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Finally, After 13 Months Of Research, There Is Now A
Way To Treat Eye

Dear Friend,

Are you annoyed by your Eye Floaters constantly drifting about in your field of vision?

Are you stressed out by those shadowy threads that always manage to move away each time you try to look at them?

Do you feel frustrated each time you look up the sky and see the entire floater population in your view?

Have you tried an eye floaters treatment that worked for others but didn’t work for you?

Well, you’re not alone!


Hi, I’m Keith Low, and I had suffered from eye floaters for 8 long years.

I still remember that day when I saw my first eye floater for the very first time…

I thought something had got into my eye, so I went to the sink and started splashing water onto my eye to see if I could wash it off.  However many times I tried, it just wouldn’t ‘come off’.  I tried using a commercial eye wash but that didn’t work either.  Days passed, and my worries soon turned to fear as it slowly became clear to me that I could be having a vision problem.

The first ophthalmologist that I saw knew what I was having, but kept absolutely silent until he had checked my eye thoroughly.  He then told me I had eye floaters and explained what they were.  However, it was what he said next that I couldn’t accept…

 “There is no cure for eye floaters.”

I felt really depressed.  How was I going to get used to these annoying little things floating all over my vision for the rest of my life?

How can I have a normal life when I see them all the time, in everything I do?

I went from one eye specialist to another, in 3 different countries, hoping to find one that could treat my eye floaters – but they all delivered the same verdict;

    • there isn’t any tear in my retina,
    • the floaters in the eye are harmless, and …
    • I will get used to them.

It was almost as if they had been trained to say this…

I desperately wanted to get rid of my floaters, but all the doctors that I had seen didn’t give me much hope.


Is There One Single Effective Way To Treat Eye Floaters?

I was determined to find a way to get rid of my eye floaters, so I travelled far and wide on the Internet trying to learn more about eye floaters, and hoping to one day stumble upon that elusive cure.  I searched websites of some of the largest authorities on eye diseases, such as the American Academy Of Ophthalmology and the American National Eye Institute, hoping to read about new discoveries in the area of eye floaters treatment, but there wasn’t any.  Instead, all I managed to accomplish from the long hours I spent on the PC was add a few more floaters to my already crowded eyeball. 

But still I didn’t give up.  I read the forums and bought e-books on topics related to eye floaters treatment, such as eye floaters cure, remedy for floaters and how to get rid of eye floaters.

I tried every strategy, followed what others had done, and spent my hard earned money on expensive products…but NOTHING WORKED!

It took quite awhile but eventually I discovered the COLD HARD TRUTH about why I simply couldn’t get rid of my floaters.  And here it is…

It is going to take more than a single solution to treat eye floaters.  While some do benefit from the application of one single solution, it is the combined benefits of multiple solutions that greatly increases the chance of a cure.

Many people have tried different kinds of solutions in an attempt to treat eye floaters, but there are 3 that seemed to stand out from the rest…

I studied these 3 methods in detail, and it made sense why they had helped so many reduce their floaters.

They each had their individual strengths in helping to eliminate floaters, and if their strengths were combined, the potential to eliminate floaters would be even greater.

I followed each method carefully, and after almost 6 months, most of the floaters had cleared up!  And I have not had any new ones popping up ever since!

I have structured these methods into a comprehensive eye floaters treatment e-book which I call “STOP EYE FLOATERS”, and I’m now making this e-book available to everyone.

Sure I know there are other e-books on eye floaters treatment ‘floating’ around the Internet.  While searching for a cure, I spent my hard earned money on some of them and came away MASSIVELY disappointed.

Let me explain…

The fact is, many of these so-called experts will happily sell you a poorly written e-book about an eye floaters treatment which in actual fact is made up of

    • lots and lots of general information about eye floaters and very little about how to get rid of them
    • recommendations that are unheard of and not supported by any evidence or testimonials that they are effective in treating eye floaters
    • general tips on healthy living

When I wrote my e-book, I made sure it had the right information, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it gives the readers a REALISTIC chance of getting rid of their floaters.


