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A Dude’s Guide To Underwear Styles – Our Top 30 Picks For You!

Let’s face it, Underwear is a necessary evil. We need it to keep bodily fluids from making our clothing smelly and stained. Also, it keeps the ‘boy’s’ supported, comfortable and even protected… That should be reason enough to keep the undies on, or should it?

Typically, women have had all the fun when it comes to sexy underwear and it is only over the last few years that men have started to become equal and reclaim their rank as Lord of the Bedroom – well, the less conservative men have. The range of styles available to today’s dude is mind blowing and more brands appear each day.

We are no longer living in an age where men’s undies have to be ugly and practical. It has become a billion dollar industry which has added focus to fashion, comfort, and yes, sex appeal.

After struggling to find a complete guide to men’s underwear styles we decided to make our own. This underwear guide has focused on 30 of our favorite styles – from practical, to sporty, to sexy, there is something for every dude – no matter how conservative or kinky you are! Most you can buy online at stores such as, or you can hit Google and hope for the best.

1. Briefs

This style, also known as Y-fronts, slips, jockey shorts, and is the most common of common underwear style. In fact, I bet that most guys have a few pairs lurking in their drawers. As they provide total cover, back and front, while leaving the legs exposed, this style might not be the funkiest, but it is one of the more comfortable. The brief has a number of style variations, such as the low-rise, mid-rise, Pouch mid-way, high-rise, diagonal-flap, double-seat or double-back, and sports brief. There are also a number of more interesting cuts which will enhance your profile and perk-up your butt!

The low-rise briefs sit on your hips and just cover you up, although some are designed it improve your package’s profile. A midway or mid-rise brief rests on your natural waistline and are similar to boxer briefs, the gym variation of these are generally skin tight and have no fly. The elastic waist of the high-rise brief rests just below your belly button and provides a more traditional, even conservative, fit. They can streamline the waist and reduce the appearance of obvious love handles and stomach bulges.

The days of boring briefs in plain cotton or blends are long gone. They now come in a variety of fabrics and colors – and even in some cases, bacon-scented! They come with cheeky cut out sections, bright colors, in lace, mesh, fishnet or extra roomy (for the big boys).. the choice is endless. Brands such as Candyman, Clever and Pikante have taken boring and turned it into bold, beautiful and sexy as all hell!

Just remember, when you put on a pair of briefs it should never appear as if you are wearing a diaper. They should fit well with no sagging fabric – you see them sag, you know it is time to toss ‘em!

2. Microfiber hip brief

A hip brief hugs the hips just below the waistline and most of the time, the leg openings are cut away from the upper thighs. The sleek, lightweight microfiber fabric resists wrinkles and dries quickly. It prevents excessive moisture hanging around your little dudes and causing chafing or nasty smells. The design and style is sexy and comfortable. This is something that should be found in every dude’s top drawer.

3. Bikini

This smaller style of brief is also known as a micro-brief and exposes the entire thigh while still managing to cover the buttocks. Often designed without waistbands and flies, the bikini has a small front pouch and is mostly worn for sunbathing, recreation and sports such as bodybuilding. As they have more cover than a G-string or jockstrap (unless it is a string bikini), bikini bottoms are often preferred to traditional swim trunks. Styles and designs vary to suit all dudes – from the conservative to the adventurous. For something a little more out there, string bikinis, the PetitQ Asymmetric Bikini and PetitQ Bondage Bikini are just the thing for a guy with a bit of daring in his soul.

4. Boxer shorts

Although they offer more breathability than other underwear, the loose-fitting design of boxer shorts offers no support. Many have an open fly, either with or without buttons, and an elasticized waistband that sits on or near the waist. The leg sections are fairly loose and extend to the mid-thigh. Styles vary, from what your grandfather may wear to the sleek trendy styles. Relaxed-fit boxers are generally a little baggy to allow for maximum leg movement and comfort. Slim-fit boxers are not as baggy as regular or relaxed-fit boxers. Their loose fit allows for maximum leg movement but enables them to be worn under slim cut and tailored-dress pants and shorts.

5. Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs (or tight boxers) are a hybrid type of men's underwear which, like boxer shorts, are long in the leg, but fit as tightly as briefs do. A true boxer brief will cover about half of the thigh but many boxer briefs now cover about a third. The fit makes them ideal for workouts and sport as it helps prevent chaffing. Pouch boxer briefs have a pouch for the genitals instead of a fly. A number of sexy and daring varieties are available in lace, leather, sheer, and even a tuxedo design.

