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Is It Healthy To Fast One Day Per Week?

Have you ever thought about the fact that why we get weekends every week? It is because the human Body needs one day of rest from work let it be mental or physical.

The same way our organs need rest because they work since the day we are born until death.

Rest doesn’t mean to actually let them stop working but to give them less load by doing things which are not suitable for your health.

One of the very reliable ways to rest your whole digestive system is to fast once or twice a month.

Yes, that’s right Fasting once or twice a month or one day a week is actually beneficial for your health.

It cleanses all the Toxins that are stored in the body, helps to lose weight and burn calories and also gives a suitable day break to the stomach.

Fasting one day a week is gaining popularity all over the world because people have gained some enormous health benefits.

Should You Fast One Day A Week?

On Which Day You Should Fast
On Which Day You Should Fast

The answer is yes. There are many health benefits to one day per week fast which is noticeable. But you shouldn’t start off suddenly.

Beginners should start by fasting one day in a month and then slowly increase to one day per week.

Because in the starting you might experience symptoms like vomiting, nausea, bloating, and gas pain and even get a low blood pressure. So it is better to start slowly and then move on to the routine.

Health Benefits Of Fasting Once In A Week

  • Fasting improves your energy and enhances your strength to be active throughout.
  • It gives you peace and clarity of thinking.
  • It flushes out the toxins from our body and prevents any chances of future diseases.
  • It is said to improve eyesight.
  • It can also act as an immune booster and also acts against the aging process.
  • Fasting also gives you a feeling of overall betterment.
  • Last but not the least the best way to lose weight is the one-day fasting plan.

With the passage of time and a couple of fast days, fasting will get a lot easier for you. We present you with 5 reasons , why should we  fast  right from today:

  • Healthy Reason 1 – Brings More Life To Your Mind And Soul

Brings More Life To Your Mind And Soul

Brings More Life To Your Mind And Soul

Every time you fast you will feel enlightened and you will start having a greater sense of mental clarity. You just need to fast once in a week and that will be enough to remove the toxins out of your body without having to worry about food.

As you go on purifying your body and mind, you will start seeing yourself more powerful than usual. You will truly find the peace of mind by fasting.

  • Healthy Reason 2 – Stay Youthful By Eating Healthy

Stay Youthful By Eating Healthy

Stay Youthful By Eating Healthy

What if we could help you reverse your biological age? Amazing, right? You can do that by removing toxins from your life. During a fast, your body will flush out toxins through your urine and bowel movements.

These toxins are responsible for hindering your mental and physical performance as you get older.

A healthier lifestyle with weekly fast, healthy eating habits and daily exercise helps to remove toxins and will literally give you a youthful glow and younger appearance.

Your skin will look much better, you will lose fat and most importantly, you will think more clearly and live longer!

  • Healthy Reason 3 – Eat Only When You Are Hungry

Eat Only When You Are Hungry
Eat Only When You Are Hungry

A person will start to truly appreciate food only when he\she abstains from it. It is important for us to understand that our stomach as well as our minds are programmed to eat three meals a day from a very long time.

There is also a great advantage of fasting: as you fast your stomach shrinks to its natural size and can fire more accurate messages or “synapses” of hunger to your brain.

  • Healthy Reason 4 – You Need To Clean Your Joints Of Acid Crystals

The toxins and inorganic minerals that are obtained from the liquids you drink and the foods you eat get dispersed into your bloodstream and are carried throughout the depths of your body.

It is important for you to drink the purest form of water.e. distilled water. Distilled water does not contain any inorganic minerals or chemicals. Calcium-like spurs attach themselves to the joints and calcified substances replace the synovial fluid, thereby leading to pain and aches in the joints of the body.

  • Healthy Reason 5 – You Need To Relieve The Body From Solid Obstructions

You Need To Relieve The Body From Solid Obstructions
You Need To Relieve The Body From Solid Obstructions

Have you ever realized that when you become ill and visit the doctor he\she blames everything under the sun on causing your illness, but the most simple fact is that it is caused by unhealthy foods and eating habits most of the time?

And what happens next? He\She prescribes you more toxic drugs to put into your body.

Never go for over-eating before your fast day, rather go for doing the opposite. Eat lighter and cleaner foods such as nuts, nut butter. fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains. Drink plenty of water (preferably distilled or purified).

What Happens When You Fast

When you fast one day a week the body utilizes its own cells and eat itself up thus destroying all kind of bacterial sites.

It also uses the energy stored up in your body previously to lead you through the day without day which leads to weight loss.

Fasting only with water helps to flush out all the toxins more efficiently as when there is food in your stomach, water gets absorbed faster leading to thick urine.

With more water inside you, it becomes easy to flush away all the unnecessary ingredients that have been stored inside you since long.

When you are not taking any food, what your body does is that it attacks the glycogen storage of the liver to break them down and turn into glucose.

On the first day of your fast, only glycogen reserves are broken. But as you proceed weekly, the fat stores are targeted and slowly they are also broken down.

The fast should not be continued because if it continues your blood will break the muscle and withdraw energy from them.

Your body needs the muscles hence, it is recommended to fast only one day per week.

On Which Day You Should Fast?

On Which Day You Should Fast
On Which Day You Should Fast

Choose a day where you have very less work to do. This is recommended for beginners as they are not used to it.

You can do slow and light movements like reading and yoga but not anything heavy. Remember your body can survive without food for days, it is just a habit, and hence, carrying out one day fast is not hard.

During the day of fast remember to drink only water. Start your day with 2 glasses of water to enhance bowel movements and continue with that for the rest of the day.

There are no restrictions on the amount of water you should drink. But you shouldn’t drink any other nutritious fluid like milk or fruit juices as it would hamper the process of fasting.

Few Important Things To Consider While Fasting

Fasting Quotes
Fasting Quotes

Remember it is a 24 hour fast so note down the time you ate food. Break your fasting after exact 24 hours only.

Go light on your stomach as it was resting and cannot start off with a jerk. So the best way to break off a fast is to drink lemon juice with honey.

You can eat fruits or boiled vegetables but it shouldn’t contain oil and spice.

Even if all these are happening inside your body, do not forget that the motive behind fasting is to provide ample of rest to the digestive organs and to flush out the toxins.

You might get cravings all day because your body is lacking nutrients, do not listen to them and whenever you feel a pang of hunger depend on water.

If something goes inside your stomach, even if it is water it will trick your brain and keep it calm for some time.

If you cannot go for full day water fast, you can also go for a fruit fast or a fresh fruit juice only fast which of course has to be without sugar and some amount of fruits should be maintained.

It is not like water so you cannot take how much ever you want. Fruits can be taken because they are pretty easy to digest and would not contribute to fatty acids or toxins. With a fruit fasting also you can go for flushing out of toxins.

I would like to conclude now that by saying that, this is only for the age group of 25-45 years and not below of above that because it might be harmful to them. Fast, but be sure to restrict it to one day a week only.

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Is It Healthy To Fast One Day Per Week?


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