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The Bucket Hat

In the heat of the summer it is important to avoid sunburn. This is distinctly true for the average Brit, where in the UK 84% of the population surcome to sunburn each summer. An astounding figure I think you will agree, even if it is completely made up. Regardless of this, advice is to avoid the sun during the highest point in the sky and to apply liberal amounts of suncream at regular intervals to protect the skin. But what about the head, sure a slaphead can just cream up, but the rest of us require hats to do the covering for us. This is where James and I roamed the forums looking for this year's trendy head adornment. 

This is where the Bucket Hat was found. A 90's classic that is apparently coming back in, at least according to Asos, The Guardian, GQ and the pick of the celeb world. A swift trip to town and I had both of our hats for the evening. Walking to the Gatekeeper to meet James was a delight, from the neck down I looked like your average male but from the chin up a 90's hip hop star:

Actually I pretty much looked like a hip hop star from the neck down as well
When entering the Gatekeeper, a couple of smiles were sent my way, and on conversing with James he reiterated this fact. Evidently the Style was taking people back to their youth, when things were simpler and bloggers made a lot more money than they do now (at least I would hope so for their sake!!!). This nostalgic feeling that the inhabitants of the Wetherspoons were overcome with, when viewing our trend, clearly had a beneficial effect. Whilst upstairs, however, we were at the bar ordering a couple drinks when a wench snuck up and attempted to pinch my hat. Luckily my ninja like reflexes saved thievery before it was lost. However the lady seemed to stay. Having discussed the hat with us at length, it was hard to determine her position on it. This could have possibly been due to her intoxication, as moment after we were served, she was refused more alcohol.

Once in Floyds, we were on the dancefloor in seconds, and the hats were a hit. One of the females asked to style the hat, as she wanted to have the feeling she had as a child with a head that was safe from melanoma. 

With positive feedback during our entire time in Floyds, it was obvious the hats were proving a hit, and looking like this feeling wasn't going to change, we decided that Live Lounge was required to get a more rounded opinion.

On entering, James was asked for his ID, clearly the 90s style had given him a youthful appearance. Whilst walking to the bar, one of the torrent of ladies (although this one was fighting a loosing battle with acceptance of her age) blurted out her adoration of the hats. Thanking her for her kind words, but moving hastily away (in zig zags hoping her reduced elderly vision couldn't follow the swift movements), we got to the bar. 

This is where another group of lads commented on our hats. Through some conversation we found out that one of them was pole vaulting legend Paul Walker!! (Yeah, we didn't know who he was either, but he came 5th at the commonwealth games, so fair dos) He seemed to enjoy the style, and we enjoyed his take on training and meditation.

He also had one hell of a groovy shirt on, shame you can't see it here
Whilst on the stage, many a photo was taken as everyone seemed to be throughly enthused with our trends. It seems the Bucket hat provides everyone with a bit of joy.

One happy customer
Whilst walking home, I passed a group of 'ladz' who exclaimed, 'I like your hat bruv'. Both an admission of delight at the style and a wishing for a sibling of my trendiness.

The bucket hat; Nostalgic, athlete approved and protecting

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The Bucket Hat


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