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What is laetrile?

Laetrile, amygdalin or the more common unofficial name vitamin b17, is a chemical (nitrocide) found in various foods and has been shown to be a highly effective against Cancer.  Laetrile is found in foods like: berries, nuts, legumes, and sprouts.  Laetrile is more highly concentrated in fruit with seeds/pits: apple seeds, peach pits, cherry pits, plum pits, and pear seeds.  However, the most potent form of Laetrile is found in apricot kernels and bitter almonds.  Unfortunately, bitter almonds have been banned in the United States, but apricot kernels are available online.  When someone is first learning about laetrile, the chemical structure of laetrile may look scary at first.  The chemical composition of laetrile involves: two atoms of glucose, one atom of cyanide, and one atom of benzaldehyde.  Both cyanide and benzaldehyde are extremely toxic, even more so when used together (100 times more lethal).  So why doesn’t it poison us when we consume laetrile?  There is a protective enzyme within our own cells called rhodanese, which causes excess cyanide to bind to sulfur and is harmlessly excreted out of the body.  There is also another enzyme that is found predominantly in cancer cells called beta-glucosidase.  Beta-glucosidase is known as the “unlocking enzyme” of laetrile.  This enzyme allows the laetrile (cyanide and benzaldehyde) to specifically target only abnormally growing cells (like cancer) and causes cancer cell apoptosis (cell death).

Benefits of laetrile

  • Prevents cancer and cancer remedy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory/pain reliever
  • Supports immune system
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Promotes production of red blood cells


Laetrile and longevity

Looking into certain cultures throughout history which consume a laetrile rich diet(particularly the Hunza tribe and the Inuit), two things are unique about both of them.  Cancer is nonexistent and the average lifespan of its people is over 100 years old.  The Hunza tribe and and the Inuit are two examples of  cultures from different regions, with very different diets (the Hunza tribe eat a plant based Diet and the Inuit ate an animal based diet).  Despite the radically different diets, both of the diets are rich in laetrile.  Even though the Inuit consume an animal based diet, because the caribou they hunt consume a diet rich in laetrile, which the Inuit obtain from eating organ meats.  These cultures typically consume over 200 times the amount of laetrile as the average American.

A World Without Cancer

In 1974, a man named G. Edward Griffin released a book titled “A World Without Cancer”.  In this book, Griffin chronicles the many health benefits and healing capabilities of laetrile.  Since the initial 1974 release of the book, multiple updates and revisions have been printed, due to new information regarding laetrile.  However, decades later the message of the original book remains the same, laetrile is a highly effective cancer fighter.  In addition to the book there was a documentary released concisely explaining what laetrile is and its incredible healing properties.  The documentary is available on youtube and can be viewed below.  When I write my blog posts, I try to minimize the expression of my political stances, religious beliefs, general biases and overall opinions.  However, when I study a natural substance like laetrile containing deadly poisons, that don’t kill us (because of the protective enzyme within the body), but instead have healing properties that specifically target harmful cells (unlocking enzyme found in cancer cells); in my opinion, the very function of laetrile provides tremendous evidence of a divine creator.  The fact that consuming a substance containing two toxic poisons does not harm us, but specifically targets cancer cells is nothing short of a miracle.  Oddly enough, one of the very first passages in the book of Genesis, God declared all living beings to use the seeds of the plants as food.

Points to take home:

  • Laetrile is a chemical primarily found in plant foods
  • Laetrile is a highly potent cancer fighter and preventer
  • Laetrile has many health benefits: normalizes blood pressure, immune support, anti-inflammatory/pain reliever, and increases red blood cells
  • Laetrile’s chemical composition involves: 2 atoms of glucose, 1 atom of cyanide, and 1 atom of benzaldehyde
  • The protective enzyme contained within the human body renders the poisons contained in the laetrile harmless
  • The unlocking enzyme contained in cancer allows the laetrile to hone in and only destroy the cancerous cells

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