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Erte Art Deco Neckties

Erte - The father of Art Deco
The father of Art Deco - Erte Art Ties - Romain de Tirtoff 1892 - 1990

One of the most famous artists of the modern era was Romain de Titroff, better known as Erte. He was multi-talented, and today is remembered for his beautiful artwork as well as his significant contributions to the history of twentieth century art. Considered the father of Art Deco Design, his prolific career in theater, sculpture and the graphic arts spanned most of the 20th century.  His style of illustrating women and men and the mood of society was in an unusually elegant manner.  It was that display of opulence that created such  fascination.

This past week two people inquired about the wonderful Art Deco Neckties that are illustrations of Erte Art Deco Artwork.  One inquire from a lady was concerning a necktie she had purchased for her husband in an art gallery, ( illustrated below - right ).  She was curious about the necktie design - specifically the artwork that was used in the design of the tie.  This was a challenge for me however I did solve the mystery - it was two different Erte illustrations that were used by the designers to make this Erte Art Necktie.

Erte Art Deco Tie
Here is the answer: It took a while to find the art works that were used to make this tie.  It was a challenge because the design is based on two classic Erte illustration. This design was a bit more obscure then lets say a tie that has just one illustration with more or less a very close depiction of the original print - borders and all.  I searched Google Images and found the two Erte Art Limited Edition Serigraph illustrations that were used as a collage or composite for this Erte Art Deco tie design.

The graphics are based on these two prints below "Summer Breeze" and "Beauty and the Beast."   The colors are changed; and possibly this tie was made in more then one color scheme which is very common in necktie design.  A design is produced in several color palates so that it will compliment different suit and shirt hues  Summer Breeze was used in another Erte necktie design - image also below.

Erte’s illustration “Symphony in Black” has become the defining artwork of his career.

Erte is most famous for creating the Art Deco Movement of the 1920s that originated in France. His aesthetic was adopted as the popular aesthetic of the world, and it influenced everything from architecture to art and fashion. Erte was a painter, illustrator, costume designer, interior designer, bronze sculptor, tapestry maker, and more. His artistic skills were very diverse. Despite an impressive body of work including some of the most iconic bronze sculptures ever produced and over 200 covers for Harper’s Bazaar, Erte’s most famous work is without question his iconic Art Deco Illustration - "Symphony in Black" ( Art print illustration and Erte Symphony in Black necktie image below ).

Erte Art Deco Print - Summer Breeze,
Year circ 1982, Serigraph, signed limited
Edition to 300 26.5 X 19 inches.
Value aprox. $3750.00 USD
Erte Art Deco Print - Beauty and the Beast
Year circ 1985, Serigraph, signed limited
Edition to 300 24.5 X 21.5 inches
Value aprox. $4850.00 USD 
Derived from the style made so popular by the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925, the term Art Deco became the description of the decorative streamlined design that incorporated geometric patterns in contrasting, often bold hues.    During the roaring Twenties up until WWII Art Deco became a sort of character trait of civilization.  The aftermath of  the war saw a decline in the streamlined style and possibly due to the cold war functional design became more important forcing the fancy ‘Deco style to lose its attraction.

During the last 30 years of last century a revival of Art Deco Style creating extreme interest and heighten value in the artwork and architecture that had its roots in the creativity of Erte.  It was then that his work achieved enough appreciation that his life’s work could be produced to reach a greater market then what he could ever have imagined of interest in the decorative arts of the early 20th century.   Erte’s artwork, in the form of lithographs, prints, limited edition produced sculptures and other mediums were offered in the finest galleries across the Globe.

“Symphony in Black” depicts a statuesque, slender, woman holding an elegant Greyhound on a leash. The woman is dressed very fashionably with a fur shrug, "avant garde" hat, and a dress with a striking silhouette, as the name suggests, the work is almost all in black. The image was re-created in a number of forms by Erte throughout his career including Erte bronze sculptures and paintings. It has been reproduced thousands of times since.

One of the main reasons Erte’s Symphony in Black experienced such wide scope in popularity is that it epitomized the Art Deco Movement which Erte is so famous for defining..The painting’s long and sleek lines and use of a statuesque female form in all black represents Erte’s unique aesthetic.  Erte’s career was long and impressive. However, while it is difficult to sum up decades of work with a single work of art, Symphony in Black is that work.

Erte art tie certificate of authenticity
Erte Art Deco Ties were produced as described in a Certificate of Authenticity that accompanied the ties in a gift box Collezione Erte Cravatte - limited edition cravatte ( Necktie ) of exotic, outrageous and magical work of the legendary Erte. The complete process, from engraving to printing and manufacture, is completely done by hand in Italy, Emilio Ponti - president.

The Los Angeles Times an interview with Erte

Erte Art Deco Ties at Nice Tie Store

Erte Art Deco Illustration and necktie - "Symphony in Black"

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Erte Art Deco Neckties


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