6. Trunks

This style is a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief. It has shorter legs than the boxer brief and appears more squared off. The snug fit makes for comfortable wearing and the shorter legs feel less restrictive. As with most styles, trunks come in many different cuts, colors, and designs.

7. Jock briefs

This style is perfect for the dudes who like to show off their butts but don’t want to bare it all. From the front it appears to be a brief but the back is cut out like a jock strap. This is sporty, sexy and has a dash of modesty. The fashion underwear design house Baskit claims to have invented this style and it became so popular that most underwear designers have incorporated jock briefs into their collections.

8. Thong

These are similar to the bikini style. Thongs have a pouch in the front which is connected by thin fabric straps and the buttocks are left exposed. There are many varieties of thongs which are made from a variety of fabrics, from classic cotton blends to shiny, mesh and sheer fabrics. Micro-fiber, silk, velvet, rubber and leather thongs are also readily available.

T-back thongs feature full frontal coverage and is designed to include a wider than average waistband along with a straight strip of connecting fabric that connects the front to the waistband. The design allows for comfort during movement and fully exposes the buttocks.

V-string thongs offer string-like strips of fabric for the waistband and sides. It has a front pouch and a v-shaped cut of fabric on the upper back portion of the thong. In some styles, the v is accomplished with a waistband that drops down from the center of its back.

Quick-release thongs come in a few different styles and feature easy-to-open clips, snaps, or ties on the sides that allow the dude to quickly escape from this sexy underwear.

Micro-Thongs feature an extremely low-rise pouch which has contour styling. This is the smallest style of thong and has a narrow waistband, sides, and strip of fabric up back. It leaves very little to the imagination.

The primary purpose of Y-back thongs is to prevent the pouch from being pulled backwards when the wearer sits, bends, or moves in a certain way. This design has resulted in the y-back becoming one of the most comfortable styles of underwear on the market.

Low-rise thongs are perfect to wear with low-rider jeans or pants. They create a sexy silhouette and the waist band sits well below the waist.

Enhancing thongs are styled to enhance a man’s package by providing uplifting support for the genitals. Some brands refer to the pouch as a ‘power pouch’.

9. Jockstrap

Invented in 1874 by C.F. Bennett of Sharp & Smith, a Chicago sporting goods company, the jockstrap provided comfort and support for bicycle jockeys riding the cobblestone streets of Boston, Massachusetts. In 1897, Bennett's newly formed Bike Web Company patented and began mass-producing the Bike Jockey Strap. Since then this underwear has become a must-have item among men who play rigorous sports. They are ideal to wear under uniforms, tight pants and bike shorts.

The style offers complete frontal support and protection but have no fabric covering the buttocks. They often lift the package up and away from the body to keep the ‘boys’ cooler and dryer. Cups can be inserted into the pouch to provide protection during rigorous activities.

Over the years, this style has become more than a sporting goods item and underwear brands have created more stylish and sexy versions. It has become more about fashion than function, and is becoming bolder and more revealing each season. The only on these designs is the imagination.

But what is possible the best thing about the jockstrap is that it enhances the appearance of both the back and the front!

10. Cup supporter

The cup supporter is designed to protect the testicles from injury. It distributes the force of the impact across the connective tissue of the pubic bone and away from the testicles. They come in a variety of sizes and styles for adults and children but all of them are worn the same way. Some men wear a cup at all times because they like the support and protection it provides or because it augments their package profile.

11. Jock Suspenders

A blend of sporty and sexy, the jock suspender looks almost like a mankini and provides similar coverage to a thong. The front pouch provides comfort, support and breathability. Straps extend over the shoulders from front pouch to the back thong strap. The Candyman range of jock suspenders come in a variety of fun colors and are comfortable to wear… Now who said sporty and super sexy can’t mix?

12. Compression Shorts

These fit like a second skin and compress the leg muscles (including glutes, quads and hamstrings). They stabilize muscles and help to reduce the likelihood of injuries. As with other compression garments, these shorts are made from flexible fabrics that usually created by blending fabrics such as Lycra, Nylon and Neoprene. Compression shorts shape your form and can be rather revealing, but for the more modest dude adding a layer of clothing over the top of them is easy enough.

