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Mushroom is a kind of fungus.
Most mushrooms are a fair source of proteins & contain low amounts of starch.
Some of them are rich in B complex vitamins & minerals like iron & copper.
Most of the vitamins in the mushrooms are retained even when cooked, canned, dehydrated or frozen.

Mushrooms have been credited with various curative properties like removing warts & blemishes on the skin, curing madness & now scientists are trying to identify anti-cancer properties in them.

Certain kinds of anaemia's are reported to have been treated successfully with mushroom extracts.
Mushrooms are excellent sources of antioxidants in general as they contain polyphenols & selenium, which are common in the plant world.

The health benefits of mushrooms include relief from high cholesterol levels, breast cancer, prostrate cancer & diabetes. It also helps in weight loss & increases the strength of your immune system.
Mushrooms are a rich source of calcium, which is an essential nutrient in the formation & strength of bones. A steady supply of calcium in the diet can reduce your chances of developing conditions like osteoporosis & can also reduce joint pain & general lack of mobility that is associated with bone degradation.

They improve the health of your skin & boost your energy levels.
Some mushrooms are drunk as a tonic, some treat wounds & many contain important enzymes & anti-oxidants that lend a helping hand to the overall health of your immune system.
Helps fight infection.

Mushrooms have analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties.
Lowers blood pressure.
Helps increase libido & combat allergies.

Saffron Milk Cap:

Very strong antibacterial & anti fungal properties.



Yellow Stagshorn:

Not edible or useful for anything but very pretty!!

 Beechwood Sickener:

No Good:)

Common Stinkhorn: 

Stinkhorn mushroom is an edible fungus.
Young fruit bodies of an egg-stage can be used for food.
Fried on oil they have a fish taste.

Ancient Romans dedicated this fungus to Cerera - the goddess of fertility. Germans have named it "a witch's egg".
In middle ages it was used for preparing so called "amorous liquor".
In Austria it is called "a podagra morel".
Baltic & Slav people's medicine advises using Zemestauki (Phallus Impudicus) for pains in abdomen, renal diseases, for bathing & treating wounds, as a remedy for rheumatism & podagra.
The Chinese have attracted their attention to this fungus as a remedy for carcinoma of the lip.
Recent experiments & clinical  studies show that Stinkhorn mushroom juice  have an anthithrombogenic activity, which is very important in thromboembolic disease prevention in cancer.

It is known for its antibiotic properties both topically (on the skin) & internally.  Its juices can be spread on cuts & burns to help ward off infections as well as kill off any bacteria that my already be in the wound.  
Also for frostbites, eczema, psoriasis, trophic ulcer.
When using stinkhorn it is best to use a good probiotic because it is  indiscriminate on which bacteria it kills.

Despite it being a fungus itself, it is actually a pretty good fungicide, helping to heal things such as athlete's foot or ring worm.
Common Stinkhorn helps & cures not only cancer but also stomach tract diseases, stomach ulcers, bacteriosis, gastritis, ruptures & podagra & also gynecopathiesmastopathy & myoma.
It is the first remedy against bone deformations, as well as a good remedy for potency – ancient Romans used it for the improvement of potency.
The Common Stinkhorn juice liquidizes blood, diminishes blood pressure & improves immunity - phytoncides of the mushroom kill viruses of herpes, flu, hepatitis.
The mushroom without any addition of alcohol helps to cure pancreas.
It can be used also during the post-operational stage.
    For prevention & treatment of malign & benign tumours, as well as after beam therapy & chemotherapy.
      For treatment of liver, kidneys,haemorrhoids & a fissure of rectum.
            Due to the Mushrooms phallic shape this species is infamous in folklore, rather unsurprisingly being suggested by many as an aphrodisiac & to cure impotence


            When young, the spongy fungal tissue makes an excellent food & is consumed with relish by people in many European areas, including the
            Gaelic community in the Highlands of Scotland.
            Once matured, it is not edible but its dried inner woolly substance can be stored &
            used to stop bleeding from wounds & incisions.
            The spores are used as an anesthetic & narcotic through inhalation, though this can cause serious lung inflammation.
            The Blackfoot tribe of North America
            sniff the spores to treat nosebleed &
            burn the fungi as incense to drive off evil spirits.

            Lycoperdon pyriforme, the North American
            stump puffball, is said to have 
            sleep inducing effect.

