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 Alzheimer’s Remediation

What we do know about Alzheimer’s disease is that it is a condition of Insulin insensititivity that is not a full body experience, it is limited in scope to affecting the brain exclusively, which makes the disease peculiar. This is also why the malady is also being defined as Type 3 diabetes.

Type-1 Diabetes is also called Juvenile diabetes. This is because the insulin producing cells on the surface of the pancreas are scarce or do not exist and the cause of this is attributed to being an inherited trait and so it often reveals itself at the early beginning of a individual life cycle.

The symptoms of Type-1 Diabetes is evident at an early age.

All the same, it still does not mean that as the life process unfolds for a person that they can not damage the insulin producing cells of the pancreas and achieve the status of Type-1 Diabetes as an accomplishment independent of having inherited a predisposition to the malady.

Type-2 Diabetes is a different disease type entirely. It is the condition of insulin insensitivity caused by the denaturing of the Insulin Receptor Sites on the surface of cells.

Insulin binds to the insulin receptor sites and facilitates the movement of glucose from the outside to the inside of the cell. When the receptor site has been distorted, then the insulin cannot bind and remove glucose from the extra cellular fluid(where it is inflammatory ant toxic) to the intracellular fluid where it can be utilized by the process of cellular respiration where it provides energy for cellular processes.

The inability of cells to adsorb insulin creates a condition of hyper-glycemia. High blood sugar is inflammatory, and the insulin insensitivity of Type-2 Diabetes is the result of the denaturing of insulin receptor sites caused by inflammation. And so Type-2 Diabetes is caused by a combination of inflammation caused by hyper-glycemic and other causes of inflammation, like escessive plasma iron levels.

If we venture back in history 10,000 years before the so-called achievement of agriculture we remove sugar and complex carbohydrates from our diets. The disease of Type-2 Diabetes is a mismatch disease that results inevitably in humans by an agriculture that feeds the world with cheap carbohydrates.

Type 3 Diabetes(Alzheimer’s Disease) like the others involves insulin dysfunction. Type 3(Alzheimer’s Disease) has nothing to do with insulin synthesis by the responsible cells of the pancreas, but is exactly like Type 2 Diabetes except the effect is only present in the brain and not the whole body. Iron accumulation and deposits in the brain are the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease!

A Ketogenic Diet provides ketones as an alternative source of energy for all cells and it is independent of an insulin response.

Neurons are incapable of storing more than two or three minutes worth of glucose for fuel. So the deprivation of glucose by Alzheimer’s Disease means that the brain cells are always short of and starving for fuel. Ketones will provide fuel for cells that are energy deficient in spite of Alzheimer’s Disease, and so are capable of remediation of this malady, but will not cure it! It’s a necessary place to start!

Curing Alzheimer’s depends on removing brain iron deposits.

Plasma ferritin needs to be checked. The test is inexpensive. If plasma ferritin levels are excessive, then you will have little chance of lowering brain iron deposits.

Ferritin levels below 50 ng/ml are a cutoff point for an established lower threshold because it results in thyroid dysfunction and this results in compromised metabolism and whole body energy. Optimal thyroid function occurs at ferritin plasma levels between 90 and 105. It’s best for overall health and Alzheimer’s to maintain a ferritin level below 105 ng/ml.

Once the body has a ferritin level between 50 and 105 ng/ml, the Alzheimer’s Remediation can next proceed the process of reducing cerebral iron deposits.

Green tea catechans will remove iron from the brain. IP6 is an awesome iron chelator but it may or may or may not be able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

In either case the chelator said must be taken only with water and absolutely no other food or liquid for at least an hour after. It’s best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach!

Not surprisingly, recent work indicating that Type 2 Diabetes drugs relieve the symptoms and severity of Alzheimer’s Disease. Instead of drugs a couple dill pickles or tablespoons of vinegar with or shortly after meals will provide immediate remediation of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Buckwheat is a non-grain cereal that has both a low glycemic index and contains a therapeutic level of chiro-inositol which is a cofactors in glucose regulation.

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 Alzheimer’s Remediation


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