13. Thermal and long underwear

Also known as long-johns, this underwear has an interesting history. The forerunner to today’s long john was known as a unionsuit. It was a common garment worn by men, women, and children in the late-19th century. It was invented in Utica, New York and the design was patented in 1868. Made from knitted material, the one-piece garment extended from the wrists to the ankles and had buttons up the front. It also had a buttoned flap (which was often called the access hatch, drop seat or fireman's flap) on the back to facilitate easy visits to the bathroom. The original long johns were designed as a two-piece garment (consisting of long-sleeved top and long pants) and were possibly named after American boxer John L. Sullivan who wore a similar garment in the ring.

Today, long underwear is made from form fitting and lightweight fabrics with moisture wicking properties to provide optimum comfort during the coldest days. They make a great base layer for winter attire and keep the wearer warm by insulating heat.

Most thermal underwear covers the wearer from the waist down to the ankles. They fit as snugly as boxer briefs and often include a pouch of some sort. Through the use of interest fabrics, color and even a few cheeky cut outs, long johns have gone from a boring necessity to something sexy to wear on a cold day.

14. G-string

The G-string is a minimalist version of the thong and reveals as skin as possible. Depending on the fabrics they are made from, G-strings may be slightly more expensive than other styles. They are not for the faint of heart or for the avid athlete – they are all about the ass! A thin piece of fabric connects a pouch to the waistband at the back and the glutes are left fully exposed. Perfect for those with an underwear fetish, or for men who like extra tight jeans, the G-string is both an erotic and sensible alternative to the more traditional styles.

15. C-String

Also known as ‘invisible underwear,’ the c-string is not for the faint of heart. This ultra-minimalist underwear will add some excitement to the top drawer and combines features from the thong and G-string. A comfortable, eye-popping pouch for your package is all that is visible, unless you find one with a tail attached. A thin discrete cord covers a flexible, internal frame that runs from the bottom of the pouch and sits snugly between the buttock cheeks. It is perfect for sun tanning as it will leave no tanning lines, while remaining comfortably secure and protecting your modesty.

16. Loincloth

The loincloth was probably the first undergarment worn by humans and in the warmer climates, it was often the only clothing worn. For those living in colder regions, the loincloth was worn as underwear is today and covered by other garments. The remains of loincloths, dating back 7 000 years, have been found by Archaeologists and were worn by people from many different ancient cultures – the Egyptian king Tutankhamen was found buried with numerous linen loincloths. Today, the loincloth is still worn by people across the globe and even remains a traditional undergarment in many Asian societies.

17. Themed underwear

Fun, funky and more for a giggle than a night of erotic pleasure, themed undies indulge your inner kid and have become a guilty pleasure for most men. Available with general cartoon characters, superheroes, slogans and even sports team logos, these are idea for the dude whose inner kid is trying to break free!

18. Tanga

A tanga is a pair of briefs consisting of small panels connected by strings at the sides.

19. Mankini/sling suits

A mankini is a sling swimsuit for men. The term is inspired by the word bikini and was popularized by Sacha Baron Cohen when he wore one in the film Borat. This one-piece swimsuit is supported by fabric at the neck and provide as little, or even less, coverage (or as much exposure) as a bikini.

20. Codpieces

Codpieces were popular in Europe during the 15th and 16th century and are still worn today as part of performance costumes and in the leather subculture. A codpiece is a covering flap or pouch that attaches to the front of men's pants and accentuates the package. Today, codpieces are most commonly seen during heavy metal performances and as part of superhero costumes.

21. Pouch underwear

The good news is that most of the styles with fancy underwear pouches, whether they’re anatomically-shaped for room or angled for bulge boosting, are actually made for guys of average size. Some of these specially structured genital pouches have hidden support contraptions to lift and move the package forward. Underwear pouches that are designed to enhance the package are shaped and function differently than those designed for comfort.

22. Mesh underwear

Mesh underwear is made out of a lightweight material that allows for breathability. This characteristic has made it a popular fabric choice among men’s underwear designers. Mesh underwear is often worn by sportsmen or in warm regions where the breathability ensures maximum comfort. This underwear is commonly made from materials which help wick moisture away from the body so that it can evaporate. The small holes in the mesh allow for air circulation and this prevents moisture and excessive sweat being trapped on the skin.

