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Homeopathic medicine (remedies) for anxiety

What is homeopathy?

cure illness using homeopathy


Homeopathy is a way of natural and holistic medication used by more than 0.2 million individuals globally to cure both acute and critical conditions. It is  a system based on the key principle of ‘like cures like’ – in other words we can say that a substance taken in a little amount will treat the same signs it causes. Homeopathy is the second most commonly used system of Medicine in the world. Homeopathy is highly effective when the correct remedy is taken, results fast, complete and permanent. Homeopathic medicines are produced using a process mixing sequential dilution and succession (strenuous shaking). Simply we can say Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice in which extremely diminish quantities of certain natural components are used to treat various health conditions.Of course, homeopathy is completely safe to use for adults, kids and also for pregnant women, who are under the guidance of a qualified medical specialist (homeopath).

Homeopathy medicine(remedies) for anxiety

Detailed below are some of the homeopathic medicine for Anxiety that are more widely used.

list of homeopathic medicine/remedies

Homeopathy Remedies

Arsenic album- This is one of the most important remedy used in the management of stress and anxiety. Symptoms that react well to this medicine are anxiety over small, simple circumstances, associate fear, worry or disease, extreme psychological discomfort and physical weakness. In addition, there may be dry skin of the mouth and you may need to drink water very frequently.

Argentum nitricum- This homeopathy medicine can be beneficial when anxiety generates before a big event like an examination, an important meeting, job interview or social involvement. Faintness and diarrhea may also be experienced. Those who need this solution are often passionate and suggestible, with a tendency toward unusual ideas (thoughts) and impulses. They often have desire of sweet and salt(sodium) which usually make their symptoms more worse.

Gelsemium- Emotions and feeling of weakness, shaking, and psychological boredom, recommend a need for this homeopathy medicine. It is often beneficial when a individual has stage fright about a meeting or public performance, or seems nervous before a test, a visit to the dental professional, or any stressful situation. Chills, sweating, diarrhea, will often happen with anxiety.  a worry of dropping, fear of crowd  and even a fear that the heart might stop are other signals for Gelsemium.

Kali phosphoricum – This medicine is widely used for the treatment sleeplessness or restlessness due to anxiety. It is usually recommended in biochemic form, which is, as tablets in low potencies. When a individual has been tired by overwork or sickness and feels stress and lack of ability to deal, this solution may be helpful. The individual is jumpy and oversensitive, and may be surprised by common sounds. Headaches, backaches, and intestinal problems are often seen when this homeopathy medicine is needed.

Natrum mur and Ignatia – Both these remedies are very efficient in handling stress and anxiety when there is history of sadness. It is especially efficient for individuals who are usually reserved and don’t show their sadness. They are more likely to brood  over circumstances and become anxious.


Your signs and symptoms at the the time of going to the physicians are also very important. You should make notices of any changes in normal actions, unnatural worries, fears, nervousness etc and explain them to the physician. You should also explain changes in your habits such as likes and dislikes, food habits, weather issue etc. Lastly you should explain actual physical signs such as diarrhea, bowel problems, acidity, skin issues, hair loss etc. Your physician will collectively examine all your signs before recommending appropriate medications in the amount and strength that are likely to reduce signs quickly without any adverse results.

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Homeopathic medicine (remedies) for anxiety


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