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7 Successful Ways to Improve Your Mood

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7 Successful Ways To Improve Your Mood

One’s Mood is viewed as a temporary state of mind or feeling which, at first glance, is affected by external factors: anything from TV news to bad weather; even other people’s mood can impact our own. Yet, it is in our power to significantly reduce the influence of these factors and regain control of our feelings. Many consider that we are largely responsible for our wellbeing which includes our day to day mood – so if you find yourself in a bad humor there are many ways to improve it:

  1. Disconnect from technology, re-connect with people and nature

The possibilities are endless: you could organize a dinner with your friends or family, or join a group of people that have regular meetings for socializing (check out, for example, the Couchsurfing group where you can meet both locals and visitors; usually, there is a couch surfing group in every town and they have weekly events called “couch drinks”). However, do not spend too much time on the Internet searching for these groups, just ask around. Ask your friends and acquaintances about social game clubs or gatherings if you think this is a fun activity. In any case, you should remember that a good way to improve your mood is to start following this golden rule: turn off the TV, leave your smartphone at home and go out searching for genuine human contact.

Are you perhaps the “lonely wolf” type? Introvert and not particularly interested in building social connections? Then surely your mood does not depend that much on the human factor. You probably find your peace of mind in the comfort of your home and the company of someone very close, while social gatherings put you in a Bad Mood. The perfect way to change and improve your mood is to go out in nature and enjoy a beautiful sunset or a walk in the park. Sociable or not, this works for everyone – fresh air does wonders for everyone’s mood.[1]

  1. Consume or create art

If the cause for your bad mood is somehow related to your stressful job or your daily routine, consuming or creating art might just be the best option for escaping the dullness of everyday life. Besides its relaxing effects, it will surely make you see life in a more meaningful way which could bring a long lasting change in your mood. Check out art history albums and books and choose a painter or an art trend you always wanted to be more familiar with. In case you haven’t done that already, go to an art gallery or art exhibition and live an entirely new experience. If you consider yourself to be a rather thoughtful, visual person, you should try drawing, painting, sculpture or interior design as a new activity that may become a hobby. Try to experiment with art not only as a mere consumer, but also as an art creator, you don’t need to be Michelangelo to accomplish that goal. Afterward, you could hang your drawings and paintings – or any other image that puts you in a good disposition – on the walls of you own home – every time you look at them, they will make you feel happier. Plus, if you opt for colorful paintings or images, their sensorial effects are said to influence your psyche positively.

Also, try to keep your bedroom clean and airy. Decorate your entire home following feng shui principles or, as we mentioned earlier, using your creations – be it a painting, a drawing or a reconditioned familiar object – in the end, every object can become a piece of art if restructured, redecorated or placed in the right context. Let your imagination play with the surrounding space and “heal” your bad mood at the same time.[2]

  1. Start a crowdfunding campaign, make a donation to an NGO or get involved in charity work

When in a bad mood, we usually see everything in gray; we start displaying an absolute lack of empathy towards other people’s problems. A less self-centered person is likely to improve his or her bad mood by focusing on other people’s needs. Volunteer on a charity project or start working for a local NGO – getting an understanding of other people’s situation will leave you little time for dwelling in a bad mood. You might start appreciating the good things in your life and have less and less availability for self-pity and superficial things.

  1. Adopt a pet

In case you are looking for a long term solution for your moodiness, we recommend having a pet. Cats in particular, are known to have benefits for both your health and spirit, as long as you are not allergic to them. It has been scientifically proven that these amazing fluffy felines work wonders – they feel it when you are in a bad mood or ill and you’ll notice how fast they come to sit on your lap and cuddle. Cats, dogs and other pets are believed to absorb the negative energy and are generally playful, entertaining and affectionate beings that can bring you a lot of joy.

  1. Exercise or practice any kind of movement

Feeling grumpy and moody? Go to the gym and burn out some fat along with your negative feelings. [Remember what they say: sweat is fat crying] The simple idea of exercising makes it even worse? Ok, then put on your dancing shoes and play your favorite songs. Start dancing freely in your living room, check out new moves – or simply let your body feel the flow. No one is watching so do not follow any rules or techniques and do not think that you may look ridiculous when dancing – just enjoy yourself. “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost” is something that the famous German choreographer Pina Bausch said for a very good reason, capturing the essence of this incredibly approachable form of movement.

  1. Sex

Here is the naked truth and there is not much debate about it: bad sex bring about an awful mood, good sex brings instant mood improvement, while great sex equals a great feeling. So you’d better make sure that your partner is around and available and understands the emergency. Or else he or she will have to put up with your negative moods at their expense.

  1. Reward yourself

You don’t need a particular reason, other than celebrating that you are who you are. Plus, there must have been hundreds of times when you did something good, shown an excellent attitude or helped someone in need. So why not treat yourself to your favorite ice cream or a nice meal in a fancy restaurant? After all, this simple fact will always stand: even if in a bad mood, you are still a unique and incredible person, deserving all the best you can get.

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7 Successful Ways to Improve Your Mood


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