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More China links to Phillipines casino cyberheist (plus local election commentary)

from the Inquirer: two high rollers from China probably got the Money and ran.

More HERE.

But China will use the "bad relationship" with the Philippines as an excuse not to arrest them.

Never mind that the money was stolen from Bangladesh.

Apparently this heist was the tip of the iceberg: Drudge has two headlines about a leak of papers showing corruption by many big shots in various governments involved in this stuff.

Infowarslink here...

the problem, of course, is that for Wikileaks, the west (and Russia) are the enemy, but the corruption in China is not part of the story.

as China officially becomes part of the NWO elite, expect more money to go there, where the great firewall of China and the anti western bias of the Wikileaks types will let them keep it safe.

So if Trump wins, will that be good news or bad news for China? They are frothing at the mouth at his candidacy, but on the other hand, Trump Tower in New Jersey (by his company not by the Donald) is partly financed with Chinese money.


the rest o this is a rant, so you can stop reading here.

I almost laughed when Reuters reported the Philippine bishops opposed "gambling" after the casino heist.

The MSM finally noticed? The bishops have been opposing gambling for years: Our "local" election a few years ago had the bishop in a tizzy against the governor for his plans to build a casino here, in the middle of nowhere, for example, because it would seduce locals into prostitution and drugs. (and indeed, in the last 3 years, drugs have become a huge problem here: before it was lowgrade and not noticed, but now we are frequently reading about bodies dumped, probably drug related murders and there has been an increase in robberies by druggies).

Even the use of lottery money was opposed by the bishop of a nearby province because he pointed out that the local gov't pushed it as a job for local poor people to make money when actually it diverts money from the poor who desperately buy tickets for a tiny chance to get rich, while the a lot of the lottery money that is supposed to go for projects for the poor gets diverted.

Backstory is that PNoy, who came in as a "reform" candidate actually went after some politicians, but he mainly was popular with the US because he decided for pushing free birth control and the rest of the Obama moral now we see free BC in gov't clinics used by the poor. But one third of the ladies deliver at home with midwives or hilots, and not at clinics, so those who "need" it the most won't get it.

I have argued elsewhere the village "pill lady", using private, not public, funding, would be a better approach, but hey, that won't allow coercion of poor people to stop having babies. (note: the population increase here is slowing, from a fertility rate of 6 to under 3 kids per woman over the last 20 years, but the aim of the NWO is negative population growth hence coercion is needed.)

But the backstory is that the elites, pushed by American social media and American money, see the Catholics as the enemy of modernity (duh).  Pope Francis' comments are a blessing to them: the comments can be cherry picked and manipulated to push their agenda...

Tagles, of Manila, is part of the modernistic push, but not all bishops will bow down to the NWO...So expect more push to find corruption in the church (duh) or in anyone who opposes the NWO.

The irony is that these NWO agenda and the active social media are trying to try to seduce the elite "Catholics" into New Age helping poor folks or social gospel needed.... just feng shui and food to make you live forever, and other trendy new age fads.

In the meanwhile there is manipulation to try to push the (anti Catholic) evangelical community to help them destroy the Catholic church.

But it backfired recently, because the Evangelicals have no problem with birth control, or even divorce, but do draw the line at gay marriage.

Which is why born again Manny Paquiao was dropped by Nike for "anti gay" remarks. No one here worries about local gays, who keep to themselves, but the growing corruption and promiscuity (including an HIV epidemic, mainly in the gay community) in gay friendly Makati and the idea that it is okay for the rich to seduce our boys is another corrupting influence.

How dare Pacman notices the huge gay tourism push against our boys! (CNN had an article touting the country as a gay friendly place for sex tourists, so it's not exactly a secret).

The NWO types are making the most of demonizing Pacman as a bigot, and using the HIV epidemic to push condoms in our high schools to heterosexual girls, along with the idea that sex before marriage is okay. Sure, couples always have had sex before marriage, but now the idea of sex education is that it is not wrong to play around as long as you are "safe" step, abortion for the "whoops" babies, instead of marriage.

The irony, of course, is that poor girls who become bar girls i.e. prostitutes is not the same thing: it is part of the "family oriented" ethic of the Philippines, becausethey don't do it for pleasure but to support their family, and hey, some of them do get the blue ribbon and get a rich husband that way.

Indeed, there was a minor kerfufle when the former US Ambassador was caught by wikileaks saying ten percent of tourists coming here were sex tourists, (usually heterosexual). How dare he say that (like "second wives", it is not something one talks about).

The poor people think the girls are just trying to make a living, and hopefully snare a rich husband, but the feminists and left populists rejoiced when the US bases left and the bar scene that seduced our girls near the bases lost their customers.

But now it is back:  the dirty little secret is that the casinos spread prostitution and drugs into the areas where they are present. The girls often end up with a sad life but hey their pimps make a fortune.

and even here in the provinces, drugs and murder and corruption get worse.

We are in election season, anfid worrying that there will be more politically motivated murders. we are considered the "wild west" of the Philippines, which is why so many Duterte posters are up (although the local left supports Poe)

Duterte is Marcos lite, a law and order type who says he'll get the bad guys, and Poe is seen as American and anti corruption, and running with a VP who actually mutinied against our lovely ex pres Gloria.

It's the corruption stupid. But the dirty little secret is that the rich families will still run the place, and in the provinces, whoever wins gets first dibs on diverting the money.

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More China links to Phillipines casino cyberheist (plus local election commentary)


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