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Wild Strawberries contain varying amounts of flavonoids, tannins, triterpene alcohols, essential oils, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, manganese, calcium, iron.
When it comes to familiar super foods, strawberries rank among the best. These tasty red berries are known to be a significant source of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that attracts & neutralizes free radicals-those invasive, highly reactive molecules that damage the body's natural cancer fighting cells. Many scientists believe that antioxidants can prevent cellular & tissue damage in the human body.



The leaves in particular are highly effective in washing out uric acid crystals
The leaves of wild strawberry plant are appetizing& enclose vitamin C. 
Infusion prepared with the leaves of wild strawberry may be taken to cure diarrhea, inflammation in the gastric tract, infection as well as jaundice.This infusion is also effective to invigorate the appetite.
Blended with other herbs like meadowsweet & St. John's wort, the infusion may also be taken to treat arthritic pains.
When combined with celery seeds, the infusion may be used to cure gout.


Stem & fruit made into a tea will improve digestion, liver disorder & reduce the symptoms of nausea, bloating, diarrhoea & cramping.
It also has been reputed to reduce joint pain & inflammation in particular gout & arthritis, stiff & achy joints.
The fruit & brewed tea also has diuretic properties & is said to cleanse the kidneys & dissolve kidney stones.
Vitamin-C, Folate & Anthocyanin, Quercetin & Kaempferol (few of the many Flavonoids in strawberries which possess excellent anti oxidant & anti carcinogenic properties) together form an excellent team to fight cancer & tumor. A daily intake of strawberries is seen to have remarkably brought down the growth of cancerous cells.
Eating fresh strawberries acts as a tonic for the liver & is also beneficial for curing gastritis. Strawberries are also effective for speedy convalescence or recuperation after a bout of hepatitis.
In addition, these fruits provide a calming effect during feverish situations & do not lead to fermentation in the stomach.
Crushed strawberries may be applied on the skin affected by sunburn. It is also helpful in treating skin irritations.
Spread strawberries in wine to prepare a conventional medication to ‘revive the spirits & make the heart merrier'.
Strawberries cause a calming effect on the liver, spleen & blood & even the irritating stomach.
Strawberries not only satiating thirst & cool the heat in the stomach, but also cures the inflammation of the liver.
Strawberry Juice is recommended in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis, chronic hepatitis & cirrhosis. It is best if the juice is consumed on an empty stomach, 3 cups a day. The juice stimulates liver activity & encourages the renewal of hepatic cells & tissue.
Diabetes, high cholesterol levels & arteriosclerosis can be prevented & alleviated after a 12-day cure with wild strawberry. If a vegetarian diet is associated, the cure's effect is remarkable.
Rheumatism symptoms can be alleviated by following a 12-day cure with wild strawberries. During that period it is recommended to take sun baths & expose the afflicted zones to sunlight for an hour.
If there is no allergic reaction, the strawberry cure has an excellent effect in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, dermatosis & psoriasis, catalyzing the healing processes. The treatment has a positive side-effect, by detoxifying the body, owing to the fact that strawberries help eliminate toxins through three paths: diuresis, sweat & faeces.
The intestinal transit can be adjusted if 150-200 g of strawberries are consumed before each meal. If a chronic constipation occurs, then the strawberries can be mixed with honey & half an hour after their consumption it is recommended to drink a glass of plain water.
In cases of oxiuris it is best to consume 500 g of strawberries in the morning (7:00 AM) & nothing else until noon. This diet must be followed for 10 days.
Strawberry cure is recommended also during summer in order to increase the resistance to high temperatures. It has a cooling effect & it stimulates the nervous system, acting against fatigue & asthenia that appear during hot periods.
Mixed up with honey, wild strawberries have a laxative effect healing constipation.
Eating the fruit or drinking the juice cools the system & reduces sweating & is a tonic particularly useful for anemia
It can also be used as a treatment for liver & kidney disorders & rheumatic gout.


Special attention must be directed at those who suffer form allergies, because in those cases it is best to consume small quantities of wild strawberries. The consumed quantity can be increased gradually only if there are no digestive, dermatological or respiratory problems.


Strawberries are best consumed raw in the form of a fresh fruit. 
In addition, they are also consumed in strawberry shortcake in particular & processed to make ice creams, mousses, fruit juice, jams as well as jelly, candies & an assortment of baked items. 
Some people also ferment strawberries to produce liqueur or wine.

For Diabetes:
Boil gently 20 g wild strawberries with 
1 cup of water for 5 min.
Take 1 tbsp 4-5 times per day

For Anemia:
Tea from wild strawberry leaves.

For flu:
1 tbsp of equal mix of wild strawberry leaves & mountain cranberry leaves.
Pour over 1 cup of water,bring to boil for a minute.
Add honey for taste & drink hot 1 cup 3-4 times a day.

