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Why Do Some People Eat Fried Foods and Not Gain Weight?

Discover the secret why some people don’t Gain Weight even after eating fried junk food in this article.

Most of us are amazed at how our skinny friends/cousins/siblings relish Fried Food and still don’t seem to Gain a pound. Whereas, when we eat the same amounts, the weighing scale shoots up a few numbers.

We eagerly wish to know their secret tricks and hacks to maintain the perfect figure. Well, now there is no need to pester them with questions as we have answers to all your inquisitions.

So read on and have all your doubts cleared on why this injustice has been inflicted on you!

Fried food no doubt makes a more favored choice over other options. But it also means more energy intake. And if this energy is not expended, it is seen in the form of fat on your body.

The reason why in some people the weight gain is more prominently experienced is their genes. These individuals have more genetic risks for gaining weight than others.

Unfortunately, in this case, their genes are their enemies. Also, women are more likely to gain weight than their male counterparts.

It has been proven in research that fried food has a greater impact on individuals who have the genetic risk for weight gain or obesity. This research involved about 37,000 male and female participants.

The study involved analyzing the effect of fast food on the BMI of this sample population. It was observed that individuals with a greater genetic risk for weight gain were affected twice as much as those with a lesser risk for obesity.

This study proved that genes indeed play a major role of weight you gain or bear. It also gave an answer as to why few people gain weight easily while others do not.

It indeed becomes a very frustrating situation for such people who gain weight so quickly. But sadly, it is their genes to be blamed. Also, such people should stop envying those who do not gain weight even on eating a lot of junk and fried food.

The reason is that the condition of maintaining the same weight even on eating a lot of unhealthy junk is in fact not very healthy and natural. It has its risks and dangers.

Even though you can’t do much to change what is in your genes, you can surely manage this condition. You need to be careful with the dietary choices that you make.

How To Manage Your Weight?

How To Manage Your Weight
How To Manage Your Weight

Given below are a few guidelines which would help you to manage your weight:

  • Avoid as far as possible, eating foods like white bread, cakes, and French fries which are loaded with calories. If it is difficult to give them up, reduce the intake to just one portion once a week. You can choose healthier options like whole wheat bread over white bread.
  • Include salads to your daily diet and make sure that the toppings are low fat and the veggies are raw. You may also include fresh soups and stews in your daily meal plans.
  • Choose baked food over fried food. It would mean less of oil intake and thus less of calorie intake.
  • Have some smaller meals throughout the day than large meals. Make sure the meals are balanced and nutritious.
  • Go for whole fruits and vegetables, rather than juices which are calorically high.
  • Cut out artificially sweetened beverages, soft drinks and other calorically dense drinks.
  • Choose stairs over elevators and go more often for walks and jogs.
  • Don’t lose hope or get demotivated. Be proactive and make these healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

So don’t go on thinking that your genes have the full control over your weight. You can take the control over in your hands and see the results that you wish to see.

Be motivated and dedicated to following a healthy routine and see the amazing changes in your overall health.

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Why Do Some People Eat Fried Foods and Not Gain Weight?


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