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What Happens If You Avoid Caring For Your Teeth: Getting (RCT) Root Canal Treatment

Most of us know that poor oral hygiene leads to visible damage in teeth – formation of plaques and tartars, discoloration of teeth, and bad odor. But when the situation further deteriorates, the tooth starts to decay and the infection may reach the pulp and lead to inflammation. This condition renders unbearable sharp and acute pain and demands immediate medical action. In most cases, the only possible medical procedure to save your tooth is nothing but Root Canal Treatment, says a renowned dental surgeon in Pune.

What is a good oral care?

Inspite of brushing daily first thing in the morning, many patients still face dental issues. The answer to the problem is very simple – the oral hygiene care and practice adapted by them are insufficient as brushing alone will not solve the problem.

  • Brushing should be done atleast twice in a day, before and after coming out of bed.
  • Flossing should be done atleast once in a day, preferably in the night.
  • Good fluoridated tooth paste should be used for brushing.
  • It is always a good practice to rinse your mouth completely after every session of meal.
  • Under the guidance of your dentist, you can also use medicated mouth rinses for removal of mouth odor causing agents.
  • Most importantly, routine visit to dentist should be made to check general dental oral hygiene and check for built up of cavities.

So, when proper good oral care is not adopted, your tooth is likely to deteriorate, undergo decay process, and finally trigger the necessity of dental treatment procedures such as Root Canal treatment.

Why root canal treatment?

It is natural for a patient to ponder over the process of extraction than undergoing root Canal Treatment. Every dentist always tries to save the natural teeth, for there is no perfect substitute to it. Moreover, fitment of prosthetic teeth after extraction may also prove to be costly says an endodontist of a dental clinic in Pune. Leaving apart the economic considerations, there are plenty more advantages of root canal treatment:

  • Effective chewing capability than prosthetic teeth
  • Biting force can be normal and so would be sensation
  • Visual aesthetics is not compromised
  • Offers protection to other teeth from wearing

Is root canal treatment painful?

Most of the patients are uncomfortable to undergo root canal treatment due to wrong perception about the pain associated with the procedure. As a specialist dentist offering root canal treatment in Pune, we can confidently say that developments in medical technologies and anesthetics have made root canal treatment more or less a virtually painless procedure. To add further, the procedure has become so simple that the entire procedure is completed in one or two sessions at the most.

What is done during root canal treatment?

The concept behind the root canal treatment is quite simple

  • Removal of inflamed pulp to clean and disinfect inside the teeth
  • Filling and sealing the opening with Gutta Percha
  • Restoration of tooth with a crown or filling.

As the entire procedure is conducted only after numbing the affected area, the patient would not be witnessing any pain or whatsoever. The medicines prescribed by your dentist for a speedy recovery should take care of all pains that are temporary in nature.

As rightly pointed out by dental council of India, more than eight out of ten people in India have oral hygiene issues and these needs to be addressed immediately. The council also points out that the sharp rise in patients with tooth decay and bleeding gums can be addressed only by spreading awareness about good oral hygiene practice. If you would like to know more about oral hygiene practice or to have a checkup of your dental condition, feel free to contact our dentist in Camp area, Pune by scheduling an appointment.

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What Happens If You Avoid Caring For Your Teeth: Getting (RCT) Root Canal Treatment


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