            When young & pulpy the Puff Ball is excellent to be eaten & is especially esteemed in Italy; but it deteriorates very rapidly after being gathered & should not be used if it has become stained with yellow marks.
            When purely white it may be cut into thick slices
            of a quarter-of-an-inch & fried in fresh butter, with pepper, salt & pounded herbs & each slice should be first dipped in the yolk
            of an egg.
            The Puff Ball will also make an excellent omelets.

            Puffballs were also used as tinder many years ago & are burnt, producing smoke which stupefies bees so that honey can be collected safely.

            In Scotland the Puff Ball is the blind man's e'en, because it has been believed that its dust will cause blindness.

            Chaga Mushrooms:

            Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is a fungus that grows on birch & other hardwood trees.

            Chaga contains wild-source minerals & is particularly high in copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc & iron.

            Ancient Chinese regarded it as a longevity factor, which is why they deemed it the most complete of all growths.
            Chaga is a health food which supports the entire system. The Siberians drink it daily. This is why they are long-lived.
            Because of its cleansing properties, in primitive Siberia the chaga drink was known as “soup water,” although its taste is a pleasant combination of tea & coffee.
            They could be effective against influenza, smallpox & HIV.
            Chaga has been shown to be effective against cancers of the liver, uterus, breast, colon, skin, cervix & lung.

            The polysaccharides found in this mushroom have been shown to have high anti-inflammatory properties which also help to balance the immune system.

            These medical mushrooms have some of the most powerful concentrated antioxidants known to man to help fight free radical,anti aging.
            Records from the 16th century show that chaga mushrooms were used to help those suffering from ulcers, cancer, tuberculosis & gastritis.
            Other aliments where this effect was registered include diabetes & hypertension.
            Studies have also been conducted on the use of these mushrooms on psoriasis & the results have been very positive.


            One rather rare side effect which may be suffered is bleeding. This is generally made worse if the mushrooms are used in conjunction with medicines such as warfarin & aspirin.
            Another side effect which you might rarely have is that your blood sugar levels fall too low.

            Polypore Mushrooms:

            Make sure your mushrooms are dry & hard.
            The best way to cook these hard, woody mushrooms is to use the entire mushroom if they are small pieces.
            Place mushrooms in a pot with of water, depending on the quantity of mushrooms & the desired tea strength.
            Bring the water to a simmer for 20 minutes to one hour or so until tea reaches desired strength.
            Allow tea to cool & strain it through a cloth.

            These teas act as a tonic, which helps to restore or increase body tone.
            These mushrooms can also be dried & ground into powder to be used in preparation of teas.

            Edible Tree Fungi: 


            Truffles contain zinc, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium & many other properties.
            It treats diabetes, prevents atherosclerosis,
            has a certain inhibitory action on cancer cells & tumors.
            Prevents heart's blood vessel deceases,
            helps to reduce & control cholesterol levels.
            Also may increase the energy,restore the appetite & improves the sleep.
            In Italy these tubers are fried in oil &
            dusted with pepper.
            For epicures they are mixed with the liver
            of fattened geese in pat de foie gras.


            Looking like a single mini-trumpet this mushroom has been associated with anti-microbial, bacterial & fungal properties.
            They are also high in vitamin C, D & potassium.
            Frequent consumption may be effective for night blindness, dry skin, infections of respirator tract, inflammation of the eye & sarcoma.
            Chanterelles may help to increase circulation to the extremeties & may help to alleviate cold hands & feet.

            by Herbs-Treat and Taste

            Shaggy Ink Cap: 

            The Shaggy Inkcap is a good edible species although lacking somewhat in flavour compared with Ceps, Morels or Chanterelles.
            It can be used to make soups or sauces to be served with meat dishes, or simply cut into strips & fried.
            The most important thing is to make absolutely sure that they are young & fresh.

            People who like a drink should know that while the common ink- cap can be eaten in perfect safety, if they drink alcohol in the next few days they risk being overcome with nausea, sweating, acute sensations of pins & needles & heart palpitations.
            In the past the active substance coprine has been used to deter alcoholics from drinking.

            Common Ink Cap:


            Also called caterpillar fungus or Tochukasu has anti-aging effects.

