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How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercing?

Are you looking for a complete guide on Nipple piercing? Do you want to get Your nipples pierced? Are you in worry whether you should get your nipples pierced or not? Here you will find all the answers to your questions.

Now everybody is fond of piercing his body parts. Whether it may be ear piercing or nipple piercing. But you should aware of pros and cons of piercing your nipples. Nipple piercing is common for both girls and boys.

How will you get your nipple pierced? First of all, visit the doctor and get proper details of nipple piercing. After making your mind take an appointment of professional who has a good experience. Also, take a suggestion from professionals before getting your nipple pierced.

What piercing jewellery you should choose for your nipples? There are two types of piercing jewellery one is ring piercing and another is barbell piercing. You should buy piercing of proper material, size, and weight to avoid infection.

What precautions have you to take to avoid infections? The aftercare of nipple piercing is important to avoid infections and pain. Also, follow the instructions provided by your piercer to avoid any infections.

How to cure nipple piercing infections? Once your nipples get infected immediately remove your piercings and report to the doctor.

Types Of Jewellery For Nipple Piercing:

Ring and barbell are the two types of piercing. Ring piercing is more popular. Moreover, it depends on the size and shape of your nipples which piercing will be best for you.

You should choose jewellery made of steel. Moreover, avoid that jewellery that more nickel content. Also, take a suggestion from your piercer before purchasing jewellery for piercing.

Symptoms Of Infected Nipple Piercing:


  • Redness at the piercing area is natural because it takes a long time to get heal.
  • It takes about a year to get properly healed.
  • But extreme redness for a long time may be due to infection.


  • When the piercing process is complete, lymph will secret from the wound.
  • It is due to your body’s waste removal system.
  • You will see white, green or yellow pus around the piercing after sometime.
  • You should clear it properly and safely to avoid any infection.
  • Because improper hygiene can cause severe infections in future.


  • It is blood filled cyst around the piercing area.
  • It requires proper medical treatment and drainage.

4.Keloid Scarring:

  • It is the permanent growth of scar tissue around piercing area.
  • It doesn’t shrink in size.
  • It requires surgical treatment.

How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercings?

How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercings
How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercings

If your piercing developed small bumps or it turned red and swollen then, unfortunately, it got infected. Infections occur normally on piercing but you have to cure it as soon as possible.

1.Cleaning Of Your Nipple Piercing:

Step 1-

  • Always keep your hand clean before touching your nipple piercing.
  • Use castile soap or antimicrobial cleanser to wash your hands.
  • Use hot water while washing your hands.

Step 2-

  • Wash your nipple piercing with warm water.
  • This will itself remove any crusty material at the piercing.
  • Furthermore, you can use Q-tip to remove that material.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath in a bathtub.

Step 3-

  • Use an antimicrobial cleanser or castile soap to wash your piercing jewellery.
  • Wash the outer parts of your piercing and exit holes carefully.
  • Don’t rotate or move your nipple piercing forcefully.

Step 4-

  • Wash carefully the piercing removing all the soap residue.
  • Let it air dry.

2.Salt Soak:

  • Take 1 cup of hot water and add about the a½ tablespoon of sea salt in it.
  • Place the cup such that your jewellery, and exit and entrance holes are properly covered.
  • Let it soak for 3-5 minutes.
  • Wash it with tepid water.
  • Let it air dry.

Visit the doctor if your infection is not cured by above- mentioned treatment within 2 days. And tell your doctor each and everything from starting. So that he can properly treat you.

What Diet To Follow To Avoid Nipple Infections?

Well, there is not any specified diet for the treatment of nipple infections. You can consult to your piercer for proper aftercare of your piercings.

You should follow the proper healthy diet. Because having proper balanced diet keeps you fit and healthy for forever.

Also, it will help your wounds to heal quickly.

How To Get Your Nipples Pierced To Avoid Infection?

