can solely be made for high fashion with a unique twist to it which contrasts the common everyday underwear that is widely available. An example of this calibre of high fashion underwear that is rare or unique is one that is used for entertainment purposes.

For the price of men`s underwear is greatly dependent on the type of material that is consumed. Common materials for underwear such as cotton, nylon, polyester and microfiber all have its restricted attributes to it. Cotton is natural and extremely soft for the skin, however it is the most popular fiber for fabric for underwear, thus, the demand for it is far from lucrative or expensive and the price remains very affordable. Nylon, polyester and microfiber are synthetic and not completely natural and may have setbacks for very sensitive skin. It is difficult for Polyester to maintain color and nylon has low moisture absorbency. Silk is all natural and is produced from silkworms. Silk is the premiere choice for any kind of underwear and is the most expensive fabric. There is an extensive history of silk being used by aristocrats and the wealthy class of society.

There is plethora of different name brands of underwear for men but only a handful that comes to mind that expect an expensive price. Brands like Hermes, Sunspel, Emma Willis and Derek Rose each charge high prices for their boxers or briefs. The price ranges from $200 to $470 for these types of underwear. They manufacture their underwear with best quality, material and innovative designs which their customers respect and look for. These expensive brands also rely heavily on their good reputation in which loyal customers place their trust in and keep these particular brands of underwear intact and in business. To those who can afford it, want more of it.

Men`s underwear that is exclusive or has a limited edition to it, look for the customer to cough up more dollars which yields a significant remarkable price. The notion of scarcity makes the customer want it even more and is likely or willing to spend more money on the underwear. This is the case, when underwear has a certain design, logo or material that is often hard to come by and is promoted with a great marketing scheme that propels people to use more of their disposable income.

If the underwear is only for pleasure and entertainment reasons then it could be more expensive than the normal or casual underwear. Men who are strippers, models or just want to surprise their girlfriend or spouse would be catering to the idea of this. They would be apt to spend an unusual high price of wearing unusual underwear that is based for fun. This is frequently found in adult store or sex shops where items for underwear are more expensive than the common ones. Sometimes this kind of unique underwear for men is equipped with toys, gadgets or props that are recommended for theatre, amusement and play. The function for this is to stimulate or excite the person or crowd with an intensity of sexual pleasure that gives you a feeling of gratification and deep sensations.

Underwear that is expensive for men can be because of the quality or material when you are referring to silk and the highest worth for it. The top brands or producer for men`s underwear which feeds on the reputation and their credibility. The quantity or amount of the underwear alongside good market drives the price even higher which makes it expensive. Underwear just for entertainment and special events exceed the cost for regular underwear gain more spending power for the occasion of lust and excitement, which more people believe it or not, are open to pay for surmounting to a lofty and expensive price. All of these factors elucidated is why men`s underwear can be expensive. 

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Why Men`s Underwear Are So Expensive?


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