Eye Floaters Treatment - STOP EYE FLOATERS

What you will get in “STOP EYE FLOATERS”:

    • straight-to-the-topic on how to get rid of eye floaters
    • not one, not two, but three safe and effective methods to treat eye floaters
    • a detailed analysis of why each method is effective in treating floaters
    • easy-to-follow instructions for each method
    • clinical studies performed on these methods
    • genuine testimonials from people who cured their floaters using these methods

                                      This is it.
This is THE book that will CLOSE THE BOOKS on eye floaters.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is currently a surgery called floaters-only vitrectomy (FOV), a procedure which replaces the vitreous gel with saline solution.  This surgery costs USD4,000-USD5,000 per eye.  Most doctors would not recommend this unless the floaters are causing a great amount of stress to the patient, or the vision is significantly impaired as a result of the floaters.  Patients undergoing this treatment may also risk developing cataract, infection, retinal detachment and other complications.

That is why the powerful, comprehensive eye floaters treatment that I have carefully put together in my illustrated e-book “STOP EYE FLOATERS” would be a huge bargain at a price of $68 if it helps eliminate your floaters, minus all the risks and complications of an eye surgery.

But that’s not what you’re paying today.  Instead, I’m offering to you this well-researched eye floaters treatment e-book for an unbelievable price of only $24.95!


After weeks and weeks of toiling over a huge volume of data sourced from FDA reports, I have finally put together 2 very special easy-to-read statistical reports on eye floaters.  The regular retail price of each report is $9.95, but for now, I’m giving them to you absolutely free if you order my e-book “STOP EYE FLOATERS” TODAY!

Super Bonus #1: 

Top 10 Conditions That May Cause Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters Treatment - Top 10 Conditions That May Cause Eye FloatersDo you suffer from any medical condition?  Find out INSTANTLY if your condition ranks among the top 10 medical conditions with the highest rate of vitreous (eye) floaters.

This report lists what the top 10 medical conditions are, together with data on the patients who have floaters.  The report also provides a complete list of over 200 medical conditions, the number of patients studied, and the number of these patients who reported having floaters.  If your medical condition is listed among the top few, then seek your healthcare provider’s view and let him/her decide if anything more can be done to bring your floaters under control.

This is the first ever statistical report on medical conditions and the incidence of eye floaters.

Super Bonus #2:

Top 10 Drugs That May Cause Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters Treatment - Top 10 Drugs That May Cause Eye FloatersAre you currently on any medication?  Find out INSTANTLY if the drug you are taking ranks among the top 10 drugs with the highest rate of vitreous (eye) floaters.

This report lists what the top 10 drugs are, together with data on the patients who have floaters.  The report also provides a list of over 300 drugs, the number of patients studied, and the number of these patients who reported having floaters.  If your drug is listed among the top few, then DO NOT discontinue your medication, but seek your healthcare provider’s advise and let him/her decide whether or not to change your medication.

Once again, this is the first ever report of its kind that shows the relationship between drugs and the incidence of eye floaters.


So lets recap what I’m giving you…

      Surgery-free, triple-strength remedy for eye floaters ($24.95)
    • Super Bonus #1: Top 10 Conditions That May Cause Eye Floaters
      Check if your medical condition may be the cause of your eye floaters ($9.95)
    • Super Bonus #2: Top 10 Drugs That May Cause Eye Floaters
      Check if your medication may be the cause of your eye floaters ($9.95)

BuyNow button

Armed with the knowledge that you’ll learn from all three books, you’re in an excellent position to finally find a solution for your eye floaters!

And they’re all yours for only $24.95!

The success of my e-book “STOP EYE FLOATERS” is 100% dependent on the success of my technique in curing eye floaters.  So be rest assured that what you will receive is a well-researched book that is a culmination of the many, many months I spent searching for an effective way to treat eye floaters.

But on the other hand, I also fully understand the feeling of apprehension that comes with buying an e-book.

And that’s why I am going to take away ALL of the risk…

Guarantee Seal

If in the next 60 days, you find that the “STOP EYE FLOATERS” e-book is not what you had expected, I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund – no questions asked!  I’ll even let you keep the bonuses as my thanks for reading my e-book.

It’s that simple.

But you need to act fast…

If the price shown on this website is $24.95, it means you’re within the first 50 orders of the month.  Once the first 50 orders of the month are received, the price on this website will automatically change to $29.95.

Click the order link below and upon completing your registration you will receive instructions on how to download the e-book and the bonuses. Remember, this deal comes with a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, so you have nothing to lose – except your eye floaters!

BuyNow button

P.S. If you have any questions at all, you can reach me at [email protected] and I promise to get back to you promptly!

Warmest Regards

Keith Low

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