23. Padded Underwear

Body shaping pants are becoming more popular among men as the desire for a more muscular body intensifies. It pads out the groin area and provides an instant boost to the butt. Padded underwear may not be easily found in stores, but if you look online there is so much to choose from. For men who don’t have a lot of natural padding on their butts and often spend long periods sitting on hard surfaces, padded underwear can offer relief. There are many different styles available to suit the many different uses. The more common types are those with a padded butt (adds extra inches to your butt and provides a better silhouette), padded front (to make your package bulge), butt lifter (usually don’t have padding but are designed to lift your butt), waist slimmer (a slimmer waist may create the impression of a better formed butt), and the package separator (separates your package from your legs and you don’t need to constantly adjust the jewels).

24. Get your kink on

When it comes to the bedroom or erotic play, women no longer have the exclusive rights to tantalizing underwear. For the adventurous and lustful dude, there are a number of kinky and interesting styles available. From bacon-scented, to leather and see-through underwear, there is something for every level of kink. There is nothing wrong with a dude feeling sexy or desirable, the age of clubbing a mate is over… it is time to tease and arouse them!

25. Lace Underwear

Lace underwear is no longer just a girl thing, this relatively inexpensive yet versatile fabric is has exploded onto the men’s underwear scene and the word is… dudes dig it! Although it is still far from becoming a main stream style, more and more men are trying out this lightweight, breathable, sheer and dare I say it, super sexy fabric. The lace used in most men’s underwear designs is a lot more masculine than that used in women’s underwear and it is easy to see why it is slowly becoming a popular choice. The word lace has its origins in the Latin word lacere, which means to entice or ensnare. Lace was at one stage widely used in furniture and clothing (for both men and women), and it was not until after the Industrial Revolution that lace become more popular among women.

26. Men's Lingerie

As the gender lines have begun to blur in society, people becoming more willing to try something new. Lingerie for men is not a new thing, nor is it a gay thing. It is for men who are interested in exploring a softer sexier side to themselves and their sexuality. Mengerie comes in many forms from the lacy, frilly pieces which caress the muscular curves, to silky, fishnet and garter numbers. Market research has shown that many dudes, regardless of whether they are straight, gay or anything else, thoroughly enjoy the tickle and tease of what was once an alternative style. Designers targeting all men regardless of their backgrounds with designs that don’t necessarily copy women’s lingerie but which define a new style that appeals to all genders.

27. Bag thong

This is literally a drawstring bag for your bits and bobs. It fits over the genitals and keeps them comfortably away from the legs. What is great about this is that it enhances your package profile and also, if you desire, adds a little kink to the bedroom when your package has to literally be unwrapped.

28. Wild colors and bold prints

Today, men’s underwear is available in all the colors you could possibly imagine and just as many prints. From bold blocked off colors and understated patterns to wild, neon zebra prints which burn the cornea, men’s underwear is anything but boring. Traditionally men had to suffer through the necessity of wear dull and ugly underwear, but this is not the case anymore. If you prefer to wear thicker, dark pants such as denim, dark flannels, or cavalry twill, the color or pattern of your underwear will not be seen and you can wear whatever tickles your fancy. It’s only when wearing the typically lightweight summer fabrics that you need to check to see if you are not showing off your undies.

The best rule when choosing underwear to wear with lightweight and light colored pants (such as cotton, seersucker or fine worsteds) is to stick to solid tones which are as close to your skin tone as possible. Solid white, shows through white pants as it contrasts to your skin color. The less contrast between your skin and undies, the less your undies will be visible through your pants.

Undie Hack: Nude-colored undies are not easy to find. If you have lighter skin and can’t find underwear with the correct nude shade, but a few pairs of white cotton undies and soak them in black tea. This will dye them a nude color and make sure that when you wear your summer pants, there is no unwanted undie color.

29. Men’s monokini

The monokini was designed for comfort while doing sport, dance and stretch. It is a topless swimsuit that includes only a bikini bottom. This daring swimwear used to be a ‘girl’s-only’ design but designers have decided that it is time to include the dudes! In fact, Emporio Armani’s 2011 Spring runway presented a number of stunning men’s monokinis.

30. Costumes for men

Not only for Halloween! Costumes and role play has long been a great way to spice up the love life and there are now a number of HOT HOT HOT costumes available to fuel and fulfill your wildest fantasies!

The variety is endless: From the dirty cop, to hunk construction worker and even a little French maid skirt... Men’s costumes have evolved and continue to tease and tantalize. 

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A Dude’s Guide To Underwear Styles – Our Top 30 Picks For You!


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