How To Get Your Nipples Pierced To Avoid Infection
How To Get Your Nipples Pierced To Avoid Infection

Step 1-

Select The Reputed Professional Piercer:

  • Select the reputed and experienced piercer for your nipple piercing.
  • This will avoid any harm to your nipples. Because they know well how to suitably use piercing tools.
  • Also, they can guide you properly about nipple piercing than any other roadside piercer.
  • Take a suggestion from the piercer and also from the persons who have pierced their nipples.
  • This will help you in evaluating whether you want to have nipple piercing or not.
  • Furthermore, this will let you know better the pros and cons of nipple piercing.
  • Moreover, it will give abetter feel to you about the experience of having nipple piercing.

Step 2-

Take A Visit To Professional Piercer’s Parlor:

  • You should not go on name and fame of piercer’s reputation.
  • Visit piercer’s parlour to check whether it will be good for piercing your nipples or not.
  • Look whether the parlour is clean or not.
  • Whether he is taking care of proper hygiene or not while piercing.
  • All these things will help you decide whether that parlour is good to get your nipples pierced or not.

Step 3-

Pros And Cons Of Nipple Piercing:

  • It’s better to aware yourself with pros and cons of nipple piercing.
  • The biggest disadvantage of nipple piercing is that it takes a long time to heal.
  • And also it is more prone to infections. Moreover, its aftercare is difficult.

Step 4-

Decide Piercing Jewellery:

  • As I have told you about two types of piercing jewellery. You can choose one of them of your choice.
  • Also, consult with your piercer before purchasing piercing jewellery.

Step 5- Fix An Appointment For Your Piercing:

  • After knowing all aspects of nipple piercing fix an appointment with the piercer to get your nipples pierced.
  • You will feel some pain while piercing.
  • You can get your nipples pierced horizontally or vertically. But generally, it follows from horizontally to vertically.

Does Nipple Piercing Will Affect Your Breastfeeding Ability?

Nipple piercing does not affect your breastfeeding ability. You have to only heal your nipple piercing properly before breastfeeding. So that you and your baby will stay away from any infection.

Moreover, professional piercers avoid nipple piercing of pregnant women. Due to health issues created by nipple piercing. So if you are pregnant avoid nipple piercing for at least 1-2 years.

Furthermore, remove your jewellery before breastfeeding. So that it will avoid your baby from swallowing your jewellery. Also, it will protect your baby’s gum and teeth.

Side Effects Of Nipple Piercing:

You may or may not suffer from these side effects but it’s better to know about them.

  • Nipple infection in women can easily spread from milk ducts to lymph nodes below the arms.
  • Improper piercing can also cause nerve damage.
  • Piercing causes little bleeding but the sometimes amount of bleeding may be higher.
  • Nipple piercing leads to the growth of cyst inside the nipples.
  • It can also cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Furthermore, it can also cause keloid scarring.
  • Moreover, it is also relevant to hepatitis C and hepatitis B infection.

How Long It Takes To Heal Nipple Piercing?

It can take months to years for the healing of your piercings. Usually, it takes 8 months to 1 year to get it healed properly.

Improper aftercare can increase the healing time. So you have to follow proper instructions to avoid any infections. And to get your piercing healed quickly.

How To Avoid Nipple Piercing Infections?

You can avoid nipple piercing infection by taking its proper aftercare. Let me tell give you some tips to avoid nipple piercing infection.

  • Take a shower to clean your piercings. Avoid pool and bathtub for some time.
  • Use antimicrobial soap for the cleaning of your piercings.
  • The fragrance-free antibacterial soap you have to use for cleaning of piercings.
  • Avoid use of any alcohol based cleaning compound, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic solution or skin cleansers.
  • You have to avoid swimming until your piercing gets properly healed.
  • Avoid tight clothes at the piercing site. So that your piercing will heal quickly.
  • Avoid unnecessarily repeated touching of your piercing.

The above- mentioned tips will help you to get rid of nipple piercing infection. Furthermore, consult to professional piercer if piercing infection exists for more than 2 days.

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How To Treat Infected Nipple Piercing?


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