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What is Major Depressive Disorder ?

Major Depressive disorder, Major Depression,  Severe depression or clinic depression disturb one’s social functional and daily life. So one becomes melancolic and upset.
The situation of being sad and despondency are frequently comprehend as depression. But clinic depression is a medical diagnosis and it is very different from the situation of being depressed in daily life. Depressed person may feel tired, sad, lazy, angry, apathic. Clinik depression is more intensive than the feeling of normal sorrow. It effects one’s daily activities and expresses a depressed emotional state.

What is the indicator of major depression?

It’s basic features are negative emotions, lack of interest or pleasure, hopelessness and pessimism. Events trouble the person. The person usually thinks bad about future and past. One loses his interest versus different things and responsibilities. Person does not take pleasure from business, personal relationships, private life, sexual activity. In some of the events, the preferential indicator may be anxiety. The level of anxiety may increase and show up unrest. Because one’s hopeless and despair are too intensive, The person thinks that won’t be able to get rid of it. Even depressive person can’t do his daily activities. One is extreme busy with his family, business, health. One’s level of energy decreases. In some of the events, somatic symptoms might be seen priorly. One behaves reactive.
Hopelessness, pessimism, low self-confidince, delinquency stimulate suicidality.One wants to be together with his old partner. In one’s thought world, past events have an important place. The doctors defence that ıntense anxiety is the most important indicators of suicidal tendencies. Suicidal thoughts and venture are important of indicator.
Also one loses weight and appetite.
Sleeping disorderis an important indicator of depression.One might be absent-minded and forgetful.In some of the heavy events, person could confuse real things and unreal things each other.

How is major depressive diagnosised ?

It is not necessary to see of the above symptoms completely to be able to diagnose.
If some of the above symptoms disrupt funcionality and can’t be correlated to other reasons, Major depression is diagnosed.

What is the trigger factor to major depressive disorder?
Anyone doesn’t have specific depressive trigger. But,there are some general major depression trigger.

-Sadness because of losing death, divorce, and separation.
– Some of the reasons that cause social isolation, sense of deprivation.
– The big alterations like moving to somewhere,graduation, business ,retirement.
– Personal conflict with partner, boss, colleague.
– Physical, social and emotional abuse.
– In some of the families, major depression passes from generation to generation. Sometimes, Though there isn’t depression old in generations,ıt might be in new generetions.

Can it major depressive be hampered?
If the person live depression for the first time, posibilities of the second one is high. To prevent depression for the next ones. The person should be aware of the reasons of triggers and major depression. Knowing the indicators of major depression is important.If the person has some of them. He must be seen a professionalist.

Who are under the risk of major depression?

According to datas of The National Mental Health Association Major depression affects about 6.7 percent of the age of 18. Totally 20-25 percent of them have depressed once. Major depression effects adults, youngs, children, olds.

Is the risk of depression higher in women?

Women have twice more risky than men. According to the prevalent opinion, Because puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, abortion, and menopause effects the level of hormone. They increase risk of depression. In the other factors that increase the risk of major or clinic are responsibilities of house and business. Being busy with children, career, old parents might increase the risk of major depression. Also being alone while growing child is an important factor.

What are the indicators of major depressive in men?
Men have less risk. Men rearly expresses and wants help. In men, the indicators are irritability, anger, drugs, and alcohol addiction. Because men suppress their emotions, they are disposed to violence outside. Major depressive disorder causes illness, suicide and murder.

Could major depressive be seen in children?
Yes. If it isn’t treated. It might last long. It might continue in adulthood. Children’s depression indicators might be diffrent from adults. Children refuse school, illness, concerns the loss of parents, school problems.

Does major depressive repeat?
Depression is a repeater ilness. If they be depressive once, the posibility of second one increase.
The indicators of repeater depression
– The presence of residual symptoms
– Having previously suffered from depression
– Cronic depression
– Family history of mood disorders
– Being seen anxiety and substance abuse with depression.
– Starting depression over 60 age.

How often is major depressive seen?
Generally, major depression prevalence is 3-5-8 percent. One-year prevalence is 2.6-6.2 percent. During the life for men 3-12 percent, for women 10-26. Different researches give different results. But the numbers are not far away from each other. Epidemiological datas in any year, womens depression is 13, percent men is 8 percent. According to the Mental Health Profile of Turkey study, one year – The prevalence of seizures in women is 5.4 percent, in men is 2.3.Total the proportion is 4 percent. The risks for women are more than twice. Repeater depression is seen more often in women. Acute attacks tend to show depression in up to 15% of the time undergoing expansion.

What is the posiblity of suicide in major depressive ?
In mood disorders, suicide’s thought and actions are 20-40 percent. Suicide’s risk isn’t always linked with the indicators. In adults suicidality is twice more than youngs. The people that talk about suicide don’t have less risk. The people in the hospital, suicide’s proportion is 15 percent. 15 percent of depression people die with suicide.70 percent of all suicide is because of depression.

Must major depressive person stay in hospital?
– Generally ,it isn’t neccesary.But;
– If there is serious the think of suicide
– The person who plans suicide
– Harming environment
– Loosing appetite
– The problems about treatment afoot.
– Psychotic features

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What is Major Depressive Disorder ?


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