            They also attack the golden staph & herpes viruses.
            The medicinal power of Cordyceps also inhibits the vitality of leukocytes. The Cordyceps are said to detoxify the body.
            The mushroom consequently ensures proper circulation of blood within the body, where all tissues are properly fed.
            It has hypoglycemic & possible antidepressant effects, protects your liver & kidneys,helps normalize your cholesterol levels & has been used to treat Hepatitis B.
            Cordyceps has antitumor properties as well.
            More recent studies suggest it also has potent anti-inflammatory characteristics that may be helpful for those suffering from asthma,rheumatoid arthritis,renal failure,stroke damage.
            Modern applications include its use for chronic lung problems, heart disease, hepatitis, impotence, kidney failure & immune disease including cancer, diabetes & chronic fatigue
            It enhances the function of the adrenal cortex, increases respiratory muscle performance & improves the integrity of the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, thus calming the nervous system.

            For patients undergoing chemotherapy & radiation, they gave their bodies a fresh boost of energy when they consumed Cordyceps in the course of treatment.

            The mushroom helps patients who have insulin problems, helps reduce anxiety & helps fight respiratory problems like bronchitis.

            Shiitake (Lentinula edodes):

            Shiitake is used to treat stomach & other cancers due to its antitumor properties,also protect your liver, relieve hyperacidity, gallstones, ulcers, anemia, ascites & pleural effusion.
            Shiitake enhances immunity,even helps to fight flu & protects against the damaging effects of radiation & chemotherapy.
            Shiitake mushrooms are antibacterial & antifungal,they stabilize blood sugar,reduce atherosclerosis.
            In addition to fighting cancer, inhibiting the growth of viruses & lowering cholesterol, shiitake have potent antibiotic effects against other organisms.
            A sulfide compound extracted from shiitake has been found to have an effect against the fungus that causes ringworm & other skin diseases.

            Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum): 

            Reishi has been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years.
            One of its more useful compounds is ganoderic acid, which is being used to treat lung cancer, leukemia & other cancers.
            Reishi mushrooms are antibacterial, antiviral,anti-inflammatory, useful for reducing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

            Reishi mushrooms are commonly prescribed for a host of conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, bronchitis, insomnia & asthma but is particularly renowned for its use in hepatitis and other diseases of the liver & for promoting longevity.
            Reishi is used to prevent cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse.
            The Western focus on reishi is on the mushroom's immuno-enhancing & anti-tumor activities.

            Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor):

            In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to reduce phlegm, heal pulmonary disorder, increase energy & benefit people with chronic diseases
            In Mexican folk medicine, it has been used to treat ringworm.

            Traditional medicine in China & Japan combined the turkey tail mushroom as a supplement that strengthens the body & resolves digestive & nutritional problems
            Turkey Tail includes active ingredients that counter the development of malignant tumors & stimulates the immune system
            Among other things,Turkey Tail activates the immune system, antioxidizes, strengthens the adrenal glands, helps anti-viral activity & restores & protects the liver due to its properties.
            The Turkey Tail mushroom is said to treat Hepatitis B.
            Turkey Tail mushroom also attempts to fight malaria.

            Traditionally, mushrooms can be boiled in water to make a soothing tea.
            Himematsutake (Agaricus blazei):

            It is most noted for its immune-enhancing, anti-tumor & anti-cancer properties.
            Himematsutake is also  known to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol & aid in reversing the effects of atherosclerosis.
            Individuals with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus or atopic dermatitis, also experience benefits from the healing benefits of this mushroom.
            Himematsutake may also help decrease insulin resistance in diabetics, improve your hair & skin & even treat polio.

            Fly Agaric:

            Fly Agaric
            This Mushroom is highly poisonous & therefore the remedial preparations are only to be given in a diluted form.
            The use of the Fly Agaric has been for treating an irritable spinal cord, with soreness, twitching of the limbs, dragging of the legs, unsteadiness of the head, neuralgic pains in the arms & legs , some giddiness, a coating of yellow fur on the lining mucous membranes, together with burning & eruptive skin.
            Chilblains may be eased by taking the tincture of Agaric & by applying some of the stronger tincture on cotton wool over the swollen & itching parts at night.

            Agaric has traditionally been used in rituals as it acts as a hallucinogen, producing effects such as euphoria, relaxation, changes in mood & visual & auditory distortions.
            It also produces a heavy intoxication similar to alcohol. But the effects are not consistent & may vary from person to person.

            In Siberia, it was ingested to treat psycho physiological states of exhaustion.
            For snakebites, a fly agaric tea:a cold-water extract made from dried fruiting bodies,was massaged into the affected area of the body. This was said to neutralize the toxins.
            In the nineteenth century, the fly agaric was used to treat epilepsy & fever & externally to treat ulcerated fistulae.