A decoction is made from 15 g of dried root to a 570 ml , boiled until the liquid reduces by half & then strained. This can be taken to treat diarrhea, used as a gargle for sore throat & applied externally to treat chilblains.

A tea made by pouring 570 ml of boiling water over 30 ml of dried or 3 handfuls of fresh leaves & soaked for up to 15 minutes, can be used to reduce fevers & excess sweating & also as a mild diuretic & laxative.

Infusion is made by pouring 570 ml of boiling water over 30 ml of dried or 3 handfuls of fresh leaves & soaked for up to 3 hours, before straining.
This can be used to treat diarrhea (safe for children), heavy periods & threatened abortion. It can also be used as a wash to treat sunburn & chilblains.

Mix powdered leaves with oil & wrap in finely woven cloth to make a poultice, which can be applied as a treatment for open sores.

Strawberries are also a good remedy against chilblains.
The mixture is prepared during the summer season from 250 g of strawberries left to macerate in 1 liter of water enclosed in a hermetic bowl.
This mixture can then be used by those who feel the consequences of old chilblains by applying it over the painful area.

Detoxifying: 150-300 g of wild strawberries must be consumed on an empty stomach leaving a distance of 4 hours between primary meals.
It is recommended to consume in the morning the largest quantity of wild strawberries because the detoxifying effect is stronger.
It is best that this cure lasts for 7 - 10 days.
During this period it is recommended to reduce the consumption of meat & aliments with synthetic additives.

Strawberry juice:
Strawberry juice is prepared out of 200 g of thoroughly washed fruits which are pressed through the gauze or fine sieve. The result is a reddish juice that can be sweetened with 5 g of sugar & consumed immediately.
It must be administrated before each meal, on an empty stomach, 1 cup for adults & half a cup for children.

Strawberry tea:
The strawberry tea is made from dried flowers,fruits & leaves.
Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the 1 tbsp of dried mix & leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
It is then consumed 2-3 times a day.

Fresh root decoction for diarrhea relief:
Add 1 g wild strawberry root parts to about ½ cup of cold water.
Heat & allow to infuse for about 30 min.
Drink 2 cup daily before meals.

Infusion for gargling to reduce inflammation of oral mucous membranes:
Add about ¼ cup of chopped wild strawberry leaves to ½ cup boiling hot water.
Infuse for 30 min.
Strain & gargle several times a day .

Infusion for strengthen the blood:
Add about 3 g of chopped leaves to ½ cup boiling water
Infuse for ca 15 min.
3-4 cups daily.

Apply crushed berries to sunburned areas-or other skin inflammations & cover with a damps cloth.
Allow the poultice to work for 10-20 min.
Gently wash off the berries with warm water.

Wild Strawberry Zabaglione:

4 eggs 
60 g sugar
2 tbsp white wine
4 dl fresh cream
10 dl wild strawberries
Place eggs,very small bit of salt,sugar & white wine into the heat proof bowl.
In the big pot bring water to boil & lift the bowl with egg mixture over & whisk until the eggs thicken & double in volume with gentle heat (bain marie)..
Now place the bowl over the cold water & whisk until sauce is cool.
Now whisk the cream until thick & add to the sauce.
Spoon the mixture into the dessert bowls.
Scatter the strawberries over the cream & serve with biscuits..

Wild Strawberry Coulis:

750 g freshly picked wild strawberries
750 g sugar
Mix sugar & strawberries & squash everything with a back of the fork until sugar has dissolved.
Spoon the coulis into small sterilised jars & close airtight.
Keep in the fridge or freeze.

Wild Strawberry Liqueur:

1 kg wild strawberries
1 kg sugar
0,5 l water
0,5 l vodka
Boil the sugar & water until you get syrup.Add strawberries.
Pour the mixture into the jar,keep on the sunny place 10-12 days.Strain.
Add vodka & pour into the bottles.


The fresh fruit removes discoloration of the teeth if the juice is allowed to remain on for about 5 minutes & the teeth are then cleansed with warm water, to which a pinch of bicarbonate of soda has been added.
A cut Strawberry rubbed over the face immediately after washing will whiten the skin & remove slight sunburn. For a badly sun burnt face it is recommended to rub the juice well into the skin, to leave it on for half an hour, and then wash off with warm water to which a few drops of simple tincture of benzoin have been added; no soap should be used.
Wild strawberry represents an elixir that prevents wrinkles & refreshes complexions.
Mashed strawberries used for face treatments have an excellent effect even in the cases of people who have faded complexions.

Soothing bath:
Add 2 handful fresh or 1 cup of dried leaves to your bathwater.

                                                                                                                                      White Fragaria Vesca

In folklore Wild Strawberries were used in love rituals & it was said that if you shared a double strawberry with someone that the two of you would fall in love.

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