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Wikileaks and Duterte: the press hates them both for not following the meme

This will have consequences: Guy Fawkes hits again...

Twitter etc. who have silenced the non PC commenters have been taken off line  by the  young men in pajamas who live in their parent's basement.

Hackers have power this election cycle. They even managed to hack private non secured emails containing top secret information.

but the hacker wars with China and Russia have actually been going on for a couple of years: and not just evil enemies: hacking non secure email is so easy that even a high school kid can do it,

StrategyPage  has had quite a few articles about the details over the last few years, if you check out their website.

The latest article notes that jamming of enemies' signals has been going on since the 1970's, but that now the military is clamping down on... nose art. You know, the dirty pictures on the nose of the drones/missiles/airplanes?

Of course, one of my friends who was USNavy is hyperventillating on Facebook about a marine who smacked her on her backside like men do to each other in football as she was leaving after conversation... So it is a morale problem. Sheesh.
Every women can tell similar stories, which is why Trumpie boy is in hot water with the women vote.

But as we used to say in the good old days: Don't make a federal case about it.

but one does happen to worry about priorities.

Which is one reason that Duterte is making nice with China despite the press claiming Obama has done a "military pivot to Asia".

Military pivot my foot: Obama has sat back and ignored calls for help, and only now that China has destroyed the ecosystem building artificial islnds with military capacity, and an election is near, that Obama decides to push in their face by sailing the US navy near these islands.

As for the "anti American demonstrations" a few days ago in the Philippines that got in the headlines: I had to laugh. That was done by an activist leftist group, aka communists, who demonstrate all the time.

They can get a demonstration up against the US any day they want to. And they can even hire bodies for 500 pesos a day if they want a crowd: since this was a small crowd, it looks like the regulars are just doing one of their routine protests: nothing new here.

they were demonstrating against US troops being allowed back into their former bases, and this is an on going meme for the last 30 years.

but the US press is making a big thing of it, just as they make a big thing of the anti drug war but for years ignored the drug gang killings. And here in the Philippines, it looks like the US press is making war against the right of the Philippine people to decide how they want to govern themselves.

Body found tied up and killed before Duterte? local news. Body found tied up and killed now: Evil Duterte's drug war.


the anti Americanism, however, like some of the NPA, a lot of this is indeed grass roots: My maid belongs to a sister group who fights for farmer's rights.

And it is not anti Americans, who are liked, but against a US policy of telling the Philippines what to do, like not to make China angry by letting your fishermen continue using their traditional fishing grounds and especially not to antagonize them by using the military to defend the fishermen, as Indonesia has done.

but then you have the usual idiots in the US and ellite press hyperventillating that the local cops ran over some demonstrators, when what happened is that the demonstrators were attacking and hitting on the truck, and the driver moved forward.

well, given the tendency to shoot demonstrators here, it sounds like the cops were being polite.

Presumably the driver should have left them pull him out and beat him up?

Come to think of it, the advice to slowly keep moving was why Instapundit was banned temporarily from USA Today and Twitter.

so we have come a full circle: Insist you have the right to defend yourself, and you are banned by an establishment that ignores the paid demonstrators who attack you.

But ignore another part of the backstory which is the demonstration was actually about the worry that the US military in the south will help the government kill the leftist militants, not just the Islamic militants.

Duterte is actually a leftist who is sympathetic to the NPA (or the MILF for that matter) because many of them want the rights of the locals to be respected and want to fight against the corruption of the elite...,but Duterte is also very willing to kill those who claim to represent the people but drift into kidnapping/drug selling and extortion to get rich.

and ignore the news story where a reporter who found a bunch of Americans in a Subic bar who were worried that Duterte will throw them out of the Philippines. That is propaganda. Most of us are happy that we are in a lot less danger from criminals now. And although Duterte has problems with some aspects of American bossing the Philippines around, there is not a lot of grass roots dislike of Americans in general.

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Wikileaks and Duterte: the press hates them both for not following the meme


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