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Bluebells were folk cure to help prevent nightmares & used as a remedy against leprosy, spider-bites, snakebites & tuberculosis, but the bluebell is poisonous.

Dried & powdered, a dose of 195 mg is given for leucorrhoea.
It is also diuretic & styptic.


All plant parts contain glycosides & are poisonous.
The sap can cause contact dermatitis.


Bluebell is the symbol of beauty in several Irish legends.

They symbolize death in Britain & are often planted on graves there.
Because of her connection with war & death, the bluebell keeps her head bowed, as bowmen in the Middle Ages glued feathers onto arrows using bluebell sap. Bluebells are known as Deadmen’s Bells.
The bulbs are extremely toxic & this toxicity may be the origin of the superstitious belief that anyone who wanders into a ring of bluebells will fall under fairy enchantment & soon after die.
Other tales come from a time when forests where forbidding places, people believed that the bells rang out to summon fairies to their gatherings, unfortunately any human who heard a bluebell ring would soon die.

It has the power to inspire love, stir the fires of Beltane celebrations, warm chance in one’s favour & hold back nightmares.
Bluebells symbolize constancy & can be added to charm bags or magics involving love.
Others believed that if you could turn one of the flowers inside out without tearing it, you would eventually win the one you love.

It grants the sight of the fairy folk & offers up to some the glimpse of great changes.
In mythology, bluebells are used by fairies to trap passersby, especially young children.
Bluebells are considered, not only beautiful but magical, they are closely linked to the realm of fairies & are sometimes referred to as “fairy thimbles.” In order to call fairies to a convention the bluebells would be rung & children who picked them sometimes disappeared.
Believed to call the fairies when rung & thought to be unlucky to walk through a mass of bluebells, because it was full of spells.
The bluebell is a faerie flower & if you make an unselfish wish when you spot the first bluebells of spring, the faeries are sure to grant your request.

It is also considered an unlucky flower to pick or bring into the house.

Some believed that by wearing a wreath made of the flowers, the wearer would be compelled to speak only truth.

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