            Only the lower portion of the stalk is chosen, the fly agaric in powder form administered internally in small doses (10-30 grains) or sprinkled externally onto malignant tumors, gangrene

            It is used in homeopathic dilutions for problems associated with menopause, overexcitablilty & bladder & intestinal cramps.

            Fly Agaric relieves the night sweats of advanced pulmonary consumption & have severally proved of supreme palliative use against the cough, the sleeplessness & drying up the milk in weaning.
            These medicines increase the secretion of tears, saliva, bile & sweating, but they materially lessen the quantity of urine.
            Belladonna is found to be the best antidote.


            Mushroom poisoning can vary from a minor 
            upset stomach to a rather painful protracted death, depending upon the species of mushroom eaten, 
            the amount eaten & the person who has eaten it. 
            Onset of symptoms may be delayed a day or
            more after ingestion. 
            Some mushrooms are hallucinogenic. 
            Small children, older people (65+) & 
            people with existing medical problems are most vulnerable to one or more of the various toxins produced by poisonous mushrooms.


            Baked Mushrooms & Eggs:

            1 tbsp olive oil or butter
            50 g butter
            2 shallots, peeled & finely sliced
            450 g chestnut or button mushrooms or 550 g wild mushrooms; cleaned, trimmed & chopped into bite size pieces
            3 sprigs tarragon or parsley leaves chopped
            4 tbsp creme fraiche or sour cream
            4 eggs
            Salt & pepper
            Heat the oil in the pan over a medium heat & add a generous knob of butter.
            Add the shallots & cook gently for 7 or so minutes to soften, stirring regularly to avoid burning.
            Add all butter & the mushrooms, turn the heat up & fry the mushrooms so that they get a bit of colour. Continue cooking, moving so they cook evenly, until they start to soften & the liquid evaporates.
            Add salt, pepper & herbs to taste.
            Remove from the heat & set aside.
            Preheat the oven to 180C &  butter 4 small ramekins.
            Divide the mushrooms between the ramekins.
            Spoon in half the creme fraiche.
            Make a dip in the centre of each ramekin & crack an egg in, being careful not to break the yolk.
            Season with salt & pepper, spoon on the rest of the creme fraiche & put in the oven for about 15 minutes, or until the white is cooked but the yolk is still runny.
            Serve straight away with toast & salad.


            Many believed that mushrooms had properties that could produce super-human strength, help in finding lost objects and lead the soul to the realm of the gods. - See more at:
            Many believed that mushrooms had properties that could produce super-human strength,help in finding lost objects & lead the soul to the realms of gods.
            Many believed that mushrooms had properties that could produce super-human strength, help in finding lost objects and lead the soul to the realm of the gods. - See more at:
            Even Santa Claus has been linked to fungi. One anthropologist has suggested that his red &
            white outfit symbolizes Fly Agaric. 
            Siberian shamans were known to consume this mushroom & Santa's use of the chimney is similar to a shaman custom of leaving a dwelling through its smoke hole during a festival.

            According to the Norse,Odin & his attendants were riding across the sky on their horses when
            suddenly they began to be pursued by demons. In order to escape these demons, they had to ride
            their horses very hard. As a result, the horses began to foam at the mouth & bleed. The blood
            & foam mixed & wherever it struck the ground, a red fly-agaric with white spots sprang up.

            Mushroom will die if human eyes watch them grow.
            In a Bohemia it is said that many mushrooms is a sign of a bad harvest.
            Mushrooms will not grow after they have been seen or talked about.
            The ancient Hindus thought that eating mushrooms was extremely unlucky.
            When mushrooms spring up during the night expect rain.
            If the fungus that forms & grows on the ceiling of the wine-cellar falls upon a person,that person will surely meet a violent death.
            If the Burman comes across the mushrooms at the beginning of the journey,he considers it a most fortunate omen.
            There is a belief that the mushrooms which grow near the iron,copper or other metals are poisonous.
            In Europe,mushrooms eaten in the full of the moon are thought to preserve a person from malaria.

            The mushroom most associated with faeries is Fly Agaric with hallucinogenic powers.While Viking warriors would eat this magical fungus to gain their fighting frenzy known as "Berserk",the Celts stayed away from it.They had a taboo on these red mushrooms,considering them to belong to the gods.

            Fairy Rings:

            Cattle are said to avoid faerie rings & it is unwise to step into one or fall asleep inside it,as these circles are gateways to the